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  1. Okay so a friend of mine and I have been catching up on some Batman reading just for fun. I recently purchased Batman R.I.P. and I have to say Grant Morrison is one of the best and yet worst writters I have ever seen. He's great until it gets to the freaking climax of the story, then it just turns into a big spastic acid trip. Does anyone else see this or am I just to old to understand the symbolizim ;) of comics now?

  2. Okay so my boyfriend is a huge techno fiend and we were watching Super Troopers last night and he was hooked on the song that plays when they pull over the couple in the stolen porche. I tried to download it for him, but I can't find it anywhere. Does anyone know what the song title is, or the artist who wrote it?

  3. I just rented it lol, I haven't had a chance to watch it yet though, I'll probably pop it in tonight after my bf gets home from work.

    Btw how is everyone lol, sorry it's been so long. My computer had the big one and is now R.I.P so I had to get a new one and that took some time, but anyway. Hiysas!

  4. Just saw this a couple nights ago, and it was so sad and depressing. The movie itself was okay, but it took forever to really get going, and it never really hit a big climatic end. It did however give you a very realistic view of what it could be like to be the last person in the world alive. Sooo I guess it got it's point across. *shrugs*

    The part where he has to kill his dog is so heart wrenching, but what really got me was when he's in the video store and he starts crying and begging the maniquin to say 'hi' to him. It's the real gritty part that fully reminds you of how lonely he truely is, and how he starting to slightly loose it because of it.

  5. I heard it was horrible, which really sucks ass! I was so excited for this movie to come out, thought it would be amazing ya know, finish everything up, but noooooo. I will probably still go see it, but I might wait till I win some free movie passes or something. I swear if they make another RE after this one I'm totally writing the whole damn story off. -_-;

  6. He was surprised in T3 because after T2 he wasn't even supposed to exsist anymore.

    Anyway, this is going to horrible. I agree TV really has gone down the drain. Now we've got Superman highschool fandom in Smallville, and X-Men wanna be crap, and now this. Talk about trying to re-hype a dead horse. Terminator was great back in the day, but that's just it, it's had it's glory days, think of something new for a change instead of grabbing straws out of the dead and gone pile.