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  1. Dogmatix

    Video game giants in $18bn merger

    Idk. Hopefully it's been that Blizzard will actually get more games out.
  2. Dogmatix

    New Season: American Gladiators comes to NBC!

    Haha, niiiiiiiiiice! I think they did a good job at picking hosts too. They fit, for once.
  3. Dogmatix

    New Season: American Gladiators comes to NBC!

    Ahaha, awesome! For some reason I was expecting the costumes to be more different. Oh well, it is gladiators after all.
  4. Dogmatix

    #1 song on the day you were born

    "Livin' on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi
  5. Dogmatix

    Most annoying songs ever

    Milkshake... I went so long without hearing it on the radio, then a friend complained about it, and then I heard it, again and again. Probably one of the main reasons I don't listen tot he radio anymore.
  6. Dogmatix

    Nancy Drew?????

    Yeah, I grew up with it too, and that movie... no chance in hell I'm gonna watch it. Way too much has been changed, and it looks like it'll have a completely different vibe from the series.
  7. Dogmatix

    hey all

    ...I think I know you? Anywho, welcome!
  8. Ahhhh, I'm so picky. I've been staring at the screen for a good ten minutes or so, and I can't think of a top ten. So my top three: 1. Tokyo Crazy Paradise 2. Marmalade Boy 3. Vampire Knight If I think of something else later, I'll edit.
  9. HHH 1-5 E Imadoki 2-5 E BSSM 2 random volumes E Tokyo Boys and Girls 1-4 E Wild Act 1-8, 10 E Doubt! (eww...) 1-6 E Escaflowne 1-3 E GW: bling target E, ground zero E, the movie thing J, episode zero J Hot Gimmick: 1-9 E Ah! My Goddess: 2 random volumes E Alice 19th: 1-7 E Ayashi no Ceres: 1-8 E Fushigi Yuugi:1-4, 5, 9-12 E Tokyo Crazy Paradise: 2-18 J Vampire Knight: 1-5 J Senpai to Kanojo: 1-2 J Sprout: 1 J The E and the J are just for which language its in. I stopped buying english translations about a year ago. The typos and what not eventually drove me insane.
  10. Dogmatix

    Mai Hime

    Had it been any other situation, I think I would've hated the ending too. But, I was watching it while they were subbing, and it was getting a little depressing... BTW, loved the bg music. I still listen to it regularly.
  11. Dogmatix

    Most annoying flaw in a game

    ...hmmm, sad, and I was thinking of buying that game this week.
  12. Dogmatix

    I waited years for this?

    Yup... I guess the fact that I haven't even finished the game yet, pretty much tells all for me. I finished X in exactly two weeks, and X2 in one. 12... well, I hung out in the store to get that one right away. The plot's been a little weak for me. I haven't been pulled into it yet at all. And about the cut scenes... X and X2 were definitely better from what I've seen so far, at least content-wise. I've got one more city to open up on the map, but I was wondering. Is there any place where you can view the cut scenes like in X/X2 at Luca? Cause, if there isn't, that'll suck even more. Although, in the end, I was really attatched to X, so XII would've had to been freaking awesome to have made me as happy as X did. I just hope there's better luck with 13.
  13. Dogmatix

    What online games do you play

    I only "play" Diablo II now. But umm... that play is in quotes because I pretty much just log in and out of the accounts and chars to keep the chars alive. I don't have the time to do much else anymore... PlayED: SC, WCII, WCIII, Lineage II, Tribes II, UT(I forget which one now... I leeched off my bro)
  14. Dogmatix

    new season of the apprentice

    Oh, snap. I knew I was forgetting something on tv today. @_@
  15. Dogmatix

    E3 => "Entertainment for All Expo"

    Hmm... well at least, they replaced it with something, right? Rather than totally not having one. I wonder how big it'll end up being in terms of size/attendence. I mean, since it's open and $100, I think there may be a pretty big crowd. But I guess that also depends on the quality.
  16. Dogmatix

    wisdom teeth?

    Hope you feel better soon! I supposedly got mine out when I was 15. All four at one time, so they knocked me out. Thank goodness. But, I say "supposedly" because I noticed that it's gotten a little higher back there in a couple of the places, and well, snap, my dentist was crazy. First she told me that i needed to get them out. So I did, at the oral surgeon she recommended. Then when they flared up, and I went to see her about it, she was like, "why did you do that? she's too young too get them out." And my parents were WTF. Needless to say, I'm not at the same dentist. And I hope I don't have to get anything else extracted. Oh and it was even more fun, cuz I never picked up those painkillers the surgeon prescribed. Hah...
  17. Dogmatix

    New Street Fighter movie

    oooh, goodie. i hope it's just like the first one... not. ... well i guess you can just stare at her during the next movie since they're focusing on her, lol.
  18. Dogmatix

    Suzuka fans?

    it's ALWAYS a filler now, lol. the managaka's just dragging it out. although, i expected him to drag out suzuka being gone for more chapters than he actually did. so, ill give him that.
  19. Dogmatix

    Suzuka fans?

    I don't think I can put up the link here so I'll pm you.
  20. Dogmatix

    Suzuka fans?

    Me too! I liked the series. Not my favourite, but it had its moments. I <3 the fireflies... by far the cutest scene. The manga is still going, it's way past where the anime ended. More drama, needless to say. The happy ending in the anime... well, it gets trashed. It seems like the mangaka's just trying to keep the story going though, it's dragging on like non other. I'm just scanning through the pages every now and then to make sure things will go well for Suzuka in the end. I noticed a ton of people hate her guts, but eh, I kinda like her. Besides, the story's named after her and the other girls just keep rotating in and out of the picture. She's bound to end up with him in the end...
  21. Dogmatix

    the 31st.

    Which picture did you get for the guide? I had Balthier first but then traded with my bro's friend for Ashe.
  22. Dogmatix

    the 31st.

    I've got it reserved too. Somehow, I've gotten less and less exicted about the game coming out though. @_@
  23. Dogmatix

    His and Her Circumstances

    I've seen the dub... for the earlier episodes anyway. It was decent for a dub. Nothing special. Nothing toooooo annoying. Honestly, I haven't heard the japanese VAs for it. That could be why I don't mind the dub.
  24. Dogmatix

    Devil May Cry Some More

    Great job! I love the third one the best. Very nice. The first one's nice too, but the "Bang." was a little hard for me to read. I think it's the orange text right on the red.