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  1. The character customization leaves a lot to be desired, but I was happy with the flexibility in the face structure.


    Character customization aside, I have been really enjoying this game. The first day or so was a little overwhelming, but it was overwhelming in kind of a good way. I haven't felt so much drive to learn the ins and outs of a video game in quite a while. Black Desert Online rides the line between accessibility and system-overload (EVE ONLINE) pretty successfully, I think. I might be a little reluctant to call it a true sandbox, but this game has tons of figurative sand in it. There are so many viable game play styles that it almost brings me to choice paralysis -- but I have been enjoying dipping my toes into each type of activity since the barrier to entry is usually pretty low. -- I'm growing some carrots right now and fishing. :)


    The combat is most similar to Blade and Soul. It is fast-action combat with lots of combo potential. Unlike BnS, as far as I am aware, the combos are all free-form combos and don't have to be executed in any particular order. You can either map your attack actions on your hotbar, or you can use the built-in key-combinations to execute your special attacks. IE: Valkyrie (Backwards(s) + E) will drop a celestial spear from the heavens to deal damage and knock down enemies. Alternatively Backwards(S) + Q would throw your shield like a boomerang - like Sivir from League of Legends. I could go on, but I have at least a dozen different skills.  -- On a side note, I do personally enjoy BnS's combat a little better (I played Blade Master) .. but I would say that BDO's combat is on a par.


    I've already logged far too many hours into this and I could literally talk about it for hours.. but I'll cut it short here unless people are interested in hearing more.


    tl;dr: BDO is a fantasy life simulator with pretty cool combat.

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  2. I've never really been able to dig into modern/retro military theme games that much. CoD is no exception.. I can see that they're good games and all but they're just not for me.

    I own CoD 4 and Battlefield 2 (sans bad company), and they were fun-ish, but they can't hold my interest.


    6 games for 'whatever you want', only 23 hours left. -- I highly recommend getting this as Aquaria alone is worth the effort.






    Apparently there isn't a trailer for Samorost 2 -- but If you've played or seen Machinarium, its made by the same people.

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  4. On topic, personally i perfer the campaigns to muliplayer, not 100% if ill get this game after the total disappointment in the new C&C game, lost faith in rts

    Starcraft and C&C are apples and oranges sir. It's an apple made by Blizzard. I'm not really fanboy but it's really hard to argue against the quality of a Blizzard game.

    I am however on the opposite end of the spectrum and I'm mostly looking forward to the multiplayer. Not the standard RTS portion (build a base and fight your enemies) -- but the hordes of custom maps that make the game a completely different game.

    From what I've seen though they've put a TON of effort into the campaign.. so much they decided to make separate games for each race because of the epic scale and scope of the things they wanted to do with it.

  5. I apparently am mentally challenged as I cannot for the life of me get videos to embed. I've tried putting the URL in the (YOUTUBE)(/YOUTUBE) brackets.. I've tried the autoparse option. I've tried the youtube brackets with the autoparse links/videos disabled.. and nothing seems to work.

    Also: That's not how names work.. You have to have a name and an identifier. (ie: name.identifier ) I can't add with just the name.

    I've got it too, but my godd am I terrible at multiplayer. Name is "Aveyax".

    No worries I'm extremely bad too.

    I hear in the next beta patch we'll be able to play custom maps though ;)

  6. Anyone in the Starcraft 2 beta?

    If you are you can add: Camron.noe

    In the most recent Beta patch Blizzard released the Starcraft II Editor (Galaxy Editor) and I've been able to play around with it a bit. In case you haven't really been following the scene here are some videos that show some of the possibilities:



    Edit: Thanks Kite!

  7. [nomedia=]YouTube- Street Sharks (intro)[/nomedia]

    [nomedia=]YouTube- Mummies Alive! Intro[/nomedia]

    [nomedia=]YouTube- Big Bad Beetleborgs[/nomedia]

    [nomedia=]YouTube- Road Rovers opening song[/nomedia]

    [nomedia=]YouTube- What Would You Do[/nomedia]

    my embedding failed :/ too lazy to fix it

  8. i haven't played a beat em up in ages, but i might give that one ago

    beat em up's are like: castle crashers, altered beast, turtles in time, battletoads, streets of rage.. etc.

    MvC3 is definitely a fighter.

    i never played marvel vs DC but why didnt superman pancake everyone?

    The tournament happened in an alternate universe from my understanding. And being so means that superman didn't have the power of the sun. -- also Superman is weak against magic.

  9. He seemed concerned when the video was being 'ruined' -- maybe it was his idea to put it up on youtube. Maybe he just thinks he's a talented badass.

    on a sidenote, I could only handle about a minute of this before I raged.

  10. So, I went to PAX prime last year and I found out about this little gem called League of Legends. It's a free-to-play Moba (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game. As of a couple months ago it left Beta stages and is open to the public.

    The gameplay is similar to the popular warcraft 3 'DoTA' maps, Where you choose a Hero (Or Champion) and you and a few other people attempt to kill the enemy teams home base (Or Nexus). The Trick is that there are several paths/lanes that are direct access to the enemy base, but they protected by powerful defense towers. As a team you have to coordinate attacks on these towers so that you can push into the enemy base and ultimately win the game.

    When you register your account you'll pick a summoner name. This is your between game Identity and as you play games you will earn experience and levels. As you level you'll gain access to a Mastery tree very familiar to WoW's Talent system and open up slots on a 'rune page'. Runes are an item you can purchase through the games Item-mall type store that give very minor in-game stat bonuses.

    Before everyone freaks out about the item-mall business; Runes can only be unlocked with Influence points. Influence Points (IP) is your Summoner currency that you can only gain after playing games. IP can also be spent to unlock champions for playing.

    There are currently about 50 champions available to play and new ones are released biweekly. For new players there is a free-champion rotation that makes 10 random champions available each week. This also allows players to test a champion before deciding to spend their hard-earned IP on unlocking them.

    If anyone wants to check this out just go to :

    *This is a referral link. If you decide to give this game a try be a pal and use this link <3 I'll be grateful.

    This game can be incredibly competitive but also incredibly fun. If you've never played anything like this, or even if you have, I'd highly recommend checking this game out.

    My Summoner Name: noeCamron

    tl;dr: League of Legends is free. And fun. And I play it. You should too.

  11. I read yesterday on comingsoon that Emily Blunt was signed, and shes playing Black Window ;) I can't find the link now because it dropped off the page after all the other movie updates.

    mv5bmta0otqwmdc1ntreqtj.jpg Scarlett Johansson. :lust: