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  1. suck it, ps3 fanboys. Say goodbye to anymore good exclusives:goodjob:! http://news.cnet.com/8301-13506_3-20014119-17.html theres various sites saying its paused. so it might not be out with the other two, but its going to happen.
  2. how often do people go up in arms about an increase and just take the hit? 10 dollars really isnt even unreasonable. You get so much for that 60 dollars a year.
  3. that tard cancelled burn a quran day. thank god. you coulda almost guaranteed a terrorist attack had it gone through.
  4. so, so, SO much easier said than done. The use of oil is so far gone that it will be nearly impossible to stop using it. unless we pull a gundam 00 and create some big ass towers that go into space and render oil useless, it still will be used and it still will spill.
  5. hey, hes considered newish... why hasnt anyone eaten him yet?
  6. my favorite fable/story is actually true? i think i need to get get my stronghold two again and start playing as arthur...
  7. Well, Gold is mandatory for any multiplayer for Xbox, and thats always been a fact of life. Ive played a few games where i had to pay additional subscription fees, and there has always always been a boatload of people online. If SquareEnix wants to make more money they will make an Xbox360 version but not for awhile so they can hook all the Sony fanboys and make them feel special for awhile. I would pay for online on the 360, because lets be honest, its a reliable service when it comes to online gaming and I wouldnt mind the gold fee because I already pay it as it is.
  8. its only a matter of time... about 6 months after release before its made for xbox360.
  9. unlikely. back then, companies werent making millions off peoples suffering. there will probably never be a cure for any major disease, because that would put many businesses out of business. greed of people is sick.
  10. it was 102 here yesterday, and with humidity, it felt like 109? it was hot as BALLS here. and today isnt looking any better.
  11. what an epic fail, federal government.
  12. that sir is where you are wrong. American cars smoke all others at the drag strip, but lack in technology, and cant handle well in actual races.and ill be damned if anyone talks shit on american beer. screw that european piss water. ill be a coors guy until i die.
  13. i dont blame anyone for not buying the damn map packs! 15 bucks each! that is crazy! ill stick with the standard maps. my favorite class is UMP45 Silencer, USP with Tactical Knife, Semtex, flashbangs Marathon Pro, Lightweight Pro Commando Pro. theres nothing like being the super aggresive person in a game full of camper and running around crazy quick, lighting people up, or pulling the tact knife out and destroying that way.
  14. pfffft my corolla is an 08 and i put... 3k on it, my mother put oh, 65k on it. Seriously, it runs like new. We have two. one 68k, on 30k. You cant tell the difference. like i said, that corolla wont ever die.
  15. Yeah, i doubt they could make a large game like FF7 with the insane graphics that they have now. i think it would lag crazyyy and as for final fantasy remakes, FF:Tactics is coming to iPhone, and I cannot wait! my favorite one on my phone! seems like they will wind up making most, up till 9 on iphone and DS
  16. AHEM! that 20 billion was forced on by the Obama Adminstration without a proper court case (the proper name of what thats called escapes me) and will probably, after all this is done with, be brought up in court. And on a side note, WHO GIVES A SHIT! If the guy wants to play golf, let him! What else does he have to do? he probably wastes less tax payer money playing golf then flying out to the gulf to look at the oil like he did the last 3 times and not do SHIT!
  17. that car wont ever die. i have an 08 corolla and it runs like a dream machine. the only thing stupid with those years are the gas pedals(lol) and they have odd oil filters.
  18. I will put my two cents in on this. Battle System: Very simple, but honestly, i dont like having to choose the wrong spell on accident or not choosing the right thing to do. The whole trio system with spell casters, attackers, healers, status boosters, or status killers make it easy to take out certain things. Launching is straight up amazing to watch. Story: honestly, its easy to follow but very basic and boring story. Characters: equally boring, but they look amazing To anyone who is wondering, I played this on Xbox360 and ive watched someone play it on PS3, and i cant even tell the difference on both played on 1080p. On a side note, the I got the official guide with it so it made going through and finding everything very easily. If i were to give it out of ten..... probably a 7.5/10 better than some FF's but not better than the greats. its a middle ground. they really lead me on to something great but, but AFTER the game stops becoming so damn linear, I cant even pick it up again. I feel like i wasted 25 hours to get there and then i dont want to play it.
  19. I have ii. It's good for an iPhone game. I would love to see ff tactics come out for the iPhone because it is one of the hidden treasures no one really talks about. I'm not talking about the crappy advance ones. I'm talking the original. No videos or stupid shit. Just the last non 3d final fantasy.
  20. Dude I live in Maryland and we got slammed here this winter. Biggest winter since like 1997. We keep getting more snow and I'm getting really tired of it.
  21. Yeah it was beautiful to watch the Americans hold off the canadians and win it. I wish it wasn't just preliminary because it would have been awesome to knock out the canadians at their own game. Btw hai everyone. Crawled out of my hole.
  22. Go USA hockey anyone? Upsetting the Canadians at their own game.
  23. I plan to watch it in October. I found this series enjoyable but I agree, it was a roller coaster of a series. The whole beginning was great, its to bad they introduced Trinity...that kind of messed up the series in my opinion. O well, I still found it far better then most of the newer Gundam series. dont you think its kind of odd that CB didnt know about Trinity? it makes me think that maybe there are a few more gundams out there. S2 is probably gundams V Earth, and somehow, 5 gundams will pwn all of earth. it always happens.
  24. As I lay on my couch staring at the mirror, I noticed a bunch of lights turn on in a house behind me. I saw a door open, in walks a shadowy figure. He gave me a pizza, except it had no cheese. I realized I was dreaming; the dream was a lie. As the figure got closer I pulled back in fear. In walked a second figure. Then I crapped my pants.
  25. i like not typing in the box, while i look at the key board, look up and say "FACK!"