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  1. Hell_Cat_18

    C2E2 is anyone on here going?

    So is anyone going to be making an apperance at the the chicago comic convention this weekend?
  2. Hey guys I know I took a huge hiatus, but I thought I'd see if everyone was still here and I'm glad to see your still kickin Lady and Sledge!
  3. Hell_Cat_18

    Hey everyone! So who's still around after two year?

    Thanks guys man I missed being on here, I need to get my photoshop back so I can start making sigs and stuff again.
  4. Hell_Cat_18

    C2E2 is anyone on here going?

    I am totally bringing my camera lol, and yeah I wouldn't be able to afford this either if my friend mark didn't have an extra ticket.
  5. Hell_Cat_18

    Batman comics?

    Dear god.... it burns!!!
  6. Hell_Cat_18

    Batman comics?

    Okay so a friend of mine and I have been catching up on some Batman reading just for fun. I recently purchased Batman R.I.P. and I have to say Grant Morrison is one of the best and yet worst writters I have ever seen. He's great until it gets to the freaking climax of the story, then it just turns into a big spastic acid trip. Does anyone else see this or am I just to old to understand the symbolizim of comics now?
  7. Hell_Cat_18

    Hey everyone! So who's still around after two year?

    Awww hey guys I missed you all! *huggles* lol I'm good, got married last june, and living in chicago now. Other than that nothing much has changed lol
  8. Hell_Cat_18

    Need some Help!

    Okay so my boyfriend is a huge techno fiend and we were watching Super Troopers last night and he was hooked on the song that plays when they pull over the couple in the stolen porche. I tried to download it for him, but I can't find it anywhere. Does anyone know what the song title is, or the artist who wrote it?
  9. Hell_Cat_18

    The Mist

    I just rented it lol, I haven't had a chance to watch it yet though, I'll probably pop it in tonight after my bf gets home from work. Btw how is everyone lol, sorry it's been so long. My computer had the big one and is now R.I.P so I had to get a new one and that took some time, but anyway. Hiysas!
  10. Hell_Cat_18

    Some Banners

    Okay so there were some banners here, but I have taken them down due to the fact that I need to re-work them to give full and proper credit to the original artists. Sorry. Here are the sites I found these Avatars on, I did not make them, I just put them together. http://www.digik.net/avatars/series/22 http://www.khextreme.co.uk/site/avatars.php http://www.khinsider.com/khinsider/avatars.html http://celestial-star.net/avatars/series/kingdom-hearts-2/
  11. Hell_Cat_18

    terminator tv series

    Okay I sat down like Sledge and watched the first episode and got halfway through the second one before I said fuck it, and that was that. There are so many retarded ass plot holes it's not even funny, and I've seen better acting on Days of Our Lives.
  12. Hell_Cat_18


    I've heard a lot of mixed reviews about it, but my friend said she loved it, so I think I'll probably go see it this weekend.
  13. Hell_Cat_18

    Longest Amv That I've Ever Seen!!!

    Supposedly the 4th one is the last one they're going to make.
  14. Hell_Cat_18

    I Am Legend

    Just saw this a couple nights ago, and it was so sad and depressing. The movie itself was okay, but it took forever to really get going, and it never really hit a big climatic end. It did however give you a very realistic view of what it could be like to be the last person in the world alive. Sooo I guess it got it's point across. *shrugs*
  15. Hell_Cat_18

    Achmed sings Jingle Bombs X'D

    Omgod I'm lmao X'D Jeff Dunham does it again!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wskT6YfVB6E
  16. I'm actually really excited about this movie, I can't wait to go see it! I mean come on, Depp, Tim Burton, and it's a musical! Can't get my better in my book
  17. Hell_Cat_18

    So...What is everyone listening to right now?

    Nutshell - Alice in Chains Heaven Beside You - Alice in Chains Junkhead - Alice in Chains
  18. Hell_Cat_18

    Saw IV?

    Talk about milking a dry cow. For the love of god, I can't believe they're doing more of these. They're going to end up like the Friday the 13th movies if they keep this up. http://movies.break.com/saw4/
  19. Hell_Cat_18

    Saw IV?

    lmao X'D Sixth times the charm right?
  20. Hell_Cat_18

    Saw IV?

    They're doing those stupid promotion vids again. They have one on YouTube, Myspace, and a few others. It's just stupid, they've got that code game going again as well.
  21. Hell_Cat_18

    So...What is everyone listening to right now?

    Razorblade Romance - HIM Passion's Killing Floor - HIM Funeral of Hearts - HIM This is Halloween - Marilyn Manson
  22. Hell_Cat_18

    Transformers 2

    Man I hope they don't mess up the second one, these have the ability to be amazing, but if they screw it up, it could be a total flop. I'm guessing this means we get some Unicron action.
  23. Hell_Cat_18

    Resident Evil: Extinction (spoiler)

    Very true, but the first movie was pretty good, the second one...uhhh, not so much. That's usually how trilogies go though, first one good, second one sucking, third one amazing. So I figured that's how this would work too, but apparently not.
  24. Hell_Cat_18

    1408 (Stephen King)

    I loved this movie, it was amazing! The ending omgod...I got chills!
  25. Hell_Cat_18

    Resident Evil: Extinction (spoiler)

    I heard it was horrible, which really sucks ass! I was so excited for this movie to come out, thought it would be amazing ya know, finish everything up, but noooooo. I will probably still go see it, but I might wait till I win some free movie passes or something. I swear if they make another RE after this one I'm totally writing the whole damn story off.