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    Accountant, poet, master of Business BS. :P
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    Poetry, paintball, anime, etc.
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    24 for PS2.
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    The Rock
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    Bleach Manga
  1. SWEET!!!!! *runs to onemanga* Thanks bro.
  2. Now that defines bad-ass. ROFLMAO.
  3. Really? sweet. Any sites you know of that host it?
  4. That's an amazingly nerdy tatt. He'll get a girl. Just have to find her at a Con.
  5. Hate to hear that. My buddies and I are gonna be hurtin' for a good read.
  6. lol, probably could turned quite a profit for that stuff.
  7. Thank you all for the welcome. I love Anime. I am currently reading the Bleach Manga, and trying to find a new one to watch. Need to finish out bleach, but the fillers kill me. Favorite video game of all time... hmmm... Tekken 4. It was an awesome fighter. I recently kicked my WoW habit. (got an recovery forums. ) I am currently playing the 24 game for PS2. (my fiance got me hooked) Avid reader, most recent books have been philosophy based, though I also made time for the Jim Butcher Dresden Files series. Never finished a King novel, but been meaning to read through some of them. Loved 'The Dead Zone' TV show, if that counts. Intro was TriGun. fun stuffs.
  8. Hello, I am Fallen Storm. Not a character name, not a real name, just a handle. I was out looking for a new board as one of mine has sadly shut it's doors, and your discussion on the Godfuse made this board look interesting. I'm hoping to get to know y'all in this board. Hope it works out. So, Any questions?