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  1. Khellendross

    Something my boss doesn't know!

    That's how it is here. The others bring in their laptops and watch movies/game etc. As long as work gets done, everything's kosher.
  2. Why the hell do we allow these tards to get away with this?! http://crooksandliars.com/susie-madrak/report-employers-used-recession-excus
  3. Khellendross

    Oil spill in the Gulf

    Unfortunately, the way the southern states are, I don't foresee most of the crap getting picked up. I grew up in Louisiana. Most of the people in charge there just really don't care about the people who actually voted them into office. Huey P. Long during the great depression, Edwin Edwards back in the 90's, most of the tards currently in office. Its the whole culture of "I don't care as long as my family is taken care of." Of course, with Huey it was "I don't care at all, i'll toss my brother into a mental facility for speaking against me, and build the state capital building with federal funds that were supposed to go to the poor during the great depression." Louisiana has been screwed for a very long time...
  4. Khellendross

    The DoD Loses Track of 8.7 Billion Dollars

    How the HELL do you LOSE 8.7 BILLION dollars?
  5. Khellendross

    Ousted USDA official: I'm not sure I'd take job back

    How the hell could anyone believe something that comes from a Right Wing website that has been discredited in the past? Especially the white house? How gullible are they?
  6. Khellendross

    Senate GOP blocks campaign disclosure bill

    I can't wait for November, I really think the Dems are going to trounce the repukes. The more the right opens its mouth and explains what they want to do, the more the moderates and those on the left pull back. Give them enough rope, they'll hang themselves.
  7. And the even more sad part is people not only listen to him, but believe every piece of shit coming out of his mouth. Wake teh fuck up people.
  8. Khellendross

    Advance in Quest for HIV Vaccine

    I'd like to see a worldwide effort like they did with smallpox to eradicate the disease.
  9. Khellendross

    Oil spill in the Gulf

    I don't see why Obama doesn't have the Justice Dept. Force judges with Oil ties to recluse themselves from these cases? These fucktards are in it for the money.
  10. Khellendross

    Oil spill in the Gulf

  11. Khellendross

    Sharia Law

    Anyone who can do this to another human being should be put on a plane, taken to a rather high altitude and kicked out over the ocean. To do this in the name of a Religion. It's retarded on so many levels. Religion is a plague, something that should've been eradicated long ago.
  12. Khellendross

    Oil spill in the Gulf

    Gq65E7rmO_k Water tests showing Toxicity levels at least 150 times that which would kill fish.
  13. Khellendross

    Barack Obama plays golf eight more times than George W. Bush

    I havn't bowled in forever. actually almost exactly 7 years, the day before Shalla and I got married we went bowling with my family. I cant remember who won o.@;;
  14. Khellendross

    Barack Obama plays golf eight more times than George W. Bush

    Personally when they were cutting the top of the pipe off instead of cutting it off, they could've crimped the pipe and mostly cut the flow. The main problem with this is the fact they had NO plans in place incase something goes wrong. They've not updated their tech in over 30 years for how to fix these kinds of problems. "Drill another hole and drop in cement shouldn't be the only answer. If blowout preventers can fail. Then take em back to the drawing board and create something better. An old saying comes to mind here, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Definately applies. (Btw, Read the entire thing, Personally, not all republicans are bad/retarded. But apologizing to a corporation because they're being made to pay for their own fuckup? Both bad and retarded.)
  15. Khellendross

    We got a new car! F*ck you blazer!

    Most foreign made cars have more reliability. My dad had a 85 Toyota pickup. he sold it in 2002 with 250k miles on it. Still ran great. I don't remember it ever having to be put in a shop. Things run forever.
  16. Khellendross

    Barack Obama plays golf eight more times than George W. Bush

    Not entirely sure what yer implying there. Who cares if he's playing golf? Yer not surprised? What more could he do aside from go out there and plug the hole with all the retarded republicans who are Apologizing to BP because the president is making them set aside 20 Billion to pay for the people who are affected in the gulf.
  17. Khellendross


    dZe1AeH0Qz8 Documentary on Hydraulic Fracturing method of getting oil and natural gas.
  18. Khellendross

    New snack foods

    Actually I haven't seen any of those pop up over here yet o.0; Think the last "new" candy i tried was roughly 5 years ago when Take 5's first came out.
  19. Khellendross


    Alot of the Drilling in ND uses this method of oil retrieval. Wish congress would get off its ass and outlaw this shit.
  20. Khellendross

    Josh Fox, 'Gasland' Filmmaker, On The

    I got my Water report last week for the town i live in. Has Uranium and Radium listed on it. might scan it later and post it. Water up here tastes like crap.
  21. Khellendross

    Condoms With Teeth Fight Rape In South Africa

    My question is if shes actually field tested this or just assumes it'll work o.0
  22. Khellendross

    The President May Get The Authority To Kick Us All Offline

    Unfortunately, they still think "Teh internets is a series of tubes :teethglint:" btw, grats on 8k posts
  23. Khellendross

    The President May Get The Authority To Kick Us All Offline

    Technically a Killswitch would be used in the event the other security measures fail. In a perfect world. I can kinda see their point in the want to have for this, If someone really wanted to fuck up things in the US, play around with the power/water/transportation grids. Lock down a good chunk of the country. A killswitch is their way of saying if all else fails. fuck it all.
  24. Khellendross

    In defense of religion...

    Not sure what I would call myself, Considering the Big three (Christian, Judaism, and Muslim) All worship the Same exact god (Yahweh, Jehovah, Christ, Allah, et al.) with different flavors of how to go about doing so, perhaps combining all three and renaming it Chrisewlim. In all seriousness. I'd love for everyone to just get along and quit using someones race, sex, religion, sexual preference, or any of the million little things people like to use to push down another, we're all Earthlings here. That's not changing anytime soon.
  25. Khellendross

    Student attacks Hells Angels with puppy

    Throwing a puppy as an attack and running away on a stolen bulldozer. Sounds like some kind of drunken dream.