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  1. Scarlett Johansson.
  2. I watched this. The animation style is beautiful. Worth a watch, at least once. Warning: it is painfully cute.
  3. Happy day!
  4. I don't mean to spoil anything but the film style is somewhat 'raw' at times. A friend of mine experienced some motion sickness. There are some unsettling images that might trigger a physical response. With that said. I really loved the movie. Maybe it's because that's exactly the type of storytelling that gets me off. For being relatively small budget the effects were top notch and very believable.
  5. [ame=]YouTube - 'ì•„ì´ì˜¨(AION) 1.5 ìš©ì¡±ì˜ ê·¸ë¦¼ìž' 프로모션 비디오[/ame] Is coming out in a little over a month now. Who here is going to play it? I just pre-ordered it on steam. I'm excited.
  6. ditto that. on topic: FFXIV is not going to have experience points. sounds pretty cool to me! Hopefully they've learned a bit and will make this new game a little more friendly to new players. The main thing I disliked about the last MMO was the fact that new characters had hardly any skills.. and the ones they did have had cooldowns of half an hour or more.. I played a monk up to about level 11, I had one ability that was supposed to make my next attack stonger.. anndd.. I never noticed a damage difference. I had another skill called Flurry or something of that nature.. and it was supposed to increase my attack speed.. and it did. for about 10 seconds. Then I would have to wait for an hour to use it again. Also, the UI was horrendisgustating on the PC.
  7. [nomedia=]YouTube - Tron Legacy Comic-Con TRAILER in HD! VFX Test for 2009 Movie[/nomedia]
  8. i .. had no idea those existed. my life has been forever changed.
  9. :cigar: hello fine sir.
  10. CSS isn't too bad! you can do it~ I had to make layout for a class using css: clicky
  11. Somehow my xbox has survived, but i'm not going to say anymore. I don't want to jynx it. seconded.
  12. [ame=]YouTube - Hitler's Starcraft 2 Downfall[/ame]
  13. I vote Gallery. I like being able to have the 'previous' and 'next' links right there on the image. Also I think it looks nicer. It's not super related but for small personal projects I've used Lightbox code. It looks pretty cool and you can have have small galleries with it, but it doesn't really offer any sort of organization or commenting system.
  14. what many people don't know is that this District 9 is based on this short film called "Alive in Joburg" [ame=]YouTube - alive in joburg[/ame] I'm still going to see District 9, it looks pretty excellent.
  15. bad ass mofo = dead. I can imagine taking out a horde with one. But if you're wielding nothing but a frying pan you're going to be dinner for any special infected. I'd recommend telling your teammates what you're doing if you're planning on being completely useless against tanks, witches, smokers, and chargers. ALSO, on the note of melee weapons. Does anyone know if there's going to be friendly harm with them? I know that friendly fire was a huge thing in the original, and you have to be really careful with your aiming. I can only expect you'd have to be just as careful if not more when swinging an axe or chainsaw.
  16. I'm a monster. I can consume about 2 liters in a day.. But I don't always. It really fluctuates because I don't have my own vehicle. When I run out I run out. I notice I limit myself more when it's in cans. I'll drink about 3 or 4 cans in a day on average. Also If I'm busy then I'll drink less because I'm focused on something.
  17. [ame=]YouTube - Augmented Reality GIS Maps[/ame]
  18. Personally I like fixed width the best. It seems more professional. Also
  19. DND is just an elaborate board game and great excuse to get together with your friends. It's exactly like playing an MMO.. except your with people you actually care about and you can do stuff that could never be programmed into an actual videogame. Back on topic though.. no one is interested in this ..? I find that depressing.
  20. .. did they have to tranquilize it or something?
  21. *removes UK from the list of places I would like to visit*
  22. I went to California this month.. not quite Spain but certain parts could pass as Mexico..
  23. I think FPS is still better on the PC. Keyboard and mouse win. Consoles have USB ports though.. so what the f?
  24. Did you just invest in this gokuDX7? Im just curious. I just get the impression that you're trying to defend/promote it like you have some personal stake in it. as for computer parts.. they've been on the fall for years now. (Which is why I lost my job.) We've reached a point where people don't actually need too much raw power for their home machines. Most people could get by with a netbook...
  25. I actually thought this movie was pretty ass. I really liked the first half though..