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  1. So after watching my buddy play this after work I decided to get it for computer now mind you I just started playing and I'm not far into it at all but so far it looks friggin' sweet! that graphics look good the crazy character editing crap and all that seems pretty awesome I'm liken it so far... so who else thinks this game is friggin sweet... and tell me why...
  2. This Darkened Heart - All That Remains...
  3. So any way how about them Broncos?... I mean Anime chicks wooooo... I mean... complete non-gay crysh on Sephy... I mean I wish I was that powerful.... and Fey yeah think I spelled that right... (you know the chick from Cowboy Beebop... wish she was real... yeah)
  4. Sevendust - Enemy
  5. It warmed up today 55 degrees its nice and warm. Don't have to add extra crap to the uniform and no winter boots yippy!
  6. Kittie - Do You Think I'm a Whore
  7. D8ATpkCv74E its great... The video won't work damn it... anyways here is the link since it won't show up for me... It works now! Thanks GRX and yes you have started a trend...
  8. Syracuse?! thats an hour away from where I'm stationed... I think more snow got dropped their too than here on wonderful ft. drum.... And Strider I preferred not knowing what real winter is like... I want to go back to my desert! *prays for 100+ weather*
  9. At least you don't go out to do field training in freezing weather and sleep in a tent... for a few weeks or so...
  10. Recognize - Flaw
  11. *goes and gets self fixed before kids can happen* Never... just never... Anyways... hello brother of Sledge. And enjoy and stuff.
  12. This just goes to show that humanity as a race is trying to beat its inevitable extinction which will come about no matter what we do... Its all just a matter of time before we destroy ourselves... I just wanna be dead before it happens...
  13. The last with Pagan Blood - Amon Amarth
  14. Cradle of Filth - Temptation
  15. Opeth- The Drapery Falls
  16. Dir en Grey - ...i have no clue what the name of the song is...
  17. All I have to say wooooooooo for getting warmer! crap for having to learn how to swim when everything is floded by melted ice caps... Pheonix is a nice place...
  18. Little Sister - Queens of the Stoneage
  19. Dead Eyes See No Future - Arch Enemy
  20. Dear Mom, Marine Snipers in Vietnam... I just started reading today...
  21. I talked to tsome people that know of them and stuff and apparently these crazies dress in fary wings and stuff when they preform... um I was told they last put a CD out in like 2001 or sometime around there... so yeah... did you check and see if Boraders could order the CD for you?
  22. Limewire? no I'll look around for you ok 18
  23. Metallica - Nothing else matters... oh shit it just ended now its um... Shinedown - .45
  24. Atreyu - Her Portrait in Black
  25. Metallica - Die Die My Darling