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  1. Seems like they got more right then I gave them credit for (then again apparently Cameron is a fan of the manga which lead to him getting the live-action rights) but that is what I get for being a major fan of the franchise. They could go on with the motorball events but those take place after Hugo dies in the manga, it's her way of dealing with her grief from loosing him (and her fallout with Ido). Again Alita's past doesn't come up until pretty much the end half of the manga so they already skipped ahead quite a bit (and most of that was rewritten with Last Order and Mars Chronicle, god damn authors changing shit). I have a feeling if they make a sequel they'll go with her time as a Tuned agent for Tiphares (the city in the sky, I will not speak the name the movie gave it) if they decide to leave the motorball stuff. It's probably the second best arc in the entirety of the original manga. Then again they could just skip way ahead and go into the events of Last Order (the Zenith of All Things tournament would be fucking amazing to see adapted in either an anime or a live-action if done right but that is the last half of the Last Order run so chances are high they wouldn't go that far ahead). As I said I'll wait until it hits home release or at least until PSN puts it up for digital rental as I have no intention of seeing this in the theater. Even though it's getting good reviews from movie goers I still hold reservations that they fucked something up that will piss me off (then again I did enjoy the GitS movie for what it was even if I hate what it'd did to Motoko as a character).

    XD, a live-action Shining Finger might literally make me vomit blood.

  2. Motorball takes place in the entirety of volume 3 of the manga (the old release, new release is 5 volumes so I'm not sure which volume its in) and her Berserker body (I don't know if they call it that in the movie, not even close to the power of her current body) is in the manga as well (first volume). From what I've heard it's a pretty accurate adaptation of the OVA which was a haphazard adaptation of the first volume of the manga (still good, I enjoyed it for what it was) with elements of the manga thrown in (badly by what I hear, sounds like the skip all of the motorball stuff after the tryouts which is a bummer since that's by far one of the high points of the manga for me).

    Not entirely sure what they said her age was (221 in the manga currently) or what her background is as it's never really covered until toward the end of the manga and the Last Order continuation (to sum it up a Martian terrorist and Panzer Kunst specialist (cyborg martial arts) who was stranded on Earth during the Terraforming Wars on a botched up mission) but I'll have to wait and see as I won't see it in theaters (I'll wait until it hits home video). As much love as I hear for this adaptation I'm skeptical it's any good (I'm a purist who loves this manga and we all remember how much I tore down the GitS movie) but I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    Sigh, they just want to adapt everything now don't they. Didn't they learn their mistake with G-Saviour. Gundam isn't meant to be adapted into live-action >.<

  3. On 2/18/2019 at 9:55 PM, DeathscytheX said:

    I've heard Tera's optimization is an atrocity and if it wasn't for that a lot of people would still be playing it. Its pretty hard to find something new to play in the MMO genre. As someone pointed out in a video a few days ago, all the ones that are going on strong all came out between 2006-2013. Virtually everything else has been a flop since then. Every time I try something new I enjoy it for a short bit and then get bored and go back to GW2. As much as I love GW2 and the 3000+ hours I've put into it, its finally gotten a bit old to where I don't really enjoy it as much as I use to unless new content is released. Plus their refusal to upgrade to the latest DX or any DX that isn't so CPU intensive as DX9 is really crippling the game's performance with every new update they tact on to the code. I really want to play Lost Ark though just because it looks like flashy Diablo, but it will probably be deep into 2020 if it ever comes stateside which is a shame. I'd pay a sub for something like that. BDO looks so appealing with its graphics, and combat system, but the whole controversy with the cash shop and grind has kept me away from even considering it. I couldn't dedicate my time like that to it. I'd kill for something that has combat like BDO and movement like Blade & Soul... holy shit B&S' moment was so fucking good.. but that's about all that was good about it.

    Right now I'm playing around with Soulworker out of boredom until Anthem releases to carry me into The Division 2. Talk about repetitive, it reminds me of City of Heroes but with anime girls instead. XD Ah City of Heroes/Villains, those were the days.

    I never had any trouble running TERA on my laptop back when I played it. In fact it was probably one of the best running F2P MMO's I've ever played. Then again this was 4-5 years ago so things may have changed for the worst since then. Honestly when I played BDO I never paid attention to that shit. The grind does kinda suck once you get higher in level but the cash shop never once bothered me. In fact I should log in again and play it because the combat system is probably one of the best out there outside of TERA's.

    I actually miss CoH/CoV. It was one of the first MMO's to drag me away from WoW for an extended period of time. True it wasn't one of the best MMO's out there but it was fun while it lasted (I still have my physical copy of CoV somewhere in my closet).

    I'll agree though it's difficult to find anything worth while in the MMO genre (especially since everything is pretty much a copy of the successful MMO's). Everything plays the same, nothing is really changed outside of a few mechanics, etc. As much as I love FFXIV I am burned out and only log in for weekly housekeeping duties atm (currency grind and capping, gearing my Samurai, and a few other things) but I still love the game after 2800+ hours and can't imagine no playing it. Luckily we have a patch in about a month or so (after Tokyo fanfest) so I'll finally have things to keep me interested again.

  4. Eh, honestly it looks like every other Korean MMO out there and doesn't look all that fun. Then again I hate buy to play MMO's about as much as I hate free to play MMO's (there has only been two F2P MMO's that I like to this date and those are Star Trek Online (which I have a lifetime membership) and TERA (hell of a fun game but grew old really fast). Plus I do not consider TOR a free to play as, when I do play it, I pay for a subscription. I don't mind BDO but it suffers a lot from what I hate about the buy to play genre as a whole).

    Quite honestly I'll never migrate from pay to play models. Yea monthly fees can suck but I'd rather pay to play a polished game that gets frequent patches and content then buy a game/dl a game and hope that new content and patches come. I'm probably just spoiled by FFXIV's 3 month patch cycle (I get new main story content, side story content, raids, dungeons, etc. every three months. That's really hard to beat) and a 2 year expansion cycle (really for $15 a month that's a fucking steal). That and it's all I've ever known since I started playing MMO's.

  5. Meh, while I enjoyed the beta I don't really see myself playing it (I'll pick it up though). My co-worker says the game is pretty dead atm since not a lot of people bought it and Ubi did a shit job of trying to incentivize those that did to keep playing. Maybe this will give the game the kick in the ass it needs to get popular again.

  6. So I just decided to go ahead and beat it tonight since it would free up some time for me to get other shit done tomorrow and allow me to start my easy play through to round out the points needed for the X-02S (and to start the path toward a few trophies) and maybe start playing through 5 again.

    Overall I love this game and its nice that Bandai Namco finally decided to give Ace fans what they wanted after all these years. The story is very well written and as noted earlier in the topic takes place roughly 10 years after the events of 5 and it was nice to see all the little references and major plot points that linked back to the previous story (though I'm still pissed there was no reference to Wardog/Razgriz squadron nor do you even get to fly with/meet them in combat (though the ending redeemed that a little bit in my eyes with that transmission from Kei)). Boy did they pack in the references to the previous games, I was seriously loosing it when we fought at Stonehenge (a place I remember taking out in 4, yea all that damage you see there is caused by you in 4) and the briefing map having Megalith listed was awesome. Was nice seeing some of the squadrons I wiped off the map in 0 come back (Mage I'm looking at you) and one of those prisoners is from 0 as well. I really thought those were nice touches and really tied the story of all the games together (though I still haven't really seen a reference to 6 whose events took place only 4 years prior to this). Overall I thought the story was extremely well done though there were places I feel the writing could of used some work (like the whole throwing us in prison over something we didn't do).

    The mission variety was nice but I do agree with DX on the timed missions, they are aggravating as hell when you're given only 30 seconds to destroy 7 targets before the mission fails (I'm looking at you end part of Mission 20). I also had a problem with the "score so many points to either end or progress the mission" missions. It's aggravating as hell when most of your targets are worth little to no points but you still need to score 15,000 points before you can move on (oh and waste your ammo causing you to resupply if the mission even has a resupply line). Overall though there was a nice mix of aerial combat and ground combat mixed in (though that flying through the canyon mission still pisses me off, god damn those fucking spotlights).

    Combat was fun though I still feel there is some room for improvement. While a lot the aerial fights are fun I still feel 6 has far superior engagements to 7 (the Pasternak fight will always remain one of my all time favorite engagements in any Ace game). Drones were, while easy, an annoying part of a lot of missions and I can't stress enough how much that missile lock on alarm annoys the hell out of me because of these damn things. The crowning jewel of the combat comes with your engagements with Mister X. While not as fluid as the Pasternak fight they are extreme adrenaline rushes as he's one mean son of a bitch and those damn moves he can pull off are spectacular. I honestly wish he was the final fight in the game instead of those knock-off drones. I will admit though I had problems with the cloud systems they put in place as it really through me off my grove when fighting in or around them, while they're a nice touch I really would of preferred they not be there (and don't get me started on being struck by lightning, so fucking annoying).

    As usual the soundtrack was stellar (though I still prefer 5 and 0's soundtracks to this) and the voice acting some of the best in the series (will have to do a play through in Japanese to see if that's just as good). It goes without saying the graphics are amazing even on the old school PS4 and is probably one of the best looking games I've played in awhile (Detroit is still much better looking but damn does it come close). My only real gripe is the Aircraft tree system as I prefer the old method of acquiring planes through beating missions. It was extremely annoying knowing that I had to spend over a million points just to get the chance to unlock the F-22 and then another 920,000 just to get it and 220,000 to unlock all sp. weapons (which took, as I mentioned before, until mission 17 to acquire said points). I do, however, like the whole parts system they put in place as it allows you to customize you're plane to your liking (because you know making you're F-22 go faster is always a good thing).

    Honestly this game was a blast to play through and ranks up there as one of my favorite Ace titles taking second only to 5 (which isn't surprising as it's the parent story to what's going on specifically in this one). I write this all, however, having not played the multiplayer aspect because I honestly have no interest in playing it (I might give it a shot like I did 6's but quite frankly I never though multiplayer had a place in the Ace series outside of co-op missions (which I notice there is an extreme lack of those)). I also, obviously, don't have the ability to play the VR missions but I do here they are quite fun (I wish I could play them but I'm not dropping that much money to be able to play and handful of missions). Overall a solid entry in the franchise and I hope going forward that Bandai Namco sticks to the the Strangereal universe and doesn't give us anymore duds like Assault Horizon.

  7. Nah, I ran out of time to get it beaten over the weekend due to FFXIV and anime watching (I was close to beating it since I stopped after 18 but I just ran out of time on Sunday) and I don't really have the time during the week to devout to the game. I'll beat it tomorrow (I'd do it today but I called out sick from work (no that its a big deal, it's only overtime doing shit I've never done before but meh) and I have a thing about playing games when I'm out sick, don't feel it's right to be playing games when I'm home sick from work (though I may say fuck it and beat it anyway)).

    Yea, it auto-corrects you constantly when you try flying upside down like when you're in a dogfight. It pisses me off and has been in the game since 6 (though 6 was nowhere near annoying). It also does it when you're pulling high g's as well. None of the games prior to 6 had it and you could fly the whole mission upside down if you had the skills, makes dogfighting a lot harder (especially in the Mister X fights, I died multiple times due to the stupid auto-correct) and dodging missiles and bombing runs suicidal. I need to go through the options and see if there's a way to shut it off because when I do my hard play through I can't have this shit happening.

  8. Heh, that mission sucked balls. Can't remember what I flew it in though, it was either the Strike Eagle or Tomcat (all I know is even with a multi-role plane it was a bitch due to the game's constant need to auto-correct you every time you pull moves it doesn't like (it took me 5 tries to finally beat it due to that)).

    See I've never liked the F-35 (both in game and in real life), such a waste of the F-22's tech but since I do plan on unlocking all planes (yea I'll probably play this like 10-15 times completely through) I'll give it a shot since it's also got some of the better equipment unlocks down that tree. Sadly though that will have to wait since I just found out the X-02S unlocks after you beat the game and since it's 2 million points I'll have a lot of grinding ahead of me (the X-02 is my favorite plane in the Ace series, such a beast of a plane). I have a thing for the F-15 so that's why I went that tree (and the upgrades weren't all to bad, especially the Vulcan upgrades (that tracking assist is so nice when you have lock-on)). Kinda sucks to hear that mission 20 is lackluster, was hoping for one hell of a finale (like AC4, 5 and 0).

  9. Oh man you won't get the F-22 until after mission 17 when you'll finally have enough points to buy it (depending on if you went the F-15 or F-35 route to unlock it, I went the F-15 route (as well as difficulty and what rank you pull on a mission, I'm going through normal with mostly A and B rankings with a few C's added in there). It's worth the wait but I honestly hate how far down the tree it's locked (which is something I'll get into once I actually beat the game, I still have to beat missions 19 and 20). Honestly though this game has been a blast and I'm so freaking happy to have old school Ace Combat back, I've missed this so much it's not even funny.

    As I said above I'll give my full thoughts on it once I finally beat it this weekend because I don't want to give this anything less then my full opinion but I will say it ranks up there as one of my favorite Ace Combat titles to date but I do have my issues with it. I just can't wait to play through Ace Combat 5 again (I bought the Deluxe edition so I could get it).

  10. I highly doubt Microsoft would buy them after their split (MS got everything they wanted out of the split with the Halo franchise (the only good thing Bungie did) and the half of the team that made Halo (which is now 343)) as it wasn't exactly amicable by what I've read.

    Honestly Bungie doesn't stand a chance on its own unless it can prove itself with the inevitable release of Destiny 3 and if the game they're developing is good enough. Bungie burned a lot of bridges when they left MS and now with them leaving Activision they burned even more (though lets face it, burning a bridge with Activision isn't exactly that bad). I forsee them either being bought out by Sony or Ubisoft (I wouldn't be surprised if EA started sniffing up that tree even if they have their own "Destiny" coming out next month) or completely collapsing in on themselves. They shot themselves in the foot when they left MS imo and dug their own grave with Destiny, it'll take a miracle for them to come out ahead after this.

    Blizzard can't afford to leave especially now that Activision has all but taken control of the company (most of the OG Blizzard staff have pretty much quit or been let go) and lets face it they're a sinking ship due to Activision's involvement as of late (and with the multiple Acti transplants taking key positions even more so). Plus, if I remember correctly, Activision owns the majority share in Blizzard when they merged meaning the name stays with Activision (as do the properties they've created). Bungie only had a partnership so it's not surprising they were able to keep the Destiny IP.

  11. Yea, I've been seeing that it's highly underselling compared to BF1 when it launched (even if it is getting pretty stellar reviews).

    I got your text this morning about it but I think I'll wait a bit before I pick it up (kinda spent a little to much money on anime for Black Friday and I kind of called out of work today due to the freezing rain we got last night so I lost 10 hours today (even if I do have vacation it still sucks to use it for this)) even though it is kind of hard to pass up that price. Let me know how it is and if they made any real significant changes or not since the beta (I was not impressed with the beta so I pretty much planned on not buying it).

  12. The Yakuza games look great and I grabbed it (though when I'll have time to play it is another question), everyone I've talked to that has played the games have nothing but great things to say about them. Bulletstorm on the other hand I wasn't that impressed with the beta back when it first launched (interesting concept but honestly that's all it is, I liken it to a wannabe Gears of War without the shit that made Gears great).

  13. Honestly I'm not all that impressed with Path of Exile. I downloaded it yesterday since I was out of work sick and played for about two hours. While the systems they have in place are interesting and I do like the in-depth skill tree I'm honestly not sold on everything else and that inventory system is atrocious (and don't get me started on the whole Scrolls of Wisdom thing (used as currency and to identify items, wth?)). I wouldn't go so far as saying it's D3 with D2's character build system x10. There's obviously some correlations between them but quite frankly I wouldn't even consider this a poor mans D2 or D3. Again just my opinion (and I understand why others like the game I just can't bring myself to. If I want to play a D2 inspired game I'll stick with Torchlight 2, it not only captures the intricate character build system from D2 but it also plays a lot like it (not to mention it was developed by the guys who developed D2 for Blizzard)).

  14. Meh, getting mad at Blizzard for being Blizzard just isn't worth it. I kinda figured we wouldn't get a new Diablo game and while I hoped we'd get a remaster of 2 I didn't hold too high of hopes. Honestly I'm not surprised they went the mobile route. I mean Assassin's Creed is getting a mobile game before the end of the month (which I've sadly pre-registered for) and honestly is was only a matter of time before Warcraft, Diablo, or Starcraft got the mobile treatment. Am I happy about it? No. Am I pissed at Blizzard for doing it? No, I lost faith in them as a company when they split SC2 into 3 separate games and released D3 as an always online game with a real money auction house. The company wants money and the best way to get that is to monetize the games as much as possible and the best way for that is to go Mobile. That or keep milking the dying corpse that is WoW. Diablo never gets any love and it'll continue to be that way because Warcraft and Starcraft are the two biggest money makers the developer has (I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't see a Diablo 4 for another 4-5 years).

    I'm honestly surprised to see them remastering WC3 since the graphics are still passable but it was the most popular version of Warcraft to come out. WC2 (while my favorite in the series) wasn't nearly as popular so it's no surprise they didn't remaster it (it sucks though, I'm really like to play through it again) but then again they'd have to fix a lot of the lore to re-release it now after WoW has retconned a lot of what happened in 2 (like Deathwing not dieing but we won't get into that).

  15. Sadly I was so hyped to pre-order this until I saw that list. Don't get me wrong, a solid lineup of games (I mean I'd buy it for Twisted Metal alone) but I was hoping we'd at least get Legend of Dragoon (by far one of the best RPG's ever created on the PS). It's not worth $100 for the three games I'd play.

  16. You don't actually have to pay for CR to watch it but you'll have to deal with occasional adds (same with the Funi streaming service) and the fact that it's not dubbed on CR (where it is on Funi).

    While I agree with everything the video says I still think Log Horizon is the best show of this particular genre (trapped in an MMO/game motif). This is a very close second though (unless we count individual arcs, where the Mother's Rosario arc from SAO trumps all).

  17. XD I grew out of my binge habit 6 years ago (with anime anyways, I still binge the hell out of TV shows). Not to say that there hasn't been a few shows that have brought it back out (Violet Evergarden and My Hero are two recent ones (god I don't know how many times My Hero made me got to bed later than planned, just had to get one more episode in and you know how that works)). Nothing will ever beat the old binge days in college when I'd spend my entire Spring Break watching anime (my record is 16 full series in a week (24 episode series) and a couple of movies. Then that was that time I binged Zeta Gundam in less than 2 days (26 episodes one day and the last 24 the next)) or that time in my life when I was literally a shut-in ala NHK (I watched so many shows in that 6 months).

    Meh, I never had the trouble with access to anime since I'm one of the old school fansub downloaders (I rarely, if ever, watched anime on TV after my college Anime club introduced me to fansubs) or as we're commonly known "Dreaded Internet Pirates" and when I did it wasn't like I was actively seeking out shows to watch as I was content with what was on Toonami and the Fox morning lineup back then (back when they aired Escaflowne, Digimon, and what have you). I didn't get access to Sci-fi until my senior year of high school so I didn't even get the option of staying up until 3 am to watch anime because when I finally got Sci-fi they quit airing anime.

    The only thing that really sucks now is if you don't have a sub to all these services you miss out on a lot of anime since only certain ones have certain shows (case and point Violet Evergarden, had I not kept my Netflix sub (which rarely, if ever, gets used anymore) I'd of never been able to watch it legally (fuck I don't even think you can find fansubs for it then again I never tried)). Sadly my back account can't afford it even if it is cheaper then buying anime (I mean two MMO subs, a crate sub, CR sub, Netflix sub, Spotify sub, 3 twitch subs, 2 patreon creators, and the yearly PSN sub is hard on the account) though I guess half of the services offer little to nothing that I'm interested in (CR has pretty much gets all the simulcasts with few exceptions and has a pretty good back catalog of shows for me to watch. Netflix is good for that occasional anime that's worth watching but that's rare for me these days (VE and now Unicorn (which after seeing it is also subbed I'll be watching it on Netflix instead of the fansubs I have)).

  18. It sounds like anything co-licensed by both Funi and CR will remain on both platforms as will big name shows like AoT and MHA. Outside of that it seems like pretty much anything they were sharing will be lost (mostly shows where Funi has the license and the same with CR). Honestly it sucks but then again I'm not overly affected by it considering I've seen just about every title Funi has that interests me (though I will be sad if CR loses The Saga of Tanya the Evil, the movie comes out next year and I was really hoping CR would get the stream rights for it but since Funi owns the license for the series I'm pretty sure they'll get the movie as well (though I will probably just end up buying it). Well that and I want be able to re-watch it again until I buy the series (same could be said for Koyabashi's Dragon Maid, such a cute and fun series)). It does suck for those who were hoping the stream options would stay somewhat consolidated and easier on their wallet (to many fucking streaming services now, especially for anime).

  19. Overlord was extremely good despite the extremely slow start but it was necessary to set up what happened later in the season. Overall I'm happy with how things progressed and really hope they green light a fourth season (especially with how things left off) and as far as I know there's still plenty of story left to adapt before they catch up with the novels.

    While Steins;Gate 0 was amazingly good (the drama, the emotional investment, the amount of fuck you moments) I felt it didn't live up to the original. Then again it's not supposed to because this isn't exactly a sequel but a what if had Okabe made the decision not to go to Stein's;Gate. I also felt that a lot of the drama was placed in the show just to be drama (the whole deal with Kagari, the Professor, Amadeus, etc) and draw the show (or in this case the game) out. I felt Okabe's struggle in the original was much more emotional and harder on him then this season (I mean he watched Mayuri die countless times trying to figure out how to fix his mistakes, something we didn't see here and it completely killed him inside (hence the whole split at episode 23 where we branched into 0)) though not to say this was less harder for him. Overall one of the best shows of the last season that I actually watched (not saying much as I only watched it and Overlord, MHA doesn't count as it carried over from the previous season).

  20. SE has been tweeting a shit ton about this and it caught my interest. I might get this after watching that (looks good and hey it's got mechs, a win in my book. This also depends on whether or not AC7 has sucked out my soul or not by then (the Deluxe edition comes with AC5 for PS4, I might have to drop the $85 to pre-order it now because that's my favorite game in the series)).

  21. It's about the only development you'll get for this season (sadly I have nothing left to watch as the season ended Saturday) as he's kinda put off to the side after that but I will admit it was needed, I really don't like him as a character but I'm happy they finally started to develop him beyond just being Deku's primary rival/antagonist. It's nice to see that there is actually something that motivates him and that he actually isn't just a hard head all the time.

  22. I mean what did they expect? Releasing BF5 right between COD and Red Dead was a stupid fucking mistake, it's no wonder their pre-order numbers were lower than expected. EA ran into the same shit with Titanfall 2 when it released so you'd of thought they'd learn from their lesson. Honestly I'm happy they're pushing it back a month. This will give them time to get features into the game that weren't going to be their at launch in October and maybe give them time to actually start marketing this thing a lot better. I'm honestly on board for all the changes they've implemented (even the ammo shortage, I think it's a nice change and will make you rely more on teamwork then ever before (which is what they're going for in BF5) though I could give two shits less about cosmetics in an FPS (yea lets give you these retarded camo's that will make you stick out, that's what war is about).

    Am I going to buy it? Yes but I won't pre-order it because I've been burned one to many times by EA and the industry at large. I'll probably get it closer on Black Friday since I'll have a 4 day weekend to play it and honestly pre-order bonuses aren't worth anything to me anymore (outside of FFXIV related shit, I'm a sucker for the pre-order shit they have (I need my minions and mounts damnit >.<)). There are only two games I'll pre-order that are coming up, Cyberpunk 2077 (that gameplay demo has me fucking sold on the premise now) and Ace Combat 7 (though, if it's announced in Nov, I will be pre-ordering the next FFXIV expansion next year as soon as it goes live).

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