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  1. You stop the war on drugs and Legalize Marijuana, you take away a potential source of revenue from the drug dealers etc who are causing the problems in Mexico, they lose money = they lose power. It's also a win for the government in the sense they can tax it and regulate it. Now as for immigration. The AZ law is retarded. The Republicans are all for following the constitution until it doesn't benefit them anymore, then they toss it out the window. They claim HCR is unconstitutional yet the AZ law is fine? The constitution states that immigration control falls fully under the federal domain. Not that of the states. A national immigration reform law would be great, yet atm too many republicans wouldn't let it pass, so as to score themselves political points in hopes of getting reelected this fall. We NEED a path for legalization for those who have not committed any violent/heinous crimes. This country was founded on immigration. Unless yer a native American, yer an immigrant. Bashing Mexicans just because they want to live a better life, that's as Un-American as you can get.
  2. IxHW-QGMuZ4 I want one.
  3. or if he lives in an apartment, with neighbors >.>
  4. I'm going to put this in Spoiler tags because its pretty long.
  5. Would you like a limited edition rotted arm with that pizza?
  6. Basically, they're finding giant plumes of oil/water mix floating around between 2500-4700 feet down. Seems its being caused by the chemical dispersant they're blowing directly into the well causing the oil to break up in small particles that don't rise very fast. The biggest one they've found is 10 miles long by 3 miles wide by 300 feet thick. Felt like doing some math, now, its not solid oil, its little particles kinda like a salad dressing mix. So my numbers may be way off. But here goes. I converted everything over to inches to begin with because its easier to work with o.@;; 633600*190080*3600 (10 miles x 3 miles x 300 ft) = 433,564,876,800,000 cubic inches. now, there are 231 cubic inches per gallon, so that brings it to 1,876,904,228,571.429 Gallons of mixture. Now, these are fairly small particles, so lets go with a 100,000 to 1 ratio of water to oil, Possibly on the really conservative side. Comes out to 18,769,042.29 Gallons. of Oil. In Barrels, thats 446,881.96. And thats just the one plume, seems there are several. Plus all the oil on top of the water already. As I said, my math could be wrong (probably is). But this isn't just something thats gonna go away. This is going to fuck the ecosystem over for a VERY long time.
  7. Sounds alot like the GoP.
  8. These people should be charged with theft and vandalism, not slapped on the wrist. >.<
  9. Kinda cool, Seems the storms in the southern Hemisphere of Jupiter died.
  10. Really starting to go along with the peeps that are thinking the leak is closer to 1-4 million gallons a day. From some of the footage they've shown of the leak, its leaking pretty heavily. 210,000 Gallons a day equates to 2-3 gallons a second. whats showing in the videos from the leaks is much more than that. o.@;;
  12. perhaps "They could kiss my ass." Would be better?
  13. They kept making me shave my beard in high school.
  14. Thinking back at how long ago I joined. o.@;
  15. They're already trying to get out of paying economic damages from it. And as far as being a green company goes.
  16. Take down all the oil rigs and put up huge offshore wind farms.
  17. They're talking about the oil leak being a lot worse than other estimates. Around 850,000 gallons a day being released. At least the weather isn't worse. A storm blowing through that area right now would be hell.
  18. Its trying to keep the financial meltdown crap that caused this bullshit of an economy from happening again. also works at preventing companies from becoming too big to fail so as to no longer need any type of a bailout from the gov't.
  19. As far as I can remember, It was awarded to him due to his work on Denuclearization. Getting rid of all nuclear weapons would be something I'd love to see happen in my lifetime. Getting rid of dirty fuels would be something else I'd like to see.
  20. It would be nice to see Obama change his mind on the drilling due to this mess. I'd much rather see wind farms go up in those areas. Too bad that cash for clunkers wasn't geared towards hybrids/electric vehicles, instead of anything that increased MPG. Personally after this financial mess is taken care of, they need to institute something of that sort. Forcibly move us out of this Oil kingdom we're in.
  21. I second that. They need to be timestamped as well. Just so that we can monitor the quakes caused by this >.> The USGS Earthquake monitoring system. Just by looking at that kinda disproves anything they were saying about immorality causing quakes. >.>
  22. But when you really think about it. The retarded superstition has been around for quite some time, and has had plenty of opportunity to dumb down the populace and feed the fire of fear in the hearts of many. Unfortunately it's going to take some time for us to get past all this.
  23. My question is, is it horse or cow? Because if they're going for unicorn, teh meat is horse. >.>
  24. 9iaG5yctFvU You know how The Mythbusters always say "don't try this at home"? This guy shows you why