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  1. Behold my interior is a giant..dork?
  2. cabbit is right, besides we're all pretty flexible...those of us who aren't just adapt over time
  3. YAY, the oldies but goodies are comming back !
  4. *SHOWERCOUGHCOUGH* Ahem sorry....
  5. I'm 5'5" 5'6" (depends on how much I ride compresses your back, actually can make you shorter) my guy is only about 5"10 and he slouches so I sometimes look taller than him. I discovered that dating really tall guys started to suck! Being up on your toes just to kiss them, and them having to bend in half to kiss you, and the whole keep away game...not a fan. I don't have to crane my neck to talk to him or look at him. There are advantages to not dating some tall freak. Trust me there are a ton of good looking girls out there that are single, I can name about 3 off the top of my head without thinking.
  6. Son of a freaking Mare!! first my laptop takes a dive- harddrive bites the dust then I rear end someone last tuesday- now my car is in the shop and i'm out $500 for deductable. Now my family is jockeying cars, I have it in the AM and ride bitch on my b/f bike the rest of the day. I still have summer class which I'm bombing pretty well I get screwed for work schedule I work 6 times in a month and I was demoted (same pay just no tips now) Well the past two days I've woken up and realized, my bed is popped and I'm sleeping in a hammock or on the ground (I sleep on a queen size coleman airmatress, its lasted 10 months so far) So I finally get stuff together, and take Q to the dog park, well I'm there 40 minutes and Q is playing takes a slight turn and her back leg goes out, won't walk, won't stand on it, its painful at the hip. Now I'm about to have vet bills today to find out whats wrong. Now I finally understand how people go bankrupt, and homeless...a strain of bad luck that never ends! have I mentioned that I still haven't been able to get a wedding gift for a friend recently married? and the specific saddle I want is finally for sale, there are no duplicates of it, each saddle breaks in differently. FML
  7. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHT5U4zNiqU]YouTube - Snapple Antioxidant Water commercial[/ame] SNAPPLE LOLZ
  8. new up date, the lady I rear ended is sueing me now for medical reasons I'm pretty sure don't excist
  9. Q might have torn her ACL 90% chance but I found out she had Hip dysplasia at 2 years old Not cool neither was the bill
  10. take one of mine PLZ! know how you feel, my rents are on my case about taking care of my car, and I just shelled out 506 for new tires. I have two jobs and still no slack
  11. I've got one. I want another, but I'm running into artists block. I know I want a caligraphy letter Q (for my Q continuum puppy), I know I want some sort of vine. But I've been bouncing back and forth between, vinca, grape, honeysuckle, and wisteria. I also don't know where to put it either, I have to stay professional, I don't want to ruin my back and if my boyfriend gets his long term 10yr wish, theres stretch marks to worry about. And if we could get something greek related in there the better!
  12. Sneaking in here posting a few times, messing everything up, and disapearing before anyone can do anything. Better keep eating those Emerald Almond nuts!
  13. Thanks, sorry, I forget theres so many bells and whistles to the boards now.

    How goes the mowing for the year?

  14. its been raining for days, I roll out of bed or take my hair out of a clip and I look like one of those commercials for garnier fructise! edit: I'm starting to miss the sun...apparently I won't see it for another week....
  15. does robert Goulet have a side kick?
  16. I just remember signing on and having to read like 3 pages just to be up with what happened. ugh!
  17. *late at night while everyone is sleeping, its said that Duo comes, and messes with the message boards* Silly job not ending till 11:30 at night
  18. Mine doesn't like humidity, and I live on the eastcoast...I'm so screwed. god forbid I move to pensicole FL like I want to. I spend a fortune on my hair and its all crap to keep it in line while dry and humid. its almost mid back length again but its so oddly colored from working at summer camp last year. Its brown for about 5 inches from the roots and goes into serious surfer blond streaks. Top it off it's curly.
  19. not anymore, its pass and review day!
  20. nope, gonna try and be around agains. college and craziness not winding down at all but I apparently have time to kill when my boss won't let me know if theres work for the day or not. stop with the poking, I's fragile!
  21. mes thinks over 7...estimating 10
  22. Going to do the same thing the normal flu does, wipe out the weak, and eldery. which I suppose for many who love those people is a tradgety. I've had nightmares about swine flu(kinda stressed about finals) and honestly even in my dreams I'm still saying the same thing I say awake "swine flu? bring it, if I die, I've had a good short run"
  23. mmh really? its may 1st? must make note of this somewheres
  24. I live in a rural area, but we still get dear in the woodland next to us in the middle of town...possoms...foxes...feral dogs