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  1. I do that because my home and lock screen are of 2B as well (and I haven't even played the game). Well of a Taiwanese Cosplayer who is dressed up as her, see: Great minds think alike I see
  2. True but I felt like I owed it to everyone to spoiler it. I had actually not seen the cg version until I watched the movie today so I'm sure there are others (hey just because I practically live on the internet doesn't mean I don't live under a rock still).
  3. Don't mind me, just reviving a dead topic yet again (because I'm so good at it). So I broke down yesterday and bought this since it was out (and the site I've been getting my movies from is having troubles with viruses in their files lately so yeah) and a co-worker of mine has been giving me so much shit for not seeing this being the big SW fan I am. Honestly I can understand why a lot of people had problems with this movie (CG characters aside, they're not bad but by god was that CG enough to bring me out of the immersion). It's got a lot of problems story wise for me (pacing issues mostly) and honestly I feel this movie should of been made well before now (besides fans like us who remember the old movies this is kind of an odd place to go for those who don't know anything about SW, this movie felt more like it was made for the die hard fans then it was for entertainment purposes (like TFA) and it still feels like the failed to deliver). Don't get me wrong I actually liked the movie (more then I liked TFA) and thought they did a great job making it feel like a SW film but on the other hand it just didn't feel all that Star Warsy to me (it felt more like they were forcing it to be a Star Wars film). If it wasn't for K2S0 (god I love that droid, Alan Tudyk did an amazing job bringing him to life. I'm starting to notice that the droids are more lovable then the human cast in the recent SW films), Chirrut, Baze, and Saw (I love Forrest Whitaker as an actor and he did an awesome job here) I probably wouldn't have enjoyed the movie as much as I did (the interactions between Chirrut and Baze were hilarious and that scene at the end was amazing (honestly had tears in my eyes)). The other characters were good but those were the four that stood out the most for me. I have to say that it was fucking amazing to hear Jones take up his proper mantle as Lord Vader's voice (by far the best part of the movie was Vader's introduction into the film, was fucking epic (as was his scene at the end of the movie (not really a spoiler, Vader is hardly in the movie))). Fuck Hayden, Vader will always be Jones god damnit.
  4. Finally ended up breaking down and paying for a Crunchyroll membership on Sunday (cancelled my TOR subscription since I've done everything the game has to offer for now) since it seems the hay day of fansubs is dead (and I was dying to watch IBO season 2 and now I can finally get caught up on Sailor Moon Crystal (god that just sounds wrong)). Gotta say, and believe me it hurts to say this, they've really come a long way since I last used them back when they were doing this illegally. Great quality, passable subs (need a little more work on localization but they're better then they used to be), and I get to watch everything on my TV instead of my computer (major bonus for me).

    My only gripe is I wish they had more to offer. Their selection is rather small for having a partnership with Funi (then again I've seen pretty much everything I want to see that Funi has to offer). Meh, hopefully they'll continue to grow and get more stuff (and hopefully older stuff, a lot of the newer shows these days suck).

    1. DeathscytheX


      ROTFLMAO I forgot about the 4Kids Smoker, he always looked so weird with his mouth gaped. XDXD It was a big difference. I watched up to a little past chopper and it was a lot different. Whats funny to me is that Colleen Clinkenbeard does Luffy for Funi. She actually sounds pretty much the same as Bella Hudson who did it for 4kids. Its funny because Clinkenbeard pretty much uses the same sexy Erza Scarlet voice for every role she does, so Luffy was out of left field. XD She said she can only do about 4 hours of recording a day in that voice though. They probably should have just went with a different voice altogether. Like how the DBZ Ocean dub and Funi dub have different Vegeta voices.

    2. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Yea it was the 4Kids dub but like I said I pretty much know what happens in every arc up to Marineford from reading the Wiki and from my obsessed friend (plus I have seen some of the stuff subbed). I already planned on watching it from the beginning because I know just how horrible 4Kids was at stripping everything they thought was offensive from the shows they released. Honestly even if I had seen the Funi dub I'd probably restart anyways since its been a long time since I've seen any of One Piece (plus, as you all know, I prefer watching anime subbed because I can't stand the English VA's).

    3. Sledgstone


      I agree with subs for One Piece. I've gotten used to watching anime dubbed all the time now, But even with Funi's dub I couldn't get into it. 4kids did make me a One Piece fan, its a shame so many people's introduction to the series had to be so half assed and censored tho.

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  5. This pisses me off to no end. The Mako in the first game didn't have these issues so I for the love of me can't figure out why these issues exist, it's like the did an extremely poor job of optimizing the game in those instances. Nothing like cruising on Eos and all of a sudden the game freezes up for 20-30 seconds while it tries to load the area, gg BioWare.
  6. I hear that. While I enjoyed Haval (still not done, still have to activate the third monolith) I feel there really wasn't much more to the planet then being a way station to gain the acceptance of the Angorans (don't get me wrong, I like them (mostly because they have the best sniper rilfe and best pistol in that game (yea I have the guide so I know all the stats for every weapon in the game)) but they're about the only redeeming thing this game has besides Drack (and honestly I love this grumpy old krogan to death)). I've also never felt like the Kett were a major threat like everyone in game seems to think they are and haven't since I first ran into them. They feel like the team couldn't come up with a better enemy so they cobbled together this species and The Scourge to act as the main antagonists (fuck The Collectors were better thought out then the Kett and more of a threat). I won't get started on the Remnant (they're a fun enemy to fight but I honestly feel they were just cobbled together and thrown in the game just so we could research some lost, technologically advanced civilization like we did the Prometheans in the first 3 games). Honestly I'm pacing myself with this game. Like I said it's fun, I enjoy the freedom the new skill system gives us, and while I think the crafting could of been left out it's a nice addition to the game but honestly the game is kind of a dud. All show and very little substance is how I'm taking it. It's sad because we were given three amazing games (ok 2, I'm still not the biggest fan of ME2. The story was great but I'll forever hate it as the game that introduced this god damn thermal pack system we're stuck with now for our MW weapons) in this series and this one is all but a lackluster title. I know, new team give them a chance but I'm sick of giving tried and true studios chances when they release lackluster titles like this (yea, my seething hatred for how Bungie handled Destiny is kind seeping in here. Also look and Guerilla, they released a brand new IP and it's beyond amazing (yea I'm a Horizon fanboy, the game can't do no wrong in my eyes)).
  7. FYI Sledge Destiny 2 is being developed in a brand new engine built specifically for the game (though whether it's better then the current one is anybody's guess). Honestly I'm not giving Bungie another god damn cent unless they prove to me this game is everything it's supposed to be, until then I won't give Destiny 2 a shot (sorry, that bridge was burned with Destiny and it's not going to be rebuilt anytime soon). Quite honestly everything I've read about what was announced (I haven't watched the trailer, don't see any reason to do so) is it's pretty much the same promises we were given with Destiny and they were never fulfilled until an expansion that cost nearly as much as the original game (and even then it wasn't really that good by what I've seen). Quite frankly you're going to get the exact same thing you have now with a new skin. I highly doubt anything will change besides giving us an actual story this time around. Gear will still be locked behind raid progression/crucible grinding with a shot of decent gear from IB (which honestly didn't rely on gear as much as everyone says it did, skill was a major factor in how well you actually did (and of course having one of a few select weapons, still took skill to use said weapons but they did help)), there's enough people still playing who love this model that Bungie will never change it.
  8. Well it is kinda hard to beat android perfection (plus it is a SE title and they're known for their modeling chops) I'll say this about Andromeda, you can really loose track of time while you're playing it. I ended up playing it for 6 hours yesterday and didn't realize it until 11 last night when I finally looked at the time. I have to say it's been a long time since I last had a game do that for me (ME3 to be exact). Bad animations aside the game is really fun though I do have some issues with the combat system (it doesn't feel as polished as ME3 and I'm definitely not liking the cover system. Gunplay is also not as smooth as I'd like it). Even though I didn't think I'd like it I'm loving the total freedom to customize Ryder as I see fit. I'm an Operative with the Sentinel Profile active and loving every minute of it, Tech Armor is so much better in this game then it was in ME3 (plus a Sentinel with Tactical Cloak is broken beyond hell). Story wise it's not too bad, a little boring but I'm still in the beginning stages of the game (I've only completed Eos because I've been sidetracked by side quests, god damn OCD is real in this game). Don't know how I feel about this whole Remnant tech we've been finding, feels like they couldn't come up with a better idea so they recycled the Promethean bits from the first trilogy and just changed the name. I'm with you on missing renegade. I've found myself more then once wanting to punch some of these idiots in the face and take control of the situation to show them how shit really gets done. God I'm really missing my Fem Shep now, the Nexus would be finished and we'd have the whole system colonized by now if she were in charge. I do like Ryder, she/he is a very interesting character who just kinda landed into this position by a series of bad events but this whole rookie aspect has to go. I will say this I love Drack, he's like a much older and grittier version of Wrex with more of a "I don't give a fuck" attitude.
  9. A: It's a different team from the one that originally made the ME trilogy hence why we went from stuff that was well ironed out to having issues like this. There's going to be a lot of growing pains for this team if Andromeda ends up being a series of games (which I'm suspecting it will) but they'll eventually get it right (the first ME wasn't without its own animation issues and look what that team went on to build). B: It can easily be fixed but I highly doubt it will be. This requires a lot of reanimating (and in some cases remodeling) that I'm sure the team isn't looking forward to doing (not to mention the patch size when it is done). They'll probably fix the more glaring issues with a hot fix somewhere down the line but I highly doubt they'll fix everything. The link above is a pretty interesting read. What I gathered from it (and this was a former Bioware employee) is that they were to lazy to go the extra mile and just prioritized what they thought players would see over what they wouldn't. Goes to show you even the best developers don't want to go the full 10 yards. As for my actual thoughts on the game, I don't have many at the moment. I haven't put enough time into it to actually have any (I'm pretty much still in the prologue section, debating if I should hold off playing this until I beat Horizon or not). My only real opinion is that the preset character models for female Ryder suck if you want to customize your character. I couldn't for the life of me make a character that I thought looked good and had to go with the default look and god forbid if we try to customize that look(I always play through as a female first then male, I'm weird that way). Really starting to wonder if the good 3D modelers were on vacation during the development of this game (the enemy alien models look amazing though, props on that) because ME3 had better looking characters then this game.
  10. I honestly don't think the MP18 headshot requirement for the Ribeyrolles is that bad. Out of all the SMG's it's the most stable but sadly you have to use the Factory version to do it (which will make it a thousand times worse). Sadly I'll never get either version of the the assault weapons as I don't play assault enough (and the shotgun one requires you to use Slug variant of the Model-10), then again I probably won't get any of them as I probably won't play much. I hope the Russian DLC is good because this one is just lackluster as all hell. I will say this the addition of ribbons has made it a lot easier to level up your classes now. I got one and a half levels on my Support class done in just those two games.
  11. Apparently either my browser hiccuped or my internet screwed up hence the double post. Feel free to delete this post if you want.
  12. So I decided (since I'm sicker than a dog and don't have the required frame of mind for Horizon) to try out the DLC tonight. I did the two new operations hoping to get to see all the maps (no surprise that I didn't). My thoughts: -As far as I can tell both Operations are Defender friendly as I was attacking both times. Verdun more so then Soisson (SP?) as the defenders have a huge terrain advantage once you get past the first set of objectives (not kidding you, they have the high ground making it damn near impossible to push as an attacker). Soisson is actually pretty attacker friendly until the last objective and even though it's a tank heavy map its damn near impossible for the attacking side to cap it (completely open with trenches giving assault players on the defending side plenty of cover). Really wish I could of seen the other two maps but as usual DICE seems to heavily favor the defending side. -The new Behemoth is kind of a joke as it's pretty much an extremely slow moving heavy tank with bigger guns. Both times we got in on the attacking side on Soisson it went down in a little under 3 minutes having no effect on the tide of the battle. If I had to rank it against the other Behemoths is tied in dead last with the train as useless. Of course this could of been the driver both times but to me it just seems to be an extremely useless heavy tank with on less seat. -I'm sure most know this already if you watch any of the major BF youtubers but the new weapons are locked behind something similar to assignments but not as in depth as they were in BF3. You basically have to accomplish two tasks for each variant of the new guns. I absolutely hate this as it forces you to use guns and gadgets I hate just to unlock something (though I will admit I'm becoming a fan of the Lewis Gun now that I need to use it for the Low Weight version of the new LMG). Each gun has two variants except for the assault weapons as there are two of them (the shotgun and the ribeyrolles). -You will be happy to know that you can only carry one gas grenade now (as well as one smoke). In the two matches I played I rarely saw gas being used, it's mostly frags/sticks/impacts now. There is still grenade spam but it's not as bad as it was prior to the DLC. They've also added an exchange to the Battlepack system allowing you to buy past skins for scrap. You're limited to four and it's one of each quality type as well as a vehicle skin (which I did happen to get the new Legendary skin for the Artillery truck tonight in the battlepack I was given for March) that DICE has chosen, it resets every week (I warn you the scrap costs are pretty ridiculous). All in all I find it rather meh. I still think DICE should of released this in December/January for what feels like an extreme lack of content. I did have fun playing tonight but honestly its not enough to keep me playing beyond once in a blue moon when I get bored. Quite frankly if you're not already a Premium member I wouldn't pick the DLC up, it's not worth the money you would pay and it's definitely not worth buying Premium for.
  13. They're not supposed to but there's a way to keep them glowing when they're stowed (don't remember how you do it but I see a lot of people doing it, all I know is it requires you to hit a certain key press while you stow them).
  14. From the album FFXIV Pics

    So, to my surprise, they actually added another step in with patch 3.55a bringing anima weapons up to par with the raid weapons of the game (item level 275). So I now have a weapons on par with the best weapons in the game and probably better for me anyways since the weapon is tailored to what I want. I do like the blue glow it has now but I still think the swords are rather bland looking. I might glamour the Spurs of the Thorn Prince over them at some point but that blue is just to pretty. On a side note I've actually had these done for two weeks an took the screen shots shortly after getting them but I was, yet again, too lazy to post the pics (that and Horizon took all my free time that weekend).
  15. From the album FFXIV Pics

    Another side view for your viewing pleasure.
  16. From the album FFXIV Pics

    Side view for your viewing pleasure.
  17. I'm just posting base impressions on this based on what little game time I actually have in it (I've put about 8 hours into the game as of writing this) and after having it stare me in the face for 3 days before I could play it (god damn was that the longest wait I've ever had before playing a game (didn't have any time during the week and I've completely stayed away from any articles/videos that may give away spoilers for this game)). I'm highly impressed with this game, Guerilla went out of their way to give a a highly polished game out of the get go (it had the smallest day 1 patch out of any game released in recent years that's how polished this was). The visuals are amazing, even on my old school PS4. Don't get me wrong there are some wonky animations here and there (I ran into an NPC who's eyes liked to wander up into her head (kinda creepy when you talk to her)) but overall this is an impressive looking game (I climbed up my first Long Neck today and the view from on top of it's head was breath taking). I'm also extremely happy the the map is rather big, not huge like a lot of games like it (no where near as big as Zelda's map (good god that map is huge from what I've seen on live streams) but big enough that I can see why this game will take up to 50 hours to beat (I hear if you just do the story the game is rather short but I'm OCD so I'm doing all the side quests and getting all the collectibles while I travel between story missions). I can't speak much on the story but what I have done of the story missions I have to say it's rather interesting and engaging. There's a lot of mystery in this game and I wonder just how much of it we unravel as we play through it (like why is the world the way it is, who was Aloy's mother (a major plot point I'm gathering from little I know), what's with the machine animals, etc (I'd put more examples but I'd be walking a thin line for spoilers based on where I think the story is going)) because I'm expecting this game to be a series. While most of the characters I've run into are rather bland (not much to say about them, I've run into a few that have been interesting but they seem few and far between) Aloy is a wonderful protagonist who, much like me, is questioning what the hell is wrong with the world. She's sarcastic as hell when dealing with assholes and a compassionate person when she wants to be (lets just say not many people like her from the get go so she's rather callous until the need arises for her not to be). Overall she's probably one of my favorite protagonists to date. Combat is a joy and I say this after having my ass handed to me a few times (I have yet to be killed but I've been pretty close to dieing a few times). A lot of it is stealth based and going loud and proud isn't a viable tactic in this game (especially when fighting corrupted machines, a few reviews have pointed this out). Almost everything travels in herds (or at least the ones I've run into, I haven't run into the huge T-Rex looking machine yet nor have I run into any of the machine birds) and alerting one pretty much alerts all of them. Picking targets and luring them away one by one is pretty much the key to most encounters (human and machine alike) when you can pick and choose them (some encounters do not give you a choice and a lot of those have been story based at the moment) otherwise it's all about relying on your skills and weapons. There isn't much choice in weaponry I've noticed. Pretty much all you get is you're spear (I don't know if you get another one throughout the game but the one I started with has been upgraded once due to a side quest), a variety of bows with varying uses (some are for sharpshooting, some for close range combat, some built with stopping power in mind, etc), a variety of slings (for launching elemental type bombs that cause status effects), tripcasters (used to create traps on the battle field that trip machines), traps in general, and some others I haven't tried yet. There is of course a variety of different ammunition types for you're bow and I can't list all of them as I haven't exactly run into any other then normal, precise, fire, and tear arrows (tear arrows rip armor and components off of machines). All in all I'm very happy with this game and the hype I had for it was definitely rewarded. This is probably my game of the year and it's barely started, that's how much I'm enjoying it.
  18. I still don't like that fire rate on the Chauchat, it's too fucking slow compared to the other LMG's and it's clip size leaves a lot to be desired (though watching the video in your above post does make it seem extremely powerful). I like how the RSC looks and fires so I might just have to jump back on to try it out when the DLC hits but sadly I still don't think it's going to be enough to keep me playing longer then a few days (I mean the timing of this DLC sucks no matter how you look at it, they should of released it sooner).
  19. Been screwing around in the Ghost Recon beta these last few days. Gotta say the game is fun but you can definitely tell it was made to be played with friends. Don't get me wrong the A.I. squad mates are better then what you would get in other games (almost as good as the A.I. squad mates from Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (which this game has some similar mechanics to)) but a lot of the missions seem to be built with the idea of going in with 3 other players due to enemy patrol routes and placements. Beyond that gun play is pretty solid (a little wonky at times but this is a beta), combat is quick and sometimes relentless (I made a minor mistake approaching a base in the new area for the beta and damn near paid for it with my life (fucking enemies called in 2 choppers, still trying to figure out how I survived it)), and the story is pretty good for a Tom Clancy game (not generally into Tom Clancy stuff but this game and the Rainbow Six games have always had relatively good stories to go along with good game play).

    Honestly if it wasn't coming out a week after Horizon and two weeks before Andromeda I'd probably buy it but no, Ubisoft had to pick the worst time to release it. If you get a chance this weekend try it out, the beta runs until Monday and it's definitely worth a quick play through (even if you don't get through the entire first area you'll get a good feel for the game play and what the story is about in the first few missions).

    1. DeathscytheX


      Some of my friends said they are getting this game. I haven't tried the beta even though I've downloaded it. The Division left a bad taste in my mouth to trust Ubi again for a while. And like you said, there is a shit ton of amazing single player games coming out over the next few weeks.

    2. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Meh, while The Division was a huge let down (I mean come on, we got a barely complete game with little to no replay value beyond gear grinding (uh oh, I think Ubi took a page out of Bungie's book with that one)) I generally still have trust and faith in Ubisoft (I mean I play Rainbow Six and I'm still looking at getting For Honor). I mean they released by far one of the best games I've played in years and actually got me to cry when it ended (Valiant Hearts, I cannot stress enough how great this game is), EA and Activision have yet to do that in a long time (yea I know EA has ME and TOR but I still consider Bioware to be it's own entity and you can't convince me otherwise (because if you do you will destroy my little world of delusions that I live in)).

      Honestly I can see Wildlands delivering on what The Division failed to do. Just looking at the map alone there will way more content at release for Wildlands than there was for The Division (which is sad because The Division probably has the better of the two stories here, sadly it doesn't seem Ubi has any intention of giving us any more story in The Division (as far as I know there has been no continuation from where the final story mission left off)). Plus, the way the story is set up, you have 5 Lieutenants per Under Boss (that each run their own area of the map) making a total of 24 enemies you need to take out before taking out El Sueno (the big boss). That right there is already more content then The Division has gotten since release (and this will all be at release). I digress though. Like I said if this game had a better release window I'd most likely buy it (I should add if I had friends buying it as well, while I'm sure at least a few of the people on my friends list will get it I rarely play with them so it wouldn't be worth it to buy this game (most of those friends are ones I met through Siege)) but Horizon is going to take me at least until Andromeda releases to beat (40-50 hours of game play on my limited free time I'll be lucky if I finish by then) and if Andromeda is anything like it's predecessors then I'm looking at over 70 hours of game play there (most likely more since I'll need to do everything and see everything possible before I'm content) so I'll have no time to squeeze this in (not to mention FFXIV as well, that's at least 15-20 hours of my week alone).

      While I'm happy we're getting all these options for great games (probably the first time in quite a few years that I have more then 2 games I want to buy) I really wish these companies would time their release windows better, makes it really hard to choose which games to buy when they release them all at the same damn time (not to mention hard on my wallet).

  20. The fact that this has been getting stellar reviews makes me beyond happy I pre-ordered this on a whim a couple nights back (CE none-the-less as Amazon still had copies of it). Seriously can't wait until Tuesday to get my hands on this and start playing it.
  21. , poor Sledge. Yea they come in Small, Medium, and Large and as I said cost a fortune just to buy the plot. All things said and done you could probably spend well over 100 million gil just to buy the plot and the materials to build your house.
  22. From the album FFXIV Pics

    Meh, just decided to throw this in to show off the new look my character has to go with her new weapon. Also this and the other three screenshots were taken in my Apartment in game. I may or may not take pictures of the whole thing if I feel like it (currently deciding how I want to remodel it).
  23. She's a cat girl (damn anime and it's influencing my character design decisions), those ears are real (as is the tail you can't see). Apartments was SE's way of placating those of us that couldn't afford a housing plot (small plots cost 3 million gil while large plots cost over 52 million (on my server, bigger pop servers cost even more)) or didn't get a chance to buy one due to scarcity. I'd love a house but I can't afford one at the moment and my server has no small plots available. They're still somewhat expensive (300,000 gil) but it's better then nothing (even if the room is small). If I remember I'll take pictures of my Free Company's Medium sized mansion (our FC Master blew a lot of gil on it) to shoe the size.
  24. From the album FFXIV Pics

    So yeah, here's the completed Anima weapons. It's been done for about a month but I've been to damn lazy to upload the screen shots. Quite frankly I don't really like the looks of it so I'll probably buy a replica of the step before it and glamour it on these. I'm just so freaking glad they're done after grinding A1S (first raid dungeon on Savage difficulty (Alexander)) for two weeks straight. There's supposedly another step coming in the next patch but whether it changes the weapon at all or not I don't know but if it does I'll post pics.
  25. Oh I'm definitely going the Sentinel route with a shotgun (which will probably be the only points I spend down that route), Biotics and Tech abilities are amazing when used in conjunction. If Tech Armor was in this it would be even better but I'll have to substitute Barrier for it and sadly there is no Reave but I can learn to live without it (that ability was broken in ME2, high damage and it healed you for a portion of said damage). I also wish Incinerate was still in but I guess the Flamethrower will have to make up for it. I'm going to be like a kid in a candy store when I get my hands on these ability trees.