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  1. Totally hyped for the new expansion for FFXIV, Shadowbringers, after this mornings announcements at the Fan Fest in Paris. We're getting a 24-man raid devoted to Nier called YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse and Yoko Taro is overseeing its creation, fucking sweet. It's supposed to further the Nier story as well (and if the concept art is to be believed it's sometime after the Automata storyline).

    Say what you will about FFXIV but god damn do we get some awesome shit due to Square-Enix properties and their connections. I just fucking hope I can finally get my 2B glamour I've been wanting for my character. This just mean I need to quit being lazy and beat Automata before October (when this should probably launch since the expansion comes out in July).

    1. DeathscytheX


      You haven't done the 3rd playthrough? I figured you beat it already. I still jump in every once in a while. I'm at level 89, I want to get to 99 to fight the secret boss. I tried to fight him in the 70s and it wasnt going to work. 

    2. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Fuck dude I still haven't beaten 2B's part of the story yet (so playthough 1). I spend to much time running around doing side quests and fucking around then I do progressing the story when I play.

      I have a hard time bringing myself to play anything on my PS4 (it's the main reason I'm not hyped about many of the games coming out this year like Anthem (which I won't lie I'm extremely underwhelmed by)), AC7 is the first time in a long while I've put time into playing anything on it. Kinda hard to find time to play shit when I'm spending 12 hours or more a week in FFXIV which equates to most if not all of my free time when I'm not watching anime/Youtube/Twitch. Kinda sucks when you work 45+ hours a week, really kills my ability to do any gaming outside of what I budget time for. I do plan on beating it but much like Horizon (another game I have yet to beat) it just keeps getting thrown to the side.

    3. DeathscytheX


      They kinda did us shit with a 6 week old build. I mean 3 weeks maybe. but a month an a half is a beta, not a demo. I was reading today that those Echos have a 60 second despawn timer in the final build so people cant just hang on to them and troll. There is also an AFK timer to boot people from Strongholds. And apparently that guy that wouldn't come down to fight that boss with us was actually stuck in the wall or something. It's fun enough for me, I like the flying aspect and gliding while fighting. I'm not totally blown away, but seeing as I have a lot of friend buying it, It will get me to the Division 2 which is what I'm more excited for.

      I have like 60+ hours logged on Nier. XD For me its astonishing seeing as it only takes maybe 15 hours or so to run through three play through skipping cut scenes and side quests. I beat pretty much all of the side quests, sometimes they reappear as and sometimes they don't when I do a new play through. I just really enjoy the combat and I'm always finding something new here and there. I have 1 more weapon to get to max level as well. I don't think I'll go for all the endings as most of them are jokes/gags. I have pretty much all the serious ones. Its just rare for me to replay something that many times.

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