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  1. Thats right we do care. Oh yes Lady we demand pics to reference by. *runs and hides before Sledge shows up*
  2. Sig making takes alot of time to get down right. Heck, my banners are nowhere nears as good as Cammy (who is like a sig making god) or Dubird (who is a sig making goddess). I just picked up banner making roughly two years ago. I'm self-taught, having dled photoshop and then spending a good two to three weeks playing around with all the features. Takes time and patience to create some of the stuff most of us do. I see nothing wrong with you're sigs, heck they're better then when I first started out. Need an example: One of the first sigs I ever created. Took maybe 20 mintues to do all of that and that includes removing the background, creating my own background, and placing text in. You are doing much better then I did back when I first started. Of course I agree, ideas are hard to comeby hence why you don't see many new sigs out of me that often. I create them only when an idea surfaces and when I'm not being lazy. Now compare that sig to the one I'm using now (it's a new one). This new one consists of the following: 16 layers (12 of which consist of just making that background, 2 for the pic used (same pic, cropped in two different places), 1 for border, and one for text) Various usings of the blending features found in photoshop Eraser tool (very friendly for grunge backgrounds) This took me about 45 minutes to create seeing as how the background is something I use in all my sigs doesn't take long to create one I like. Experiment around with Photoshop, use different features, use multiple layers. If something turns out good then your on to something, if not trash it and try something new. Thats how I come up with new stuff (also helps to read a few tutorials here and there).
  3. Oh god that brings up memories. I will agree that Ren from DearS is a hottie (a damn fine girl she is). Don't have a pic though.
  4. I have to agree with Mibu on this one.
  5. Well then I shall have to try it out cause you've never steered me wrong yet on your recommendations.
  6. Cammy got bored? You only played for ten days, not enough to effectively judge it. Ohwell, I guess WoW isn't for everyone. I've been meaning to get into CoH after watching my friend play it for awhile. Is it any good Cammy?
  7. You see on my server we don't like those who go out for hks. You get more honor getting the flag back so why worry about hks. Frankly I get as many or more hks then those on the attacking teams (I average around 150-200 kills per game while on defense). I do believe that a warrior could run the flag back on his own. A warrior on my server is notorious for being able to run the flag back by himself. He's damn good.
  8. Cammy doesn't, don't think he ever will. I, however, do play. Not a big PvP fanatic though I will admit Warsong CTF is fun (I am the master defensive strategist).
  9. I usually have music on in the background while I'm making graphics or while I'm writing poetry. TV is usually on also but it's usually on mute. Music varies depending on how depressed I am (for poems) so usually its hardcore stuff like Death Metal and the like.
  10. Hmmm I should really get around to dling these (heh, I'm still dling the series). Good lord man it's Zoro, not Zolo. Get it right.
  11. That'd be the one (actually watched the dub). Twas a funny ep it was (effectively putting them as you said at ep 6)
  12. If I'm right it shouldn't be too long from now. The manga took awhile to get to them getting Sanji also so be patient.
  13. I will agree with you there. Was the only recap episode I found myself watching with interest
  14. Making new brushes gives me headaches but if I have time I can create a little tutorial and send it to you. Follow Sledge's instructions, they work. That or play around with the feature that allows you to do it. As a man once told me "Playing around is PS is where you learn what to do right and what not to do".
  15. now thats a first. *makes note of what not to do around Eppy* If he comes back my Cypher is always available. Need to test and see if its still sharp.
  16. I second the Pimpdaddy on that.
  17. Ok, you sir have serious problems if you like that crap opening. Also its kinda wrong that you only watch the show for that opening, tis really sad. Bah why did I even come back in here. Everytime I do that song mysteriously pops into my head. Grrrrr.......... *runs off to watch the real, so much better opening*
  18. They think anime is a joke? Don't know but thats the impression I get from most dubbing companies. As for Naruto coming to Toonami I don't know what to say. I'm not the biggest fan of the anime (in fact I think the anime should have never been made). I'm more of a fan of the manga but I may watch it here or there on Toonami when it comes.
  19. Gah my ears, my poor ears. Stop the badness, stop the badness. *cowers in corner with his ears covered* Curse that opening, curse it to hell. Grrrrr......... The original, so much better. *hugs his One Piece fansubs* That reminds me I should really start getting the newer eps released.
  20. That should answer your questions Sabe. Had to put it under a spoiler incase some people don't want it ruined for them.
  21. She might have the Samurai X OVA's if shes not sure about them being showed on CN (both very good I might add)
  22. Seeing as how I've never seen eps 65-95 (have them on my harddrive, plan on watching them soon) I can't say anything besides the Kyoto Arc of Kenshin. Once I watch them however I can say something other then the Kyoto Arc. However, I'm with Mibu on the Revenge Arc in the manga. Tis my fav.
  23. Sadly I missed it's first showing on AS (was playing World of Warcraft at the time). However it was on in the background and just by listening to the dialog it sounds quite creepy but oddly interesting. Been planning on buying the series for awhile and since I'll most likely always miss it when its on I might aswell go ahead and do so.
  24. Oh Eppy I know of plenty of character you fit and who fit you. I just won't name them at this moment.
  25. Hehe, Sabe is Beebee. Thats funny. For some reason Kiki Ed does fit you. Can't place why but she fits you perfectly.