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  1. constantly
  2. then my mission here is done sexcellent
  3. You forgot Fruits Basket
  4. Kuwabara definatly has some great lines X'D a Greatful Dead and a King fan! sexcellent
  5. I got patches of various plants (foxglove,lambs ear, lemon balm, cosmos, spmint) bigger then a kitchen table. almost the size of queen size bed. I fattened up the garden earlier this spring cuz I knew it was going to need room. a lotta shit got bigger then I thought it would in just one summer. so I started moving shit. I gave tree a big chunk of yarrow, but I still gotta move some of that shit from where it is cuz I got roses that need more room. i have the mini roses like crazy out in the main bed. red pink purple yellow and they are just thriving out there. and the deer leave em alone! I started moving plants aka expanding the garden I had to move a grape, blueberry, strawberry, 2 chunks of the lemon balm, mums, two clematis and I moved a Rose of Sharron out there and it bloomed for me n everything I already have the bed made fer sledges peppers fer next year I stuck a hydrangia in (white flowers) and have a lotta bulbs to go in. tulip, allium, chrocus,some other flowers I cant remember I have 8 Dahlia and a 3 or 4 Caladiums to bring in. and six of those Dahlia are going to have to go somewhere else next year cuz theres no room for em where they are which means I still have to make new beds for them yar
  6. *beats joo up in a sexcellent way*
  7. I dont mind a sad ending (though the 1st time I played FFX i was upset for a week havin to off my aeons n lose my cutie Tidus) i just dont like a shitty ending
  9. we've entered re-run territory. does this mean it will be out on dvd soon?
  10. I hope not!
  11. only you dear...
  12. I dunno yet >.<
  13. you are gonna let me yoink this when I talk sledge into a Yu Yu site rite? Kuwabara is hillarious "snacks"
  14. I think somebody's got the hots fer Kikyo
  15. how long is the series?
  16. ayup
  17. Yar! I take offense to that ya turd! FFX is old but Ive played it like 14 times or some rediclious thing. Why? cuz I like it. The battle music has become like white noise around here. It even puts the kids to sleep X'D
  18. me too!
  19. If I ever play Grandia x again it will be with the sound off
  20. ayup go back to Gagazet b4 you fight Yu Yevon and talk to Machen(old guy) 3 times. he tells 3 "stories" about the hymn, about the war, about Yevon
  21. didja know Yunalesca was Yu Yevons daughter