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  1. It is true BlitzZ. So a Char Custom Hyaku Shiki isn't as silly as you think. Though I'll admit the Char Custom isn't as good looking as the original (the red and blue scheme doesn't look good on the Hyaku Shiki).
  2. Amen to that
  3. Main profile, if you will, on Versus XIII at Gamespot. Not a lot has been said about the game yet. It's action based so we're not looking at an RPG like game for this one. For more feel free to read on it. All the newest news about it should be posted somewhere in all that news on it.
  4. I'd say they're jumping the gun. EBGames has it listed for release on 6/7/07 which seems more reliable since FFXII isn't even out yet. I'd highly doubt they'd release Versus XIII when XII isn't even out yet. Link to ebgames' product desc.
  5. I don't know, I'm still on the fence with this season (technically not season 2, It's like season 10 or something in the UK since Dr. Who has been airing for years over there). For one I do not like the new Doctor. The other one fit the part so much better. This one just doesn't seem right. Secondly the new episodes (the ones I've seen) are alright. As interesting as the last. Could be because I don't like the new Doctor that the eps just haven't been as good as last season.
  6. I've got Victory Gundam downloaded (have for over a year) it's just that with my busy schedule I have yet to find time to sit down and watch it since it's 50 eps long (true thats only two days of straight watching for me (how I first saw Zeta) but I don't really want to devout a weekend to it right now). I've been having the same problem sitting down and watching Turn-A and ZZ.
  7. Actually 0080 isn't as dated animation wise as you think. Like 0083 it was made in the 90's so it's animation is actually much better then Zeta's. As for 0080 as I've told you in IM's GG the Gundam series would of continued without it, doesn't play that big of a role in the grand scheme of things. I wasn't too highly impressed with the show. It's got good character development and I love the focus on Zeon but it just doesn't meet my standards as a great Gundam show. I will admit though it has one of the best suits from the OYW in it and that is the Kaempfer. Hey BlitzZ everyone has there own favorite series. As long as it's a UC series going over Zeta then I won't give you crap for it. I, myself, love 8th MS Team and, depending on my train of thought, will rank it higher then Zeta Gundam on the best Gundam series list I have (it's not my favorite Gundam series, Zeta will forever hold that place, but it's up there as one of the best Gundam series ever made).
  8. There is a dub, was released by The Right Stuf in the US if I remember correctly. You can get a dual audio dl from Box if you want (I have it) but I can't exactly tell you the quality of the dub since I tend not to watch anime dubbed. Good show by the way.
  9. I'd still say watch Fumoffu. It's extremely hilarious and worth it. Kinda happy we voted in to watch all the FMP's in Anime Club this year (mostly due to my urging). Gives me a chance to rewatch them all without having to spend my freetime at home watching them.
  10. "Trapped In Your Lies" - Godhead
  11. "A Little Pain" - Olivia It's NANA's first ending and such a lovely song. I really think I listen to it too much.
  12. SG-1: O'Niel hands down. I actually stopped watching SG-1 because he's not in it anymore. I'm sorry SG-1 isn't SG-1 without him. SGA: Rodney and Beckett
  13. Welcome to the insanity that is AC
  14. Actually instead of cry those three words make me want to vomit profusely. Yes I said vomit. That crap is worse then G Gundam and the SEED franchise put together.
  15. Yep, he's obsessed. I was rather impressed and had respect for him till I saw the G Gundam figures. After that I lost all respect and good impressions of him and his room (yes I hate G Gundam that much). Heh, oddly enough I have some of the same stuff he has just not on display like him.
  16. Welcome to the insanity that is AC
  17. Welcome to the insanity that is AC
  18. I've only seen the first episode of Kyo and have been planning on buying the boxset for awhile. I am, however, reading the manga and I must say the manga is one of my favorites to date.
  19. Meh, flagging on a PvE server just isn't the same as running around on a PvP server. I know I used to run flagged quite a bit. Doesn't help that I'm like good friends with everyone on my server (both Horde and Alliance side). Got a pretty good community on my server. Heh, yeah openly attacking a PC in full Tier 1, 2, AQ, or 3 gear isn't exactly the smartest thing to do. Has meant the death of my rogue more then once (seeing as how I'm not in a raiding guild and am only in mostly Tier 0 and .5 gear, no time to raid and no one wants rogues anymore these days so I can't even get into a decent raiding guild. Ohwell, thats what alts are for).
  20. Same with me. My auto update hasn't done anything for months so Trillian never had the bug. And as DX said they mentioned nothing about it on the site.
  21. Sadly, if you want to put it that way, I can too. Disturbs my friends greatly
  22. Not everyone is like you Eppy, we're not all hopeless. Ok I am but thats just me. I won't go into my fandom. Lets just put it this way, I scare even myself sometimes with as big of a fan that I am (I could post pics of my room in all its anime induced glory but I won't)
  23. This one hands down. RahXephon to "Must Be Dreaming" by Frou Frou. Tis an awesome AMV This is another good one. Cowboy Bebop to "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" by Reliant K. Really funny
  24. You and me both GG, you and me both I'd also like to have the Zaku but this one is just as good (just not as sexy as the Zaku)