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  1. No no no. Pupu loves his name... and after much deliberation... newest nickname: Gravy Train! Albeit longer than your original name... yah, whatever. If that changes suddenly, don't be surprised.
  2. Pupu = aqu, silly. And I now officially dub thee... Beebee! Aren't you excited?
  3. uhhhhh... I think a mix of Ed from Cowboy Bebop (so I've only seen one episode, that's all it would take) because I'm just sooooooooooooooooooooooooo freaking weird, and maybe Rain from... oh crap Pupu is going to kill me... gundam series with Shiny finger, at the end of the GW comic books they make a crossover called "Go Domon Wing"... poo. Well that one, because even when I'm mad at the guy I like I still am totally in love with him and will go far out of my way to do anything for him. Sigh. Stupid Brad. Oh Brad! This is making me really mad... oh oh oh! G Gundam?!
  4. I liked it better with just plain Justice League, because Hawkgirl and the Flash were in it more... and whenever I watched Justice League Unlimited it was always the same four freaking episodes, so it made me mad.
  5. Did anyone notice that they changed the opening song on Fox? Now instead of "They're doing their thing, he'll be king of the pirates, he's gonna be king," it's something about Oolaf? blah blah and "Sanji's cooking up food for the pirate king." Pretty lame.
  6. I think if you listen to "Everyone's a little bit racist" from Avenue Q, you'd get an idea. But in general, Asians tend to mispronounce r's and l's because the sound is similar and the way you umm shape? your mouth to say them starts out the same.. but yah.. anyway. I love Zolo/Zoro!! And I love how the beginning is told by Seto.
  7. So, I have yet to see Angel Sanctuary, BUT Setsuna is like this angel guy or something, but then he's born to earthly parents, and he knows he's not just human, but he can't explain or really understand what he is. It's kinda like Kurama/Shuichi. He's not really human, just in a human body. Sara is the daughter of his human parents, but it's like he's not really related to her, even though he is. Okay, yah, that makes no sense... but he's soooo pretty. Anyway, as for the quiz... I first got Kenshin, then someone else, then another someone else, and then The Goddess Ceres - Aya Mikage twice. So, for all my fudging of quiz results, I guess we'll go with her.
  8. He he he... like I didn't already know that.
  9. I whole heartedly agree. Mmmm... Sessy.
  10. Not if I burn you first!
  11. YES! Greatest show I barely watched EVER! And hey, pokemon Indigo Plateau rocked. Again, when you hit the 300+ episodes you start to experience crap-plot... but the question remains, will Ash EVER be a pokemon master? I don't watch it now partially because I don't have a tv and partially because I know if I do, I'll just get sucked back into it. It's just like a soap opera... you can leave it for years and it will be only 20 minutes and 14 character changes later that same day...
  12. I just couldn't watch MSG (he he he...) maybe it was because Amaro's voice was too beautiful for his ugly face... or slowness or whatever. I couldn't do it. Astro boy also made me want to die. Lupin the Third appears to be crap... crap or poorly animated porn, I didn't watch it long enough to figure out. Now I understand the importance of some of these old animes and how they affect new ones, but they just really aren't worth watching to me.
  13. Oh yah. that's where it's at! Kagome is just freakin' annoying, so I like the Inuyasha and Kagome moments, but on the whole no. I personally love Miroku... but I also love the Sango Miroku relationship 'cause it's so cute! How they fight all the time. Adorable.
  14. Hiei... granted I haven't been following either series very well for quite a while... I'd say he would win. The whole jagon eye and turning GREEN and covered in eyes (totally freaky if you ask me) would not only increase his speed and power but also freak Vegeta out into submission, or at least startle him just long enough for Hiei to go demon on him... with the dragon thingie and the sword... yah... need to watch more anime...