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  1. SG-1: O'Niel hands down. I actually stopped watching SG-1 because he's not in it anymore. I'm sorry SG-1 isn't SG-1 without him. SGA: Rodney and Beckett
  2. Welcome to the insanity that is AC
  3. Actually instead of cry those three words make me want to vomit profusely. Yes I said vomit. That crap is worse then G Gundam and the SEED franchise put together.
  4. Yep, he's obsessed. I was rather impressed and had respect for him till I saw the G Gundam figures. After that I lost all respect and good impressions of him and his room (yes I hate G Gundam that much). Heh, oddly enough I have some of the same stuff he has just not on display like him.
  5. Welcome to the insanity that is AC
  6. Welcome to the insanity that is AC
  7. I've only seen the first episode of Kyo and have been planning on buying the boxset for awhile. I am, however, reading the manga and I must say the manga is one of my favorites to date.
  8. Meh, flagging on a PvE server just isn't the same as running around on a PvP server. I know I used to run flagged quite a bit. Doesn't help that I'm like good friends with everyone on my server (both Horde and Alliance side). Got a pretty good community on my server. Heh, yeah openly attacking a PC in full Tier 1, 2, AQ, or 3 gear isn't exactly the smartest thing to do. Has meant the death of my rogue more then once (seeing as how I'm not in a raiding guild and am only in mostly Tier 0 and .5 gear, no time to raid and no one wants rogues anymore these days so I can't even get into a decent raiding guild. Ohwell, thats what alts are for).
  9. Same with me. My auto update hasn't done anything for months so Trillian never had the bug. And as DX said they mentioned nothing about it on the site.
  10. Sadly, if you want to put it that way, I can too. Disturbs my friends greatly
  11. Not everyone is like you Eppy, we're not all hopeless. Ok I am but thats just me. I won't go into my fandom. Lets just put it this way, I scare even myself sometimes with as big of a fan that I am (I could post pics of my room in all its anime induced glory but I won't)
  12. This one hands down. RahXephon to "Must Be Dreaming" by Frou Frou. Tis an awesome AMV This is another good one. Cowboy Bebop to "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" by Reliant K. Really funny
  13. You and me both GG, you and me both I'd also like to have the Zaku but this one is just as good (just not as sexy as the Zaku)
  14. *continually drools* That is one sexy model. Would look so nice in my room too
  15. Oh yeah, I forgot about Chobits and Wolf's Rain, which again played with my heart. WR has too many moments unfortunately, can't just pick one. Thats it, thanks GG. You just had to make me read that too. Now I'm all sad and junk.
  16. Welcome to the clan Rebirth
  17. Kind of sad in a mellow happy way as you put it. The ending is in no way depressing (well for some it might be). I'd say go see it, you owe yourself the pleasure of viewing Shinkai-sama's work.
  18. I can say with pride that I cried at the end of Hoshi no Koe. That movie was so beautiful and it was such a sad ending. I also got teary eyed at the end of The Promised Place in our Early Days. Was an awesome movie and I loved how it ended. Lets just say watching Aishiteruze Baby pulled at my heart strings more then once and I was so ready to beat that one chick down for hurting Yuzu. Ask my mother cause I was threatening my comp. And then theres that one ep in Full Metal Alchemist. Theres many more but I don't want to list them (don't get me started on my reactions to mech anime, some of those battles get me pretty excited to the point where I'm yelling at the screen). Most of the time I'm pretty calm while watching anime.
  19. Holy monkey on a stick, it's Noin! *tackle glomps* Welcome back!
  20. G Gundam is an atrocity. As big of a Gundam fan that I am I can't bring myself to like this one. It rates higher then SEED and SEED Destiny in my books but it's still a horrible show
  21. I will attest to this. GX is an awesome show. Dangit now I want to watch GX again. I'd say see Turn-A but I haven't watched it yet. I've had all the eps dled for about a year just haven't had a chance to sit down and watch them. Heard its awesome though.
  22. Meh, F91 wasn't fleshed out enough. The movie was basically 50 eps worth of a series idea and smashed into a 2 and a half hour movie. It was good don't get me wrong but it would have been so much better if Tomino would of had the funding to make a series. Good to see you've finally seen all of MSG Sledge (even I haven't finished it, have only seen eps 1-35 and the last two). You'll love Zeta, tis such a beautiful series.
  23. As I always say to each there own. Not everyone is gonna like Lain and your one of them. It's not for everyone. It's only for those who like animes that make you think. Everything in the anime makes complete sense only if you take the time to try and understand it and have a good knowledge of computers. Otherwise to the untrained or otherwise uncaring individual it's all going to sound like nonsense. You'd also be surprised how you make that final question end up true. It's questions like those that make anime like Lain extremely good. Then again you also have to have some sort of liking or interest in Philosophy. Still nice to see you gave it a try. Gotta give you points for that. I've known my fair share of individuals who write the story off after 15 minutes into the first ep.
  24. Heh, I've had this song downloaded for ages. It is quite possible the best song ever (after a few others).