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  1. Old news, but still interesting. I'm curious how well this will work in practice. It's a great idea but from the reviews I heard there was noticeable lag. But it does work for the most part. -- I'd like to see this idea of cloud computing really take off. They'll need the funds to build well located computer farms to reduce the lag as much as possible though and if it doesn't get off the ground quickly then it might fade away..
  2. living testament that the AC gas is very real. Big Wheel will forever permeate the air here at AC, whether thats a good thing (or causes cancer) has yet to be determined. I'm turning 23 tomorrow, and I was just thinking back, way back. like 10 years. I was 13 or 14 when I stumbled upon Anime Post, where I met Eppy and a few others. Eventually I joined a flock that migrated over to this here Ancient Clan. At the time the place seemed hardly ancient, in fact it was buzzing with new members and things were crazy nuts. Oh, and Lady stormed the castle. I remember joking about still being here 10, 20 years later. I think I may have even promised that I would be. and Look at this; here I am. Recently: I got a job working at a Korean semiconductor factory called Hynix, then as RAM sales started plummeting and the factory had to be closed. Over a thousand people got laid off, Including myself. I got a severance package and the chance to go back to school. So like any right-thinking citizen I took them up on the offer. I'm going to school for a degree in Computer Simulation/Game Development. AKA programming with some art classes on the side. I'm in my 3rd Term now. On the unprofessional side of things I recently got back from a trip to California. I went to AX this year with a couple friends. It was pretty excellent. (There are pictures on facebook.) How's everyone else? (Also, I just updated my AIM and MSN information.)
  3. I would attempt to share my Reese's ice cream cake with you.. but it would end poorly.. I hope you have a good birthday anyhow!
  4. My birthday was pretty laid back. I didn't do anything out of the ordinary. A bunch of friends came over and we went to the river to relax. Then we had a nice dinner at Red Robin where my friends bought me a couple drinks. I quickly remembered just how much of a lightweight I am and the jerks told the waitress it was my birthday. They did that obnoxious thing where they bring you ice cream and sing at you. But I didn't mind so much since I was a little tipsy. I also got a Reese's icecream cake <3 om nom nom.
  5. Well thats unfortunate.. I hope you guys are getting by alright. My girlfriend just had to have her cat put down too. It'll be ok though... They'd want us to carry on. We just need to remember all the good times and they'll always be with us in our hearts. We have to be strong for them. As for the job; It was at times. We had to wear full bunny-suits and face masks. It was pretty miserable but you got used to it pretty quick. The job was mostly being on your feet for 12 hours, walking like a monster and knowing the ins and outs of your machines. The trick was keeping them running as much as humanly possible. It was kind of like the game rootbeer tapper except with boxes filled with paper-thin fragile disks.
  6. -- On the subject of PS3 in general. I really don't think there is going to be a price cut anytime soon. The PS3 just has too much expensive stuff in it. But hat's not exactly a horrible thing. I have one and I love it to death (I'll note that I have an HDTV so i can reap all of the benefits of owning a blu-ray player though) I have a theory that the slimline might actually be a 'budget model' with a lot of the bells and whistles taken out. but who knows. If the standard PS3 sees a price drop, I'd actually worry about the quality of the machine. Can anyone say RROD?
  7. [ame=]YouTube - Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet: Exclusuive Extended Trailer[/ame] Discuss. My two cents: Yes please.
  8. .. school during the day. but I'm probably going to pass on my math class and just relax with some friends. There's a large chance that my friends might take me out to some bars and get me destroyed. good thing I don't have class the next day until 4pm. I'm having way too much fun with these smilies..
  9. noeCamron on AIM nowadays FYI.

  10. Welcome again. hmm.. shouldn't some old beastman be attempting to consume the noobie? those traditions still exist don't they?
  11. Grats Dubird. That's excellent.
  12. This might be offtopic but did anyone see this: [ame=]YouTube - Green Lantern Trailer[/ame] It's obviously fanmade but I jizzed my pants when I watched it. As for Ryan Reynolds, I'll give him a chance. There is potential. We'll just have to hope the script is decent enough to make this movie as awesome as it should be.
  13. I go to a run-of-the-mill Supercuts type place. It costs about 14 dollars or something like that but I usually wait about 5-6 months between cuts.. so it's always worth it. Immediately after the cut I'm like "Oh yeah, I'm sexy" and I strut around the mall smiling at all the ladies. Then the next day after I wash it and all of the crazy 'product' comes out I start to hate it. -- Luckily my hair grows at x-men qualifying rates.
  14. GTA. KOTOR [Which I find ironic because I love Mass Effect], any realistic racing/sports games.
  15. protip: Dreamcast2's real name is "Gametap" why make a console when people make their own? [Gaming PC]
  16. So, anyone been keeping tabs with upcoming mmo stuff? Aion Online looks pretty sweet, and RO2 is coming along. Can't wait to try both of those.
  17. *puts it on my netflix queue to see just how bad it is* ....*on the bottom of my netflix queue*
  18. i want english Pristontale 2 beta ..
  19. lol, im going to get one moderately soon, but i also have plans to get a big sexy tv .. so it'll be worth it for me. i mean, im getting a super inexpencive blu-ray player, and a gamesystem that is going to kick ass here in some time. poor ps3 is getting picked on because it's still in its infancy..
  20. haha, oldschool. I had this nice motivational poster you might like, it was like: MSPAINT because photoshop is for quitters.
  21. Rumor is that the monster is Cthulhu huge manlike octopus-headed dragon alien? that feeds on souls? hell yes, sign me up for some of that.
  22. i like tetris
  23. those silly japs. and silly me. for some reason i never thought to pronouse mako the japanese way Ma-Ko. (mah-koh) up until i heard it in the movie.. friends always called it make-oh.