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  1. I do too, they are the best cuple in the whole story...I mean sure there's Kiba and Cheza but their relationship isn't practical, I mean she's going to die no matter what, and she has to die to get them into Paradise.
  2. Well put Mibu! You're right Lady I think Kiba is the only one who's going to make it out alive.
  3. Yeah he did! I mean think about it, he stayed back to talk to him, and he even told him his darkest secret about the scar on his chest. He cried for Toboe, somehow I don't think Tsume's cried much in his life. He showed he cared though, by dropping his bad ass mask and crying for him.
  4. Totally, that was so sweet and sad...but yep, I think Tsume will take a blow for Cheza or Kiba one or the other.
  5. I think so too, that or Hige or Blue...but yeah I think Tsume will bite the snow in the next ep. and I will really, really, cry if that happens, cause he's my favorite character.
  6. Tell me about it...and now they think that only Kiba can go into Paradise. Man that would be one Hell of a depressing blow.
  7. Oh my god...tonights episode...god I think I cried through the hole damn thing. Toboe and Quint died, then Hub died, and Tsume frickin cried...oh my god, I'm still crying over it. It getting worse and worse, Cheza will die soon, and they can't stop it. Man this is getting so depressing!
  8. OMG I've missed so much, but it's kinda hard to watch it when your roommate sits there laughing at you and asking you what the hell you're watching the whole time. Stupid bitch.
  9. What the FUCK! Cher dies too!!!!
  10. No Toboe can't die! I cried so hard when you saw how he accidently killed that old lady he was living with...it was so sad.
  11. That doesn't mean he's dead though, that just means that he could be hurt. I mean look at all the times Kiba's taken a bullet and worse and still lived through it!
  12. Whaa!!! Toboe doesn't die...does he? What episode was this in?
  13. Okay....Darcia was a human noble who fell in love with Jagura's twin sister Harmona. Anyway somehow Darcia and Harmona made it to Paradise, but because they were human they were cursed by Paradise. Darcia was given the eye of a wolf and he was made half wolf like blue, Harmona on the other hand was cursed with Paradise sickness and the only way to cure her was to take her back to Paradise. Anyway that's why Darcia was after Cheza so bad, so that he could save his love. But when Harmona died, Darcia took on this "If I can't get into Paradise then you sure as Hell can't" kinda attitude making him take on Jagura. That's most of it, and I hope that helps Sledge!
  14. That is a toughy...I think Darcia would go, but I also think a part of him would rather die so he can be with Harmona(sp?) Darcia did finally kill Jagura though, good for him bout' time too that bitch was making me dizzy with all her spinning and shit. Anyway, didn't Cheza die, I mean they have to have her to get to paradise and all but she died! So now what are the wolves going to do? I also don't think that humans can get into Paradise, even though Cher and Hub want to go there, I don't think they really can in the end.