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  1. She's a cat girl (damn anime and it's influencing my character design decisions), those ears are real (as is the tail you can't see).

    Apartments was SE's way of placating those of us that couldn't afford a housing plot (small plots cost 3 million gil while large plots cost over 52 million (on my server, bigger pop servers cost even more)) or didn't get a chance to buy one due to scarcity. I'd love a house but I can't afford one at the moment and my server has no small plots available.

    They're still somewhat expensive (300,000 gil) but it's better then nothing (even if the room is small). If I remember I'll take pictures of my Free Company's Medium sized mansion (our FC Master blew a lot of gil on it) to shoe the size.

  2. Oh I am too which is why I will most likely buy the replica version of the previous version and glamour them over these. Seriously don't know what SE was thinking when they made these, most of the other completed weapons look amazing (the Bard's bow is fucking awesome looking, as is the Dragoon's Lance, and the Monk's fist weapons. Not to mention the Paladin's Sword and Shield (probably my favorite looking anima weapons, such a beautiful blue glow). Ninja yet again gets screwed (though I can't complain, the Spurs of the Thorn Prince were some sexy looking swords)).

  3. Yea my father has plenty of weighted stuff we can use to weigh the back end down come winter (he has some pretty hefty sandbags we plan on using) to give me better traction and what not.

    I'm not to worried about the crack spider webbing once it gets cold. My old car's windshield cracked during one of the coldest winters out here since I moved and never went beyond going across the windshield horizontally (we're talking temps of -20 and below though I'm sure one well placed rock would of ruined my day. It started out as a small chip I didn't notice and just one night decided to just crack completely and just stopped, never progressed beyond that). Once we figure out how cold of a winter we're talking about this year I'm sure my father and I will look into getting it replaced if we think it will become a major issue (and considering where work and the road I have to drive on it might come to that).

  4. Heh, that's pretty much what I did with the old car. Usually go in twice a year for oil changes (I'll probably be taking this one in soon, the dealer said it should be up for one in 2-3 months), usually March and September is when I get it changed (on my father's orders, get in changed before and after winter).

    We'll have to see on the windshield, it's insured under my father so I don't know all the specifics on what it covers (it was just easier to add the car to his insurance than go through the hassle of getting it under me, we did the same with my last car). He'll be talking to our insurance agent next week to hammer out the specifics for everything (we didn't have a lot of time at the dealer yesterday as I had to have him come while he was working to get everything taken care of as the car will be licensed under me and him (only real way we could get it done due to the loan)). Honestly since the crack isn't in my view I'll be fine with not repairing it for awhile (it's down middle vertically so it's not in my line of sight). The only thing I really need to worry about is it's rear wheel drive and I'm not used to driving those type of cars in the winter (all of my cars have been front wheel). Should prove interesting this winter. I also need to get used to accelerating slowly, this thing has a lot of pep when you press down the accelerator hard (luckily I haven't squealed out with it yet).

  5. There's one more I can get but I need 3000 player commendations to get it. It's called the Parade Chocobo and it's basically the yellow fat chocobo with the crown. Sadly I'm really far away from getting the necessary commendations (last I checked I have 820) because people don't like giving commendations to dps (commendations are basically a way of rewarding someone for doing a good job in an instance, I get a lot more then I used to but it's still hard to get them as a dps as most of the time people give their commendations to tanks and healers).

  6. Sometimes but I'm so used to it I don't even notice (and I have my main rotation set-up so I can minimize the movement of my wrists/hands). I'm also a mouse clicker so anything that's not on 1-5 I pretty much click to activate (most people don't even notice I use mouse clicks most of the time as I'm pretty good at it from playing WoW for 6 years) so I can minimize the stress on my wrists. 

    Plus, like I mentioned, the rotation changes depending on the fight. I don't use the full 18 button rotation on trash mobs in instances, that rotation is roughly 10 or so buttons (counting my mudra rotations (mudras are how Ninja's activate their special abilities, they're the Japanese looking buttons on my third bar)). The 18 button rotation is mostly for boss mobs in instances or world bosses from fates where using everyone of my abilities is necessary.

  7. It might be possible but I honestly don't want to buy another copy of the game just to make another account (like most MMO's the game is linked to your account (damn CD-Keys)). Plus the logistics would be a nightmare as the wedding is a huge celebration and you actually have to reserve a time to do it and both accounts have to be on at the same time (another problem, my PS4 version is linked to my PC account so I can't go that route). Meh, honestly as much as I want the chocobo it's not worth all the hassle (or money). My standard, draught (two seater chocobo), and 2 fat chocobos will have to do (yes I have two fat chocobos, a normal one and a white one with a crown (got it when I got my maid outfit)).

  8. Nah, in fact I can craft all the dyes available in the game on my Alchemist (and sell them if I want but there is no money in it and it takes to damn much time to gather the required mats to do so). Well not all, there are some you actually have to spend real money for (like the Metallic colors, Jet Black, Pure White, and I believe the Pastel colors require you to buy them for real money).

    The one thing I like about SE is that they give you pretty much everything for free (though you generally have to craft or do some sort of quest for it) with the exception of specialty things likes some of the mounts (I own all the purchasable mounts with the exception of 1, can't afford it atm), NPC glamour sets, minions (which I own all of them with the exception of 3, 1 I don't want and I couldn't afford the other 2 when they were released (that will be remedied soon)), the specialty dyes, the marriage items (yea you can marry in FFXIV and you get a sweet freaking chocobo mount if you go for the best package (which I want so damn bad but sadly I have no one to marry, I have an obsession with the mounts in this game and I don't know why)), housing items (some special housing items that I have no interest in as I don't own a house in-game (though in a week I will have an apartment when they release it in patch 3.4 (though it's going to cost me 500,000 gil))), and the fantasia potions (allow you to change your characters gender/race/appearance).

  9. The only downside to it is that I only get one set of stats instead of two weapons with different stats (though the stats on the pair equal out to probably what I'd get on two seperation swords).

    Meh, it's a good thing I actually like purple (though I'd prefer them in crimson). I know certain colors retain the glow but a lot of the off colors (like the Crimson one I want) don't. Not like it matters, come patch 3.45 they'll probably have a bigger glow in a different color.

  10. Nah, the good thing about ninja weapons (and monk weapons as well) is that they come in pairs (we only have one weapon slot on our characters so they just made NIN and MNK weapons as pairs) so both were crafted at the same time. So they're the same in all respects.

    I forgot to mention I could dye the weapons if I wanted to but I'd loose that slight glow they have so I opted not to.

  11. I'd almost wish these were purchasable due to the time investment needed to get them (and the monetary investment, I blew over 5 million gil just to craft these). The only good thing is the weapon can be customized to the stats I want (with the exception of Vit and Dex, those are standard values for the weapon) making it, in a lot of ways, the best weapon you can get for your character (with the exception of the top raid tier weapon, which is marginally better but has different stat distribution).

  12. Short swords for these. Ninja's wield either short swords or daggers.

    Next time I'm on I'll take some more screenshots of her as the other jobs I mentioned (maybe get one of my chocobo as well). Might take some other random ones as well (I have some older ones I can post as well from before the expansion came out last year).

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