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  1. 10,000 Fists - Disturbed Bodies - Drowning Pool Master of Puppets - Metalica
  2. I agree completely. When I watched the new secret trailer, I felt like I was watching a trailer for a new FF rather than for the new KH game. It just I don't know...I can easily see Square-Enix totally taking on the project and dropping the Kingdom Hearts name to get out from under Disney. I think the creator is wanting to go in a totally new and more intense direction away from the Disney cutiesness. I think in order to do that however, they have to get out from under the entire KH name.
  3. Steel Dragon - We All Die Young Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek Hinder - Better Than Me
  4. Riina: That's awsome!!! X'D It's so funny you would say that, because when my friend and I saw the "new and emofied" Peter, we started singing "The Emo Kid Song" lol we were cracking up so bad! X'D GokuDX7: I noticed that too! I couldn't tell what it was though...I'm going to see it again on Sunday, so I'll be sure to watch for it extra close.
  5. I went to the premier this morning, and it was totally awsome! I really wish they'd put Lizard Man in, and better yet, some Carnage! Venom was totally awsome, and I thought they did a wonderful job on him, though I wish he would have had more air time...
  6. Forever - Papa Roach Through Glass - Stone Sour Always - Saliva
  7. Fer Sure Maybe - The Medic Droid
  8. Creed - My Sacrafice Nickelback - If Everyone Cared Otep - Battle Ready
  9. What about "The Incredibles" or "Monsters Inc." ? I think both of those would be really cute and fun. Though...judgeing from the new secret vid and some interviews with the creator, it looks like the new Kingdom Hearts won't be anything like KH: One, and KH: Two. I think it's going to be more like a Final Fantasy game featuring Mickey Mouse, I can very easily see Final Fantasy like worlds instead of Disney ones this time around.
  10. You're refering to a FAN-MADE image you found on the messageboards. The image is FAN-MADE and is not the official title, and or, cover for the new game. I also suggest you start showing some respect for EVA-01 and GokuDX7...both are hightly respected on this board.
  11. Okay here are some more sigs, and they kinda suck too, but I tried some blending techs that Sledge recomended, and got these out of it. I don't know if they're any better or not, but *shrugs* this program is really hard to figure out.
  12. I know these aren't terrific, but I'm trying desperatly *and I stess the desperatly part* to get used to Adobe Photoshop. It's a pain in the ass, since my CD Drive bit the dust, I've been stuck with this program instead of the one I've always used in the past. Well, I've been sigless for the last two months, and finally decided to try and use Adobe. Here's what I managed to scrap out, though like I said, they kinda suck. Oh, and I couldn't decide which background I liked best, so I made a couple diffrent ones. *shrugs*
  13. I just went to see it last night, and I was very surprised. The movies were actually really good, extremely gory but good. That and the whole atmosphere was just cool. I think Terror Planet was better than Death Proof, but it might be because I've never really been that big a fan of Tarintino.
  14. Yep this is my second one...I only spent about six to eight hours on this one, so it may not be as good. Anyway, I know the song is once again very over-used but, I was listening to it last night, and the video just started to create it's self. Hope you enjoy and like it!
  15. Gah, I'm so excited, I just finished my first AMV! I really hope you guys like it, I spent a lot of time on it, and while I know it's not perfect, I think I did a pretty good job for my first one. Anyway, please tell me what you think okay! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8_5rUU4gfA
  16. Thanx GG
  17. The Fratellis - Flathead The Fratellis - Creepin Up The Back Stairs The Frarellis - Billy
  18. Avril Lavingn - Girlfriend Bowling For Soup - When We Die Blink 182 - All The Small Things
  19. Awww thanx guys *huggles* I'm so glad you liked it, and that it fit well. I'm starting another one next week, but I'm not sure what song I'll use yet. I'm thinking of making a parody one.
  20. Okay I've decided to try my hand at making AMV's, and it seems a lot of people use Windows Movie Maker, but I can't figure out how to add music to it. I mean I figured out the whole clip thing, but I can't get figure out how to get the music on it. Some help please?
  21. Okay thanx I'll give it a try!
  22. Static X - Dirthouse Static X - Cold
  23. 30 Seconds To Mars - Battle of One
  24. I'll have to rent it...it looked really good, but I've been dissapointed a lot recently with movies so...meh.
  25. The Fratellis - Flathead Nine Days - Absolutely Kingdom Hearts 2 OST - Roxas Theme