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  1. Oi, me too! That sidestory's been unfolding nicely. Although, I do have a slight hesitation to agree with you completely... not really sure what you're implying by that winkey.... I finally watched more last night... although I still need to watch some 40s-51. I guess my bro already transfered them off of his harddrive. Haha, I was so far behind. Still am I guess. @_@ Although... [EDIT]haha... grammar error... yikies[/EDIT]
  2. TMNT (the old ones) Smurfs (especially the movie... Johaaan! *plays imaginary flute* you think after 14 years, i'd get over over that but no. johaaaaaaaaan!) Simpsons Batman Beyond Family Guy Carebears (shhhhh....) South Park
  3. Wow, great job! I really love how you added the pattern to the boots and the bandana. It's a great detail touch.
  4. nice to know i'm not the only one
  5. nice! i haven't seen that before good info. i wonder what billy ended up posting.
  6. I always have music running if what I'm doing doesn't have a lot of sound running. So whenever I'm on the comp playing around with PS, doing hw, writing, or just surfing, I either Rhapsody or Windows Media Player up and when I'm off in the living room or my room doing whatever, I have either the music channels on tv on or a cd popped in the stereo.
  7. So uh, basically how do you make your own custom one, or how do you make an .abr file? Thanks!
  8. k, thanks a ton, guys! [EDIT]Yay! I got it from Sledge's instructions. Thanks again![/EDIT]
  9. i have no idea
  10. "You share this result with 1% of respondents." ...what a joke....
  11. i love that song i saw the music video for it on revolutions a few weeks ago. it was... interesting. kinda random, but meh, it was still good.
  12. i that show! it's soooo cute. i was in charge of playing it at a con a couple years ago and loved it so i went out and bought the dvds. and yeah, chiyo's my favourite too. osaka's funny too. actually, they're all really cool with their own little quirks.
  13. that's the one right? i think an rpg would be better than a fighting game, but it still looks interesting.
  14. just one, sakcon last year, no cosplay
  15. 1. Mai HIME 2. Gundam Wing 3. Shingetsutan Tsukihime 4. Ayashi no Ceres 5. Bleach 6. Escaflowne 7. Spriggan 8. Jin Roh 9. Azumanga Daioh 10. Voices of a Distant Star
  16. I spent about 150 playing FFX, and then 160 on playing FFX2. The latter was a total pain in the arse cause the second to last round I played I ended with 99% so I played again for the 1% so that I could get the extra clip of Tidus and Yuna at the end. As warned, it wasn't really worth it. *sigh* Sooo short and pointless, but I probably woulda gone insane had I not gone for it anyway. I have about 115 logged for Disgaea right now. I took it off my shelf again and still playing every once in a while so yeah... counter still moving forward.