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  1. I just went and saw it yesterday, and it was awsome! I was extremely impressed, I figured I'd go in and watch some extended cartoon version of TMNT, but instead I got a really good movie. To make it even better, it picks up where the old school third movie left off! I give it four outta five stars!
  2. This is the extended version of the Secret Movie found in Kingdom Hearts 2. There are spoilers!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SmJXiIt3gFg ^This is the original one found by DarkHelmet543 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BZQ8SsyjHE ^This one has both the first secret movie and the new one strung together with music and it has been subbed.
  3. Thanx for the info and link EVA
  4. lol I mean what is an Endless, and where did you hear that they're Endless?
  5. So...you think that those three were like Endless Nobodies?
  6. Do you have a youtube link for that EVA? I'd like to see it =3 I have to admit that as much as I loved the game, the cutscenes really got on my nerves. There were just to many of them...I know they had an in-depth story to tell, but they should have made them longer like in Xenosaga. It got really tiring running like five feet *cutscence* kill a couple heartless *cutscene* run ten feet *cutscene* ect.
  7. Awsome! I can't wait, the remix looks totally awsome, and it looks like it will spend more time explaining the characters stories, and more on the Organization. There's also images of a battle between Sora and one of the guys in armour from the special teaser at the end of KH: 2. Wow I didn't even think about Darkwing Duck, or Mighty Ducks. I think Mighty Ducks would be better, Darkwing was good but kinda got on my nerves. Duck Tales is a must though!
  8. No KH 3 has not been made as of yet, but it is in the works. You're probably confused with Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix+Re:Chain of Memories, which is out in Japan, but it is still unknown whether or not it will be released in the US. As for the worlds: Drop: The Little Mermaid: gawd singing sucked ass... Steam Boat Willie: Not even sure why they made this in the first place. Mulan: This was probably the most boreing world out of all of them. Lion King: Again boring, although being a cute Sora lion was nice. Hallow Bastion: I personally am so sick of this world I could hurl. It's worse than that damn hospital in Silent Hill 2. Add: Finding Nemo: I don't know I think it'd be cooler than Little Mermaid anyway. Tale Spin: Come on...classic awsome cartoon! Atlantis: I seriously think this would made an awsome world, you could fly the ships, and find the city. Treasure Planet: Again I think it would be an awsome world. Keep: Nightmare Before Christmas: One of my favorite movies, so yeah, I would want it kept. Twilight Town: I think this was an awsome place, even though you didn't get to do much in it. World that Never Was: Again just an awsome place, but maybe let you do more. Pirates of the Caribbean: With movie 3 coming out, there's so much they could do with this world. Yeah I agree Sledge, Chocobo riding would be totally awsome!
  9. Lucky Boys Confusion - Ordinary Backstreet Boys - I'll Be The One *I have a very good reason for listening this...song. I promised my friend I would write her and AkuRoku songfic to any song of her choice. I seriously think she picked this song just to torture me.*
  10. Press Play: It's raining again Do you hear it, can you see Or, are you blind and def as you are to me Days fly by, speeding past in their pause Following Murphy's Law and every clause Press play and hit the stop Hurry, while we're still on top Rent me a room on floor thirteen Fastforward to our senseless routine Drive by's and bullets to souls Shot from the barrel of an assasin's role Rewind in a fool's desperate hope To escape the nuse made of memories rope Music consoles and rips wounds anew Notes falling like blood from a sky so blue Press play and watch the story be told Of a love like fire that froze in the cold Rented rooms and lies filled with rues Senseless routines as an empty muse Thirteen floors and hit the stop Freeze in time the image of love on top Fastforward and skip the tragic end Of hearts to broken to ever mend A single tear to hit rewind Back to the begining, to that beautiful broken mind Press play...and watch as the days fly by...
  11. Thanx guys, and I don't have children yet Mathias, but I know that my rents were saying the other day that they couldn't believe how fast I had grown up. While they were sad that I was no longer a child, they said they were so proud of the woman I had become.
  12. This is one of my all time favorite books, and now they're making it into a movie. It's release date has been set for January 26th, and I'm really excited about it! My only fear is that they're going to change the story up and mess with then ending. If anyone else is a fan of this book, then you understand my fears. http://www.mgm.com/bloodandchocolate/
  13. 300 Keyblade Warriors...this AMV is so awsome. Probably one the best I have ever seen.
  14. Okay this was totally awsome, someone did a really good job on this!
  15. Lucky Boys Confusion - Medicine and Gasoline Three Doors Down - Loser Bon Jovi - Runaway
  16. I see where you're coming from, I didn't know they filmed the last two at the same time. That makes perfect sense actually.
  17. Okay I made these last night on Adobephotoshop, and was roughly impressed. I think the program handles real images better than CG and Digi-art. I was actually happy with the way these turned out, especially the first one. I'll probably make some Gackt ones, and if anyone has requests *winks at Cabbit* I'll see what I can come up with.
  18. hide - Beauty&Stupid hide - Lemoned I Scream Lucky Boys Confusion - Broken
  19. I know! I saw that in the trailer and the first thing that came to my mind was "Damn! They should make that a feature in Resident Evil 5 X'D"
  20. I'm going to go see it...yeah it will probably be stupid as hell, but it will make a great movie night flick. Sure to get a definate TAZ rating (tits, ass, zombies)
  21. Frosting!!! X'D
  22. Thanx Cabbit lol, and yes hide, he's so awsome, I wish he was still alive.
  23. I wonder why they decided to release it so early. I mean there was a two year wait between CTBP, and DMC, yet this one only had a year wait. My mom and I were kinda throwing theories around, and we thought that maybe after DMC was such a dissapointment to a lot of people, that they were worried about people losing interest if they waited two years vs. one.
  24. hide - Rocket Dive hide - Pink Spider Gackt - Redemption
  25. OMGOD!!! *screams and cheers* It looks so good! I can't wait to see it, and right before my birthday too!!! It's nice to know Depp doesn't stay dead, but I can't help but wonder if they'll continue the love triangle with him and Knightly, or if she'll just stay with Bloom. Hmmm...I like that they got Chow Yung to play the Singapore pirate leader, I think he'll fit the role really well.