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  1. I give dubs credit more often than not even if I prefer subs and it's actually more common to see better portrayal of emotions in dubs then it is subs (the Japanese aren't really into showing emotions and it does show in subs more often then not). There's a reason I prefer the dubs of Cowboy Bebop (I like both tracks but the English track is just so much better, the English VA's fit their characters better than the Japanese VA's), Ghost in the Shell (yes, I actually love the GitS dub mostly because it's the way I watched it originally), The Slayers (this gets me so much crap among my friends because they think the subs is superior, I like both tracks but the dub sits better with me), and Martian Successor Nadesico (the dub is far superior in every way minus one character's voice, the sub is so freaking bland) over their Japanese tracks. Sadly though it's really hit or miss for what dubs I'm willing to watch and even more so now that I have instant access to subs the day of or after it airs in Japan (thank you CR). My problem with dubs is the lack of voice actors over here and it gets annoying when you're sitting there and go "Oh that's so and so from (list any of like 50 shows or games)" because they don't add in variation in there voice (I can pick out Jet's voice actor instantly because of this, he keeps that voice in everything he does. Same with Spike's). I really don't like that feeling because it takes me right out of the show. True I can do this with Japanese VA's as well but they try to vary their voice between characters and it's sometimes harder to pick them out.
  2. My body is fucking ready, bring it! God October can't get here fast enough (for more reasons then this but mostly this). surprised to see them dropping Sir Nighteye in the trailer as well as Overhaul (even though they introduced him last season. plus more Eri, yay!). This season is going to be so fucking awesome based on everything I've read about the chapters they're adapting.
  3. If you think about it though what FF game wasn't weird at some point in it's plot or how it did things? Don't get me wrong I agree VII takes the cake for weirdness on all points (there's something to be said about having a talking wolf and a vampire in the same party (my final party was Cloud, Red, and Vincent if you didn't pick that up)) but in all honesty I think I was used to that shit at that point (I played FFVII back in the mid-2000's so I'd already seen some weird shit by that point (I mean I met Quina in IX and if you want weird she/he takes the cake for weird). Not to mention Chrono Cross was a trip in weirdness as is most of the late game in Star Ocean 2). I'm just guessing it's lauded as the best because it was the first FF to do a lot of the things you mentioned above (secret bosses (though there were a couple in IV from what I remember), chocobo breeding, hidden characters, etc) but I just feel there are far better titles in the series that should hold that moniker (I won't say IX even though it's my favorite in the series and, imo, the superior game but VI and IV are far superior in almost every aspect and yet everyone ranks them under VII). I will give VII this though I really liked the materia system and I really wish other titles in the franchise would of used it (IX's system was a pale comparison to it, one of the low points of IX for me was the ability learning system). Meh, maybe playing the remake will make me appreciate the game more if I do pick it up. I'll never say I didn't enjoy the game because it was fun for what it was I just never understood it's die hard fan base.
  4. If they're smart they'll break it up by how the game was broken up between three discs when it originally released or at least after each major plot points (it's been years since I played this last so I'm not entirely sure how the story goes anymore but I'd say around a certain someone's death and around the whole revelation behind what Cloud is/whats going on with him). I'd expect no more than 3-4 parts if they want to please fans and release it relatively fast but SE might draw that out more if they really want to milk it. Meh, while it looks good I was severely underwhelmed by FFVII and still fail to see why it's lauded as being the best FF game. I honestly thought the story was generic and besides a few standout characters I really didn't like the cast all that much. I might buy this once all the installments are out but I'll have Cyberpunk less than a month after this first one releases and that will eat all of my free time that isn't devoted to FFXIV.
  5. God that was a work of beauty. Yes I'm am way beyond hype for this (so much so I just dropped $250 on the PS4 Collector's Edition (yes I have a serious problem when it comes to CE's for games I really want, this has been established)) and I can't wait until April to get my hands on it.
  6. Still though that's kind of stretching it (I also know how the game ends, I've seen the ending on YouTube (Kerrigan becoming akin to a god or Xel'Naga and everyone going there own ways type deal), if anything I could see them bringing Kerrigan back again but even that's stretching it. I won't completely write out a 3rd game but I just don't think we'll see it anytime soon or probably no while we're still gamers. WoW is the only thing raking in money for Blizzard outside of Overwatch and while the competitive esports around SC2 are still huge it not raking in the dough. It's sad though since Starcraft and Warcraft are two of my all time favorite games (SC2 no so much, there were fun for what they were but hold nothing to the original game and expansion (kind of like how D3 is a poor mans D2)), I'd love nothing more than new RTS versions of these to come out I just don't see it happening with Activision being so set on the Games as a Service mentality that most developers/publishers have these days. No way to monetize an RTS game outside of skins for units or locking units behind pay walls (and doing that would pretty much kill the game). A Battlefield style Starcraft FPS would of been fucking amazing (be weird though as Protoss have very little long range units to convert to soldier classes and well Zerg would be odd as fuck if they decided to make all three factions playable but the Terrans are always at each others throats so it wouldn't be like we wouldn't be lacking in that department I guess). Fucking Activision has way to much control over what Blizzard does now and its turning them into another mediocre developer like every other one working for Activision. Just look at WoW, the game is hemorrhaging players because BFA is a fucking dud of an expansion (and I'm feeling it in FFXIV with queue times now that they have nowhere to go but to FFXIV). If it wasn't for the WoW Classic beta doing great and revitalizing players Blizzard would be in trouble right now. When it fully launches Blizzard will be sitting pretty again (probably to squander all that good faith with another shitty retail expansion (not that I should talk, I'm seriously considering going back when Classic launches since I loved Vanilla WoW (then again it'll be launching right before a raid tier in FFXIV so I might not go back)).
  7. Not commenting on the videos (not a huge fan of The Quartering but I won't let my personal opinions come in on this) but we'll never see a Starcraft 3 for the same reasons we won't see a Warcraft 4, WoW takes up way to much of their development time and Diablo is a major push right now after the Immortal fiasco (kind of the reason why we'll never see a KoToR 3 out of BioWare (besides other reasons)). Plus, correct me if I'm wrong, I thought SC2's LotV ending left little to no room for another sequel (I still haven't beaten LotV but from what I've read there really isn't anywhere to go with the story). I'd of taken a Starcraft FPS any day (hell I was one of the people fucking hyped over Ghost which got cancelled mysteriously, pissed me off). Honestly Overwatch 2 is something I'm surprised to hear about considering I didn't think Overwatch was in need of a sequel game considering how well its still doing (hell they're still adding characters, something you wouldn't do if you were concerned about the game dying or needed a sequel). Then again with Activision loosing one of their cash cows in Destiny 2 maybe they're forcing Blizzard to release games on currently successful franchises (I mean lets face it Starcraft has never been anything more than a cult hit over here (it's beyond huge in South Korea) so it was inevitable that it would get closeted again (probably for another 10 years).
  8. Is it me or does he run like he has something shoved up his ass? Also he doesn't act like a Jedi, some of those kills are pretty fucking brutal (sorry, Jedi lore nut here. That kind of pull toward and stab move is more of a Sith thing. Just a nit pick thing, don't mind me). All kidding aside it looks good but still not getting hyped for it. I'll wait until after it releases to see if it's worth buying or not (not a dig on Respawn but I've been burned way to many times by EA to jump up in excitement for something being published by them).
  9. Meh, quite honestly I'm far from interested but I do find it funny that they're soft rebooting one of the their most successful titles in hopes of bringing back players.
  10. It's alright, not series level good but still a fun watch (completely original material not stemming from the game). It's a nice change as Kurisu is the major focus of the movie instead of Okabe.
  11. *revives dead topic* So I watched this tonight after renting it from PSN and it was fucking amazing. God damn is this movie everything you want it to be and more. I won't really go into specifics because if you've seen MHA you pretty much know what to expect (animation is great, same old lovable characters with some new ones added in (Melissa is such a great character, with this being canon I'm hoping we get to see more of her in the actual show because she has great chemistry with the cast and I could really see her being Deku's support person when he goes Pro), a great OST, and a damn good plot (interesting to learn more about All Might and his past)) and it's hard to really process my thoughts and feelings (especially after that epic finale (I think I screamed louder then I should of in excitement during it)). After re-watching some of the old episodes it looks like it takes place either shortly after the Stain incident or shortly after the Training Camp incident (it could be either or but I lean more toward the Training Camp as he makes mention of not injuring his arms early in the film and All Might hasn't well been through the rest of S3 yet). I will say I went into expecting the same old MHA and I'm happy it delivered that and more. Definitely worth a watch if you've seen the show or even if you have a passing interest in it (I mean it pays to know what happens before it but I feel it's not exactly necessary to enjoy the film). I had no plans on buying this movie but I'm thinking I have to make an exception now (I had no plans on buying the series due to it's length and unfinished state but I might have to now if I buy this).
  12. So it might be a tad bit early but I'm thinking that The Promised Neverland is going down as my anime of the year (beating out Boogiepop, Demon Slayer, and Fruits Basket). Man was that a fun trip through some pretty gruesome themes and interesting concepts. Highly suggest watching this when it gets dubbed (unless you want to watch it subbed (I mean come on it's that good)).

    I knew going into it that it was a horror/psychological anime but boy do they trick you when you first start watching it as it's all fun and games right until the end of the first episode. Quite honestly I really don't know how to summarize my thoughts on the show because it's hard to really say anything without ruining the shows premise and horror element (which they really drive home in the latter episodes).

    I will say the story is pretty damn good from start to finish even if they leave you with more questions then they do answers (I know they'll get into that later (it got greenlit for another season) but they really do a bad job setting up why things are the way they are in the first season but I guess its the same in the manga), the characters for the most part are intriguing and interesting (most of the secondary cast it rather bleh but the main characters really sell the show and does the main antagonist)), animation is top notch and damn well done (some of the best this year only taking second to Demon Slayer for me), and the soundtrack is damn good (that opening though, not Demon Slayer topping but still damn good).

    Honestly I'm disappointed I didn't watch it when it was airing but I'm glad I could just marathon through it in three days because waiting each week for one new ep would of been painful. Happy its getting a second season but I'm sad that won't be until next year at the earliest. Solid 9/10 for me (would of gone 10/10 but there were a few things I had issues with toward the end). Now I just need to watch Kaguya-sama and Quintessential Quintuplets and I'll be caught up on last seasons shows that I wanted to watch.

    1. DeathscytheX


      So early to call. XD Currently Slime is a top contender for me. But I have no doubt it will get knocked off by something as there's still plenty of months left. I just watched the first ep of shield hero and i find it hilarious people got mad about this ep. It was nothing compared to Goblin Slayer's first ep. Then I'm watching YU-NO where the main characters step mom is blackmailed into intercourse. It didn't show any of it, but heavily implied it with wet bed sheets and a trashcan of condom wrappers (How is this TV-14 funi? wtf?). Honestly, that one made me cringe harder than the other two. Although I don't think I'll ever get as angry as when Lafter got murdered out of the blue in IBO.

      Wow. that was a tangent. Anyways, yeah Shield Hero... pretty good so far... but man, Isekai is becoming to anime what FPS is to gaming. I kinda wish we could go back to a Mecha golden age.

  13. Forgot to post about this earlier in the week but I got around to watching Magical Girls Spec-Ops Asuka (finished it Tuesday night) and I gotta say it wasn't as bad as everyone has been saying it is (a solid 7/10 for me). Don't get me wrong it's far from perfect (that animation quality is terrible, good lord are we back in the 90's here) but it was an enjoyable mess from start to finish. Quite honestly outside of animation issues as I mentioned and the story (don't get me started here, to much to nitpick and honestly I wasn't watching it for the story) everything else was good (the music was good (that OP is a banger), the characters were somewhat bland (though well written for what the show is) and they don't really spend enough time introducing anyone outside of Asuka, Kurumi (that sadistic little nurse, I don't know why but I like her character) and Asuka's friends (a big disappointment, I'd of liked to have gotten to know each of the other 3 magical girls (especially the Taiwanese one, they give us a short 10 min intro and then bam it's done). Plus the fight scenes were gory as hell and quite enjoyable to watch (though the torture was a bit much).

    Honestly hope this gets a 2nd season but I highly doubt it based on the ratings it got (I mean they obviously leave it open for a 2nd season and there's plenty of material for them to adapt for another season). Though if it does they need to get a different studio to animate it because it's obvious LIDENFILMS can't (again that animation was terrible and wonky as all hell).

    1. DeathscytheX


      They definitely could have done a lot better with it. You pretty much covered it all. Its entertaining all the way through if you just take it for what it is. I always wonder what popular classics wouldn't have reached their cult status if critics and content creators had as much influence today as back then when they were non existent. Not saying that Asuka would be considered a masterpiece if it was from that time or anything. XD

  14. Normally I stick out of these topics but this OP is just amazing (plus everyone should hear it) and it actually beats out Shadowgraph as my favorite OP so far this year (yea I know) plus the show is just amazing. The Fruit Baskets OP is also pretty amazing as well.
  15. As a cat lover I enjoyed My Roommate is a Cat way more then most people would of (I'm that crazy old cat guy that can't have cats because I'm deathly allergic). God damn is the show so fucking adorable and Haru is so freaking cute (how she sees Subaru is adorable and her need to protect him is just so freaking cute). So glad I watched this show and it got the rare 10/10 from me just because I enjoyed it so much (not just for Haru, I honestly found the story rather good and seeing Subaru's growth as a character over the course of 12 episodes was good (especially how he comes to view Haru and those around him). Reminded me a lot of Barakamon and how Honda grows as a character throughout the show (similar to Subaru in a lot of ways)). I could see this getting a second season if there's enough material considering how obsessed the Japanese can be with cats (I think the manga did very well over there, not sure how the anime has done though) and would definitely drop everything I'm doing to watch it. Now I just need to sit down and watch the other 3 I need to watch, sigh so much shit to watch and not enough time to do so.
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