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  1. how un fucking surprising that the perps are muslim scum. how un fucking surprising the christian scum online are calling for his bloody death and an eternity of torture in their fictitious hell. So much for all that forgiveness bullshit their messiah preached. 

  2. they posted an article on faceplant this morning that got me laughing. It was fun picking out the psychology and sociology behind the habits.


    10 American habits British people will never understand: http://bit.ly/10R61wj
    1. We are taught beginning in elementary school to brush and floss twice a day. Dental work is expensive esp if you have shitty or no dental insurance. We have a for profit health care system. Doing what we gotta do to stay outtta the dentist's chair is our best option. Most of us will still end up with fillings, braces, extractions, Rx for pain after $$$ it teaches us that healthy teeth are an investment.
    2. I bake apple stuff October/November and cookies for the fam November/December. I like to use the oven when it's cold. I like the science of cooking and the yummy smell in my house ~aromatherapy~  When it warms up outside I don't bake much.
    3. I don't do cards. My mom and her sisters were always big on cards, a card for everything. It made me not like them. Works for me, atheists don't send xmas cards.
    4. I will talk to someone if it looks like they need help, esp if they're elderly. If I saw someone wearing a Walking Dead shirt I might be like "Hey nice shirt" but otherwise....nahhhhh
    5. Whooooo! and Yeaaaaaah! are the war cry of civilized society. Just as a battle cry or Charge! gets the endorphins going, a person pumped up in a similar fashion will vocally express their excitement. lmfao
    6. I like my three feet of personal space....
    7. What the hell would you have with cookies and pastries besides milk?
    8. Can't do this either... unless its a drink and we're going to be in the car for a while.
    9. My fur babies always want to know what mom ate
    10. Breakfast is whatever when I get time. I'll cook breakfast food for dinner sometimes.

  3. Shoulda known as soon as Milton's balls dropped he'd be a dead man. At first I thought the gov was gonna kill them both to be walkers for an attack on the prison, but that bastard is way more evil then I thought. He enjoyed stabbing Milton. Andrea took way too long stopping to talk to Milton. I understand she wanted to be totally present for his final moments, but even he was like hurry up yo! I felt bad for Michonne and the last words we hear Andrea say are "I tried". 

    The best part was Carl laying down the real deal to Rick. He was totally right to end that kid coming at him; he was bigger then Carl, creeping closer and did not drop the gun as ordered. "Dropped that badge like a mike" lmao Carl is growing up to be a little Roland of Gilead.


    All these new ppl....errrm whatever

  4. Merl you beautiful bastard. He woulda had the gov if that stupid fuckin kid hadn't have got in the way. I don't think Merl wanted to turn over Michonne from the get go, the way he spoke to Rick about what the gov would do to her. Carol made him understand Daryl had a family here and Daryl let Merl know he just wanted his brother back. That's why Merl let her go; she helps protect the group that loves his bro like family. He had designated himself as the guy that does the dirty work so he went on to fuck over and kill the gov to give Daryl a chance to live. Daryl's multiple face stabs were a reflection of the terrible pain he felt losing his brother, this time forever.


    The gov is coming, Hershel Beth and Little Ass Kicker need to gtfo and go lay low someplace safe. They need to set the walkers free to roam the entire prison, traps and walker traps. Let the assholes rush in to their deaths, wait outside the prison and kill any who try to leave. It's not like they haven't cleared out parts of the prison before....  

  5. Life with Dogs



    Since the summer of 2011 a pit bull named Petey has been battling brain cancer. Now a new treatment Petey has undergone could help humans suffering from brain tumors.

    Petey and his owner Alex Frame had just come back from a walk during the summer of 2011 when Petey had a seizure. “It was kind of a hot day and he was drinking water,” said Frame. “At first, I thought he was choking on the water, and he fell over and had a seizure.” Then a week later, Petey had another seizure. The Frames took Petey to the University of Georgia’s School of Veterinary Medicine where neurologist Dr. Simon Platt ordered an MRI of Petey’s brain.

    The results from the MRI weren’t good, Petey had a very large brain tumor. “I was devastated,” said Frame. “I mean I knew that he was sick, but I couldn’t believe how big the tumor was.” The outlook for Petey wasn’t good. If the Frames did nothing he’d only have a few weeks to live, but even the most aggressive treatment would probably only buy him a few months. This is very similar to many humans with brain tumors. Doctors can remove the tumors to buy the patients more time but brain cancer almost always grows back.

    Emory University surgeon Dr. Costas Hadjipanayis and his team have been working to find a way to slow down the cancer cells. In their lab they’ve been using the human cancer drug Cituximab and binding it to iron oxide nanoparticles. This carries the cancer drug directly to the malignant cells and avoids the healthy cells.

    Dr. Hadjipanayis and his team wanted to try out their new method on Petey. “Really being transparent about the fact it may offer him nothing,” said Dr. Platt. “But we were at least certain that it wouldn’t hurt him.” Dr. Platt surgically removed Petey’s tumor and then the pit bull spent three days in ICU as the experimental mediation was dripped directly into his brain.

    So far the results have been good. Petey’s seizures have stopped and when he had an MRI seven months later Dr. Platt was very pleased with the results. “We were stunned at the time that seven months, we saw limited regrowth to no regrowth.”

    A year and half later Petey came in for another MRI and Dr. Platt was expecting to see regrowth. “I think we did, in our heart of hearts, believe that we would see a large re-growth of tumor at this stage, even though he’s been doing so well,” said Dr. Platt. The scan of Petey’s brain showed scar tissue, but no tumor re-growth. Dr. Platt had never seen any treatment be this successful.

    Dr. Platt has been given a grant to test this breakthrough medication on 15 more dogs with brain tumors. He has already tested it on a few other dogs, one of which had breakthrough results like Petey. If results are successful with future dogs it is possible clinical trials on humans could be started within a few years.


  6. Henry Rollins, posted  blog  focusing on the verdict and what the case means on a much larger scale

    I think to a great degree, we humans still divide ourselves into two species, even though we are monotypic. There are males and females. We see them as different and not equal. Things get better when women get more equality. That is a bit obvious but I think it leads to better results up the road. If it’s a man’s world as they say, then men, your world is a poorly run carnage fest.

    It is obvious that the two offenders saw the victim as some one that could be treated as a thing. This is not about sex, it is about power and control. I guess that is what I am getting at. Sex was probably not the hardest thing for the two to get, so that wasn’t the objective. When you hear the jokes being made during the crime, it is the purest contempt.

  7. I grew up in a town exactly like this one. Our sports teams were fucking sacred and the jocks got preferential treatment from most, not me though obviously. I was physically strong enough from farm work to kick any of the fuckers asses and I competed with and beat most of them in the weight room, i could push a buck eighty with my legs. It intimidated them knowing if I stomped or kicked them it would be pain city. We didn't get along, they harassed me about pot, my friends, my sexuality, whatever, but if I turned around and called them out on their bullshit they stood down quick. They were well aware I could fuck them up, I manhandled the cap of their football team with 4 dudes standing next to him and they all did nothing.I didn't just stick up for myself to these fucks either I defended my friends and even ppl I didn't like. I've seen how this crowd treats each other, they abandon their own.

  8. she couldn't risk the shot when he grabbed the gun cuz if she missed they would have been caught there and probably killed for trying to off the gov

    the whole psycho stalking chase Andrea with a truck was fuckin awesome scary. I woulda hurried right through the place found the back door and kept going. I dunno why she dint steal the truck either, but she did exactly what I woulda done with the biters and the door mwahahahaha I love how at the end Milton was all *fuck you* about the burned up zombies. Nice to see he found some stones :P

  9. this is the rape culture that we live in

    shitty definitions of what makes someone with a penis a "real man"

    the false belief that clothing/drinking/location cause rape. Only a rapist causes rape to happen.

    These ass clowns grew up believing that they were entitled to sexualize, debase, degrade, control etc half of the human population and then some.

    Parents need to drive it into their sons that this kind of shit is not acceptable. If its not a conscious, enthusiastic yes don't go there because its not consent.

    Males need to call each other out on this kind of shit. Seriously guys, when women have a problem with what someone is doing we bitch about it, sometimes a lot :bitchin: