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  1. Myk, just for the short stick, you're full of it. Im done posting here. I for one am glad he's not on the ballot.
  2. I did, I didn't like any of the choices we had. RP was closer to the "Clean" edge than the others. But noone who works in Politics is squeeky. And they all have their dark sides.
  3. i find that comment halarious. Politicians always have, and always will be, money whores. It's not a job you do just because you "want to do whats right" it's about power and the aquisition of more.
  4. He's human. Human nature is Greed. He can be bought, the question is the amount. As for presidents. I'd rather have Obama than McCain. sorry. but McCain just screams Bush. and im rather tired of Bush's idiocy.
  5. 74F, 15-25% humidity.
  6. *opens windows* *enjoys the 55-70F Degree weather* ^^; North Dakota (none of you know what Cold is, except Strider, as he used to live here) *cough*-60+F in the winter with a windchill*cough*
  7. Terrorists in Iraq from the start? Meh, I was gonna post something here. but i'll leave it. TBH too much stupidity in Washington atm to do anything useful. Change would indeed be great.
  8. Latested manga just got intresting....
  9. i dont like guns, and think they should only exist in video games. i know that is a silly fantasy, but i just dont agree with guns being available to the general public ive not researched it, but im sure more ppl have died from guns then nukes over the years _: either way, my comment on light sabers was a crude attempt to lighten the mood, talking of guns and such is kinda a downer sorry for going off topic ... Personally thats kinda naieve (sp) If the general public did not have access to guns and therefore only cops had them. that would be great, however criminals have MUCH easier means to aqquire guns. which means that gun crime would go up as the general population is undefended. mind you. i would only want those who are not crazy in the general pop to have them. however even the crazies can get them via the same way the criminals can. therefore making the whole process moot. personally guns shouldn't exist at all. but we're human, and as humans we have those who prefer war over peace.
  10. I know that one personally
  11. Meh, i moved 2200 miles north of any of my family, and the wifes family dosent mess with us. Peace and quiet reign supreme! yeah. i dont like people much >.>
  12. I wonder what their powers would be along the lines of? Stronger or weaker than Yamamoto?
  13. And then they discover Godzilla >.> <.<;
  14. He's like me, he's here occasionally, will log on once every couple months, and fade away >.> but yeh, imma prolly be logging on more since i found i can access them at work *evil laugh* ~.~
  15. Happy Bday old friend >.> <.<; yeah yeah yeah, you dont get on AIM anymore *taser*