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    Ladywriter reacted to Fedic in Inu Yasha fiction, I did it for Rin   
    The Rin scenes are really cute, when she cried for Misha mama it was so sad All of the characters seem to be ic, even when you're "changing" them. I see how Sesshomaru is becoming more like his father, so his father gets his wish after all The bad guys are great. I love having at least one crazy bastard in a story (Odoku) and Azuki just seems plain evil. I felt so bad for poor Misha good thing Sessy was there to make her feel all better I like how the tet you're working with has become so close to each other. I like the Sessy Rin interaction. You can really tell how much he loves her and how well he understands her. The fight on the beach was great "Your head is next" very Sessy indeed.
    how did you come up w the o.c.'s and whats up with the Kingisms? char-u tree and dan-dhin are pretty obvious, but what about the poor unfortunate creatures that don't know SK's stuff.
    I'll guess the underlying theme is adapt or die? I want to hear what the english lit proffesor and the shrink in your head think of the story
    edit: I don't see anything wrong with the love scene. It's squeeky clean compared to some of the stuff I have written
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    Ladywriter got a reaction from Fedic in Stargate (SG1 and Atlantis)   
    Friday SG will be 90 minutes. I'm pretty sure Daniel is dead, he got spaced when the replecators were destroyed (which was hella cool) and Sam's dad looks sick or maybe even dieing. Something happened to him when he activated the ancient weapon? It should be a good ep.
    SGA- the freekin Wraith are on the way, Atlantis appears to be hella screwed. I cant belive theyre wasting a whole episode on that annoying ugly chick >.< just kill her off already. her wig gives me nightmares
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    Ladywriter reacted to Fedic in fill in the caption game   
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    Ladywriter got a reaction from Pchan in garden outta control   
    I started the Hibiscus seeds. I hope they do well for me.

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    Ladywriter reacted to Fedic in Yu Yu Hakusho fiction   
    One more for Team Urimeshi
    The first hunk of a bigger story I've been playing around with. The second (and probably 3rd) part(s) should be finished by next Friday if I get the time to do some writing/reviseing.
    I've been toying with some different narrative styles, and wanted to put a scary twist withen the story(s). Besides, I thought Yusuke could use a little female competition.
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