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  1. I'd say the ibuypower ones are better looking then that. Whoever thinks of the console designs at MS should be fired honestly. Meh, I've been gravitating towards PC more and more lately just because I spend 80% of my day in front of it (don't let me being online on PSN fool you, my PS4 is pretty much a twitch/netflix/hulu/youtube/crunchyroll/funimation machine now-a-days. That will change once Cyberpunk comes out but until then I don't see it getting much use outside of beating Nier and eventually Horizon) and I'm getting more and more accustomed to using my mouse and keyboard for gaming (I honestly hate holding a controller in my hand now). It's just more convenient for me to play games on the PC now. Like I said if PS5 has some good exclusives that aren't also on PC I'll get one but with the switch to doing PC + console releases it better warrant the price of buying a new console to play it on console over the PC (which, honestly, won't likely happen). Then again I'm impatient and if a game is console exclusive for a certain amount of time I might cave in.
  2. Strider Hiryu


    Or they have serious fans of sentai shows in general. Gotta say looks impressive, I'll have to keep a close eye on this one.
  3. Yep, you can just go ahead and take my money because I'm completely on board for this.
  4. Meh, quite frankly I think it's ugly (the XBone is so much better designed imo and I even think it's ugly) then again I probably won't continue console gaming past the current generation unless Sony wows me with the PS5 or game exclusives.
  5. Strider Hiryu

    FFXIV Pics

    Just random pics I'll upload from time to time of my adventures in FFXIV or just pics of my character
  6. You'd be surprised. Hell Shion no Ou is an anime about shogi and its fucking amazing (though it does have other plot elements going on). Aria is a show about cute girls with gondolas and it's amazing. It's funny how the Japanese can take something that seems mediocre and turn in into the best damn thing you've never done. Might as well leave one myself. Probably my favorite OP out the this season's new offerings (I don't count Fire Force's new one (though it is a banger, still like the first OP better)). Hell for a bonus here's the ED as well (my favorite of this season). I don't know what it is about this show but I love everything that's going on in it from the story, characters, and the music. I definitely wasn't thinking this show would become a favorite of mine when I heard of it and I'm glad to say it has become my favorite of the season.
  7. So after having done the Nier raid twice now I definitely have to say the FFXIV team and Yoko Taro knocked it our of the fucking park. This is probably my favorite 24-man in the entirety of XIV and favorite story based raid in the entire game. The boss fights are extremely fun and interesting, the enemies are well modeled and varied to say the least (some of which don't appear in Automata (they might as I still haven't beaten it yet but from what I could tell quite a few of them are original to this raid)), and that soundtrack is fucking amazing (the final boss theme is fucking beyond amazing and I so want it now, looks like I'll be buying the next Shadowbringers soundtrack just for it (its a remix of Weight of the World and it's tear inducing)). Not to mention the story for it is damn good and I get the feeling we might be meeting some more familiar faces in the next two raids (I won't ruin it unless you've already seen or been told but I wasn't honestly expecting to see who I saw at the end of the raid even if it was kinda spoiled in the trailer). Now if only I could win the god damn roll on the 2B armor set so I can be happy and have my 2B look (I want those fucking thigh boots god damnit, they'd fit so well with a current glamour set-up that I have). I look forward to patch 5.3 and 5.5 for the next two sets of this raid because if they're anything like this I'll be more then happy (now to get around to beating Automata, I'm almost done with 9S's route/B ending. Should hopefully have that done this weekend if I don't keep getting distracted by side quests or the XIV raid (I must have my 2B glamour)). Also I take back what I said about the 5.1 Samurai changes. While I still don't think we're where we should be dps wise I'm feeling like we're in a better place then we were prior to this. Now to try out the new Ninja changes and see if I pick up Ninja as my secondary main.
  8. Meh, I'm still tempering my expectations. Quite honestly Blizzard has done nothing over the last 5 years to make me think they're worth investing the money in anymore. When I see more gameplay I'll make my full decision but this will most likely not be a pre-order for me (unless the collector's edition is worth my while). I want to know how in-depth this talent tree is and how in synergizes with your abilities (and, by the looks of it, there isn't separate trees for different play styles/magics (no idea what class that screen shot is for but that doesn't look all to promising for me (I enjoyed sorcs having three different trees to specialize in in D2 and that's what I want to see back)). D2's skill tree was extremely in-depth and that's what made the game so fun to me as two people could have completely different play styles going down the same skill tree (no two lightning sorcs were the same unless they specced the same) on the same class. Also I'm disappointed in not seeing Demon Hunter confirmed to be coming back (I knows it's broken but it's by far the best class in D3 barring Necro (though I can't make a complete comparison as my Necro never made it past the first chapter as I lost interest in D3 after it came out)). Honestly it feels like they're going full D2 so I wouldn't be surprised to see Assassin or Amazon come back (I'm banking on Necro coming back which would make me buy it if the gameplay meets my expectations as Necros were my favorite class in D2 second only to Sorcs). Will have to wait and see. I don't expect this to come out until sometime next year at the earliest.
  9. While I'm excited I'm tempering my expectations until I see way more gameplay. I jumped on the Diablo 3 hype train to early and was extremely disappointed with what we were given at launch (now D3 is in a good place but it took way to long to get there). What would make me happy is if they bring back the skill trees from D2 but I highly doubt it as it looks like the combat is extremely similar to D3 with D2's darker world design. Interested to see how Lilith coming back will play out considering she is one of the creators of Sanctuary and nowhere near as powerful as her dad or uncles (which Diablo is still out there somewhere, wondering if she's going to try and bring him back or try and steall his powers and become the next prime evil).
  10. Oh my body is ready (and I'm way over ilvl for the 24 man but it looks like it's going to be fun) and I've slowly started progressing through Automata today and will hopefully have it beaten by the end of the week (on vacation so I should have plenty of time). I just fucking hope we're getting armor sets based off 2B (could care less about the male equivalents since I play a female), Yoshi-P heavily hinted at we'd be getting everything we wanted armor set wise during the live letter Friday morning (hell they wouldn't even show us what it looked like). Also hope they throw us poor Samurai's a bone and give us the Virtuous Contract for glamour purposes (hey, we're the only physical dps in a very bad spot atm and the changes coming with 5.1 don't look like they're going to make us any better. Hell I'd even take a Virtuous Treaty for my Dark Knight).
  11. This movie has nothing to do with the current DCEU/previous movies, this movie is in its own universe (kind of like the Elseworlds comics) and this Joker is not currently established in any timeline. This is Todd Philips and Joaquin Phoenix's take on the Joker and the world he lives in (hell it's already been established that Batman will never exist in this universe even though Bruce Wayne is in it as a child). Quite honestly its a good thing this movie isn't connected to the shit shoe that is WB's DCU. I'm actually extremely hyped for this movie and have been since the first trailer dropped. I've heard nothing but amazing things and this will probably be the one movie I actually go see in theaters this year.
  12. You have to remember that light saber crystals were extremely hard to come by during the Empire's grip on the galaxy with Palpatine outlawing the ownership of such crystals (as well as lightsabers). Plus what crystals there were were under Palpatine's control and were used in the formation of new weapons (like the Death Star Super Laser which used kyber crystals to power and shoot it). I'm assuming that what we see is a vision Rey has sometime in the movie or that Palpatine finds a way to take over her body (a power he did have) and uses whatever crystal he can find to power the lightsaber. That or she's using the red crystal Luke had (yes he has a red crystal he found in his journeys that he wore around his neck) and is using it in place of a her blue crystal (though this is a stretch and I don't know if that crystal was cracked like Kylo's is or why you'd use a red crystal in place of a stable blue). All in all it's most likely nothing serious since I highly doubt they'd make Rey fall to the dark side. Then again who knows in this "Star Wars makes no fucking sense anymore" world we live in since Disney bought the rights. Plus, being totally honest, that's the most ridiculous and stupid lightsaber design since Kylo's and I've seen plenty of bad designs. Quite honestly that little sneak peak kinda ruined my hopes of this movie being any good beyond the things that made the other two movies worth watching. The only real reason I'm going to see it once it hits streaming platforms is because I want to see how Palpatine plays into this, could really give a fuck less what else goes on in the movie (outside of Rey's development as a character). The last two films were such a disappointment considering all the lore they threw out the window to make them.
  13. I'm actually surprised at how much of a shitbag he is considering how he portrayed himself when they first introduced him. If anything I thought Burns would be the one based on how he treated Shinra when they first met (happy to say I'm wrong since Burns is a badass). Though after what Rekka did to Tamaki I hope Shinra kicks the ever living shit out of him. MIght have to check out the dub to hear his voice.
  14. They need to quit hyping me the fuck up and release it already damnit! Gah, this wait for the 12th of October is killing me.
  15. Poor Tamaki (2nd best girl after Maki) but thankfully 2nd best hero Shinra saved the day (he's no All Might but he's up there). God damn this show is taking some dark turns and I fucking love it (those poor kids though).
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