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  1. you're saying that as if its happened before.. lol. I don't believe a dub could ever actually be 'better' than the original. one thing i noticed, the one major thing i noticed is that the english voice actors can't hit the crazy excitement tones. be it screaming during a powerful attack, or a female character screaming at a pervert. or just making a funny noise. -- when the wapanese VA's do it, it just sounds weak. and embarassing.
  2. .. lol
  3. Wir sind Helden - Endlich Ein Grund Zur Panik
  4. if you like tetris you should google or yahoo TetriNet. Its an online tetris game and its like.. competitive Tetris and you get special blocks that you can use. Some of which attack your enemy's playing field by adding lines, or shifting all their blocks around (ruining their chance for a tetris) .. and some good specials for removing lines from yourself, or clearing your field. Everytime you score more than one line at a time it adds lines to all of your enemies. clearing 2 lines adds one to everyone. clearing 3 adds 2. so on and so forth. Overall it can get really fast and really crazy. I used to play TetriNet alot..
  5. It's been a while (again), I thought I'd frighten some people and post something. Though It's weird seeing one of my topics still fairly close to the top of the forum after all these.. years... or months or whatever. Hum, I don't have anything too wonderfully exciting but I did do a little photoshopping sketch doodle whatchacallit the other night for a story Idea that I hope to develop (more) .. Its a story idea but its also a game idea.. and yeah. Its really raw right now but I colorified one of my concepts and I thought I'd share.
  6. Thanks for the heads-up. i'll check it out .. Its hard not to come close to other stories now-a-days. Though I atleast feel better knowing that I don't know anything about Septerra Core so I'm not.. subconsciously copying any aspects. Anyway yeah.. I'll go do some research. I probably wont be able to dodge the 'its like .. yada yada' in some portions but I'd like to atleast try to make it as unique as I can~ Though its hard for me to know exactly. I can't play every game and read every stroy there is so I'm just going to have to whip out some crazy powers. things people Couldn't think up. lawls. .. good luck to me. edit: I just read up on Septerra Core and I think I'm good as far as not being too similar. Though I can understand why you might think so given the information from the image. I'd like to explain more but I need to work on it. I'll post a little more about it soon but I don't want to ruin more of the story. Nor do I want to cause any confusion if I decide I need to make some drastic changes. ya know? From what i read on wiki, Septerra Core sounds like.. a huge FF7 Midgar senario, upperclass people literally living above the less fortunate. right? + something about some keys and the core of the planet.
  7. I'm an online whore D: But currently I'm only doing WoW, just cause my girlfriend keeps me interested. I probably wouldn't have stuck with it so long if it wasn't for her but.. I've got a 62(and a half) NE priest and uncountable alts, none of which are of notable level though I may try Vanguard, and I'm waiting for RO2.. that should be amusing for a while. I tried FFXI and I just couldn't handle the slow pace, not that I'm all that impatient but I already feel like I'm destroying my life playing MMO's already.. haha. (i'm addicted) I do try to do other stuff.. which is why wow works for me so well. I can manage to play and be decent level and still have time for a girlfriend I liked EVE a lot too.. it was pretty laid back. slow pace and a bit of a learning curve but once you get into it its pretty complex and offers a lot. Main problem was everything took a long time.. and a lot of the game is not actually playing. but rather.. watching your ship fly back and forth between zones. (it all depends how you play though)
  8. I should mention this was started as just playing around with the different tablet settings that there are in photoshop.. and I've never drawn like.. an actual environmental image before either so I'm fairly proud. Looking at it now I realize I could have spent more time on it but I'll just have to do better next time. haha. But yeah, basically this is an image of the surface of the planet. And the object would happen to be one of the points around where the continent, kingdom, whatever used to be-- One of the main pillars, or power sources holding the land up now. I wish I could share more but I've got some holes that I need to clear up. I have the visual look down in my head, I just need to come up with a good story and reasonings as to why things are the way they are. I'm trying to build a planet on which to tell my story
  9. Oh, damn. someones online? haha. But yeah.. in the original concept it was a pillar but that wasn't working out so well visually. I may go back to that but I had a little fun drawing the crystal. Though I realize theres some problems with it.
  10. - me visit, or i'll cut you. (+ a couple things i didn't bother to post on da) Music owns the mind and the soul (and this guys left eye) Fjord, a character thats of my girlfriends creation. (my drawing of 'em) -- oh, and the startrek thing was a joke, not really supposed to be a part of the character Pretty simple, I'd like your things My girlfriend requested I draw a 'bat person' and.. lol.
  11. I have a rogue named camron too ;o .. though hes not in any guild.
  12. I didn't say I didn't like WoW ;o .. I just don't think its everything it's hyped up to be. It's a good game though, It's fun when you have something to do and someone to do it with. I just got really, really tired of the "kill so-and-so monster and find a random number of a certain item that rarely drops" and "go to this place on the other side of the world, to talk to someone that'll give you a quest to go all the way back and talk to someone else just to go Back again" quests ... I'm taking a little break right now~~ though I intend on playing again someday. I have like a 35 priest on windrunner, and more alts than you can shake a stick at, on windrunner and a few other servers
  13. I keep feeling like I should really read this.. but I keep not having time.. ;^; .. I will though, when I get a chance.
  14. Haha.. I'll read it later But skimming through It looked pretty decent actaully.
  15. I want to say cloud, or cid.. mm.. I'm not sure.
  16. ... i don't know.. the story was decent, but nothing spectacular.. but the visuals were great, and i rather liked the fight scenes .. in spite of the fact that they looked overly choreographed..
  17. To what exactly are you compairing to? L2 and RYL?
  18. Speaking of hares.. I gotta get pics of the grenadier girls in their bunny costumes .. RAWR! .. .. I'll try to do that when I wake up.. if I remembers !_!
  19. I dont have any pics, but Ren from DearS is a hotty too, aswell as most of the DearS.. :3 The Love Hina girls aint too shabby either, if i do say so myself ^^ .. 'specially Kitsune and Ouka from .hack//dusk! I <3 Sakura
  20. I played for about a week and got bored Right now, I'm playing City of Heros 14 day trial and Guildwars.. and on rare occasion PT and L2x
  21. Ok, you take Shinji from Eva, and mix him with the videogame kid from GTO (dammit, why dont I remember his name~ anyways, if you've seen teh series you know who I'm talking about) thats kinda like me. Incredibly shy, enjoys pretty much nothing but videogames..
  22. .. You using Firefox Godgrave? .. I had that problem. Just copy n' paste url into IE and it should work.
  23. >>
  24. Vegeta doesn't lose because he sucks, he loses because theres always someone stronger than him.. and that someone is always someone he's fighting. .. He's always been second best. Don't discard him because he always gets shafted and has to fight people that're insanely, or significantly better than him. Throughout the series he does grow stronger mind you.. he might not have been able to beat freiza on namek but by time gohan was having that power struggle with perfect cell, he would be able to pwn that gender-challenged albino morphling without a hitch.