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  1. Tori Amos - "Father Lucifer"
  2. Hiya and welcome!
  3. Haha, nice! The almighty spork.
  4. Welcome, Shoko! Nice one!
  5. ...I feel kinda sorry for his bank account. PEZ too? I guess the guy's just really into collecting stuff.
  6. Hi there! Welcome, welcome. Oooh, Nancy Drew. Haven't read those in a long while.
  7. Welcome aboard!
  8. I can see it too, and I'm using firefox, so I don't that'd be the problem. Nice job, Hell Cat.
  9. Is it the one that's an hour long?
  10. Ah, I came across that one yesterday. So it was Frou Frou after all. Good video.
  11. I don't watch a lot of AMVs, but I found this one pretty amusing
  12. Cute! Woah... didn't notice that.
  13. Ah, you're right, you're right. My bad.
  14. Wah! I totally forgot this was on tonight. I guess it should be starting in a couple minutes. Good timing to pull this thread up. *runs off* [EDIT] [/EDIT]
  15. Nice! Just out of curiousity, what paper were you reading? [EDIT]Just noticed the pictures flipped horizontally in the newspaper article. [/EDIT]
  16. I'm kinda confused by "multiple parts." Did you use the three images as different layers of the same banner, or are they each separate banners? Either way, the blue waves in the first one looks great. The effect of the blue (light?) in the second just looks sweet. Love it.
  17. Congrats on finishing! Do you think you're gonna work on another project right away or take a break first?
  18. I don't know when or how it happened, but I can finally see your sigs. You did a great job on them.
  19. I keep meaning to pick up a couple of Tori Amos' CDs, but I always end up walking out of the store with something else.
  20. You mean when they start hunting her, like the first episode? Or the part when Aki stays over, and she realizes that she's gonna end up hurting him?
  21. I've been debating for a while whether to watch that movie or not, after Hoshi no Koe. Is the ending as depressing? Or is sad in a mellow happy way (if that even makes sense)?
  22. Hi, hi! Welcome aboard! Somebody else who like Tsukihime, yay! Same one, right? Mai-HiME too.
  23. Oh, man. That's classic.
  24. Hmm... I can't think of any anime that I've recently watched that's made me cry, probably since I haven't watched anything too dramatic lately. I got teary-eyed watched the end of Voices of a Distant Star/Hoshi no Koe. I'm still in denial of the ending, as proven by the debate I had with my brother last night. So sad, so sad. The ending of Ayashi no Ceres is another tear jerker for me. If you've watched it, you can probably guess which part. I watch that episode whenever I feel like getting bummed out, but I haven't even watched Voices of a Distant Star a second time. Good anime, but it bums me too much. Oh, and then there was Doggy Poo... Just kidding. The last time I got pumped up for a character... umm... I guess Saiunkoku Monogatari.
  25. Hmmm... I know watcha mean. I think I remember hearing about how great it'd be to get one live and on camera on a show a while back. I'm surprised a bigger deal wasn't made out of actually getting the footage. Maybe I was in a box the week it happened. Do you think this article is about the same one? The article goes on, but it appears it happened last year. Guess, it's already been a while. Hmm...