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  1. I'll tell you what Barebones is a fantastic game mode I like not having to worry about air cover and all that fun stuff that continuously kills me... never use cold blooded...

    Hey if any of ya want add me on friends. I'm always trying to find good groups to play with on cod. I be PVTCaboose187.

  2. H2O: Dangerous Chemical!

    A student at Eagle Rock Junior High won first prize at the Greater Idaho Falls Science Fair, April 26. He was attempting to show how conditioned we have become to alarmists practicing junk science and spreading fear of everything in our environment. In his project he urged people to sign a petition demanding strict control or total elimination of the chemical "dihydrogen monoxide." And for plenty of good reasons, since:

    1. it can cause excessive sweating and vomiting
    2. it is a major component in acid rain
    3. it can cause severe burns in its gaseous state
    4. accidental inhalation can kill you
    5. it contributes to erosion
    6. it decreases effectiveness of automobile brakes
    7. it has been found in tumors of terminal cancer patients

    He asked 50 people if they supported a ban of the chemical.

    The title of his prize winning project was, "How Gullible Are We?"

    • Forty-three (43) said yes,
    • six (6) were undecided,
    • and only one (1) knew that the chemical was water.

    He feels the conclusion is obvious.

    This was found on the newsgroup: rec.humor.funny

    Why do people not know what water is? Better yet how do people not know what water is? (...I fear the answers to these questions...)

  3. Hey I've looking into capture cards and stuff I wanna be able to record game play off my xbox and play around with the video and stuff but I know nothing about these things and I've done some reading but it seems like gibberish to me uh so yeah looking for some advice on the capture cardness.

    Any advice on good cards will be greatly appreciated and rewarded with many thank yous and stuff...

  4. I'm on my second Xbox. Technically 3rd Xbox. The first one I ever got was a lemon out of the box so I got to return it. The one I got in exchange for it died 2 years later.

    my first xbox last only 4 months before it died my second is surviving though.

  5. Why?

    Ignorance and fanaticism

    Just another logical and reasonable argument as to the dangers of "faith". There is no need for me to explain why I hate religion with a story like this up top.

    Yeah but like the child must have been suffering and I for one wouldn't be able to handle that It makes no sense at all.

    This is why I believe in the very real power of science and logic

  6. Yeah but going through with a frying pan should be an achievement of its own. Cause seriously fighting off a horde of zombies and special infected with a frying pan would make one an immediate bad ass mofo

    hahaha i'll might do that as well. an axe seems badass

    Zombie killing frying pan of doom!

    It'll be nice running around in the day though hopefully it'll make it easier to spot special infected.

  7. How about that ridiculous boycott though?

    I for one am jumping up and down in anticipation for this one I wanna go through a level with nothing but a frying pan.