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  1. So after playing TOR since it's release I've finally finished all the class stories this morning earning my Legendary Player status. I have to say TOR is an exceptional game with some of the best storytelling I've seen in an MMO to date (FFXIV takes second sadly, while the story is amazing it's just not personal enough like the TOR class stories are).

    Have to say my favorite Class Stories were Sith Inquisitor (even if it was a little predictable at times), Imperial Agent (I haven't played the Light Side version but the Dark Side one was pretty damn fun), and surprisingly Jedi Consular (which I beat this morning. While a little boring the twists and turns the story takes after Chapter 1 were fun). The other stories were just a little to bland for my tastes (Sith Warrior was okay but revenge stories just aren't all that great any more. Jedi Knight wasn't all that amazing but the final story mission was pretty cool. The rest I really don't have much to say about (though Smuggler was good for a few laughs)).

    Gotta say for their first time doing an MMO Bioware did a great job, even if the game has gone through more rocky points then most MMO's. The Knights of the Fallen Empire and Knights of the Eternal Throne expansions were amazing, well done, and outside of the class stories had some of the best story writing I've seen in awhile (this goes for single player games as well). Can't wait to see what Bioware has in store for TOR in the future but I'm happy to say I can finally put this game on the back burner until it happens.

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    2. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Like I said Warrior was fun but the whole revenge aspect after Chapter 2 just didn't do it for me (don't get me wrong the whole of the last chapter of the Inquisitor story had some of the same elements but I felt more like I was working towards a goal (killing a member of the Dark Council and taking his seat (story spoiler but if you don't plan on playing the class its okay) instead of killing the Master that betrayed me), plus everything you work for in the Warrior's story is for naught with the release of Fallen Empire (and to some extent Shadows of Revan. Then again Fallen Empire through everything out the window for everybody (even your companions)). That quest was rough back when I did it as well (as a Tank Specced Juggernaut as well, my dps was sorely lacking) but now it's a cake walk just like every class quest now. Since they went through a streamlined the content for faster leveling and made it so all companions can heal nothing is hard anymore (one of the Bounty Hunter's story quests was completely impossible for me to do until they redid companions).

      I'm hoping they continue to add to TOR even though it's not considered canon anymore, would suck to see all this amazing work get thrown away because Disney wants to go another direction (though there are rumors of a new Star Wars TV show along the lines of Clone Wars and Rebels that takes place in this timeline (here's hoping if it's true it makes most if not all of the stuff going on in TOR canon again)).

    3. DeathscytheX


      Ah that healing to all companions seems pretty nice. I remember I always had that one imperial officer that healed no matter what.

    4. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Oh god it's probably the best change to come to the game since I started playing it when it released. Now you're actually able to survive shit earlier in the game if you were playing one of those classes that didn't get their healing companion until later on in their story (I'm looking at you Inquisitor, I had to wait until fucking Hoth before I finally got my healing companion back in the day which for Inquisitors is their forth of five companions (then again back then Darkness Specced Assassins could actually heal themselves in combat so it wasn't that hard unless you fought a Gold and Silver nameplate enemy at the same time (Tank spec for those that don't know, sadly they dropped that ability when they killed the original talent trees for this new system they have)). Sadly the downside is they don't do anything else besides heal and a little dps now when in healing stance (you can choose between Tank, DPS, and Healer in the new companion menu) so they don't do their original jobs anymore but I haven't run into any real problems with it on any of my characters (shit, even though my Assassin is specced tank I can still put out a shit ton of dps).

      Plus I like it as it allows you to focus on the companion you want to focus on for dialog and relationship building as they gain relationship points faster when they're with you and apart of all your conversations (though that doesn't even really matter anymore as you can now do all their major dialog choices after every planet you complete, getting points from conversations and what not just helps you get to them faster). Though, yet again, all that goes down the drain once you start playing Knights of the Fallen Empire as they ditch your original five companions for a whole slew of new ones (though you can recruit some of them back as you play through KOTFE (like Pierce and Vette come back but the other three have yet to make an appearance from the original Warrior companions)). Sadly I miss some of the old companions, really grew to like them as I played through the original game but some of the new ones make up for their loss.

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