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  1. Finally ended up breaking down and paying for a Crunchyroll membership on Sunday (cancelled my TOR subscription since I've done everything the game has to offer for now) since it seems the hay day of fansubs is dead (and I was dying to watch IBO season 2 and now I can finally get caught up on Sailor Moon Crystal (god that just sounds wrong)). Gotta say, and believe me it hurts to say this, they've really come a long way since I last used them back when they were doing this illegally. Great quality, passable subs (need a little more work on localization but they're better then they used to be), and I get to watch everything on my TV instead of my computer (major bonus for me).

    My only gripe is I wish they had more to offer. Their selection is rather small for having a partnership with Funi (then again I've seen pretty much everything I want to see that Funi has to offer). Meh, hopefully they'll continue to grow and get more stuff (and hopefully older stuff, a lot of the newer shows these days suck).

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    2. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      I'll probably give it a watch (it's always sounded interesting to me but sadly no good fansub groups picked it up), still trying to figure out when I'm going to have time to slog through 700+ episodes of One Piece (yes I'm finally going to watch it) and when I can get caught up on Naruto (the fansub group I was getting it from quit so I'm way fucking behind again).

      Meh, I know Crunchy has some simulcast stuff (IBO is one but there's only one ep before its done on Crunchy so yeah) but I'm not all that interested in that feature. Considering my lack of free time to watch shit I'll just let eps backlog and binge them like I am with IBO.

    3. Sledgstone


      *spits my water after reading the One Piece comment*:bigspit:omg.. someone else to discuss One Piece with!? O_O Good luck on your journey. lol. If you can get past the desert arc and yearn for more episodes, then you are a true fan. I watched at least 500 episodes of One Piece but eventually gave up watching the anime because of my lack of free time. I always kept up on the manga but when I got free time again I was so many eps behind I still never attempted to catch back up. One Piece is already past the halfway mark, but I bet in the end it'll easily be 1500 episodes. Its a damn great series and keeps getting better and better.

      I gave up on Naruto and eventually the manga when *minor spoiler* a major fight at the end lasted so many episodes, that after a year of episodes I figured it'd never end and I stopped caring. The series finally ended late last year over a year after I stopped reading the manga. x_x I'll watch the ending one of these days. It was a great series for a long time.

      One Piece is still my favorite anime/manga of all time. The character depth, plot, art style and all superb.

      Be aware though, the show is so old it started in SD. lol. The characters age throughout the show. Its sublte while watching the series but if you look at before and after images online you'll see huge differences. :P Also, don't watch the movies or OVAs, some are standalone but others feature characters from later episodes you might not have watched yet. But there are at least 2 movies that cover the entire span of a story arc each. If you start getting burned out at some point, check the list of movie descriptions and you can skip a good 50 episodes by watching a single movie. You'll miss some plot lines, but its not too bad.

    4. DeathscytheX


      I watched 250 eps and got burnt out trying to get to the HD episodes. Its a good series and I'll pick it back up one day.

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