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    Ello, Welcome to AC. May wanna edit/Delete yer other post, Says pretty much the same as this one ^^;
  2. Sounds like they're going to drop in quality anyway, So a switch would be a good thing. Down with the money grubbing bastards!
  3. That's a retarded business model. IF they didn't crank out major releases but once every few years, maybe, but if they're on a 12-18 month schedule with each X.00 release then yeah, overcharging for that BS.
  4. Axe? Go razor blade! *Death by a Thousand Cuts*
  5. Khellendross

    Piano Stairs

    Stairs that light up as you walk across them >.> Stairs that when you step on the wrong one, tasers you >.>
  6. Khellendross

    Piano Stairs

    That'd be awesome. Even if it is a commercial. It would be nice to see something like that more often.
  7. Sounds like my van. Everytime we get something on it fixxed, something else goes wrong o.@;; 98 Pontiac Transport
  8. I want a grill... *cries* Those are beautiful.
  9. I had the Flexons, they lasted about a month (mainly because my 3yr old got ahold of them and literally tied them in a knot)
  10. Kings realm is where the royalty of the Soul Society reside. Royalty usually have treasure. Perhaps he's after something there.
  11. We should, as a people, dissolve the GoP. A good chunk of the party rides the coattails of morality and righteousness and God and Protecting the American people. And then they go and do something like this.
  12. That kind of retarded crap really ticks me off. "We the People" Not "We the Corporations, the lobbyists, the Politicians, The Man." People up top need to wake up and realize the only reason they're in charge is because we put them there, "We the people" can remove them as well.
  13. It seems as though it'll be an interesting series.
  14. Tite Kubo says "Thanks for the storyline help Sledge!" >.>
  15. Crap like that is why we need a Public Option in the Health Care overhaul. Republicans dont want it so that the health insurance guys can just keep the status quo.
  16. as far as people sueing doctors, in some cases it actually is Warranted (i've seen cases where they were operating on someone and left shit in the body which caused massive complications later on) For stupid shit that's the patients own fault though. yeh, its BS. But while yer under and crap happens. yeh.
  17. Personally I dont care much for private health insurers. A few years ago my wife had Starbridge, she was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer. We got on the phone with em and everything was fine, she went through the surgery, was good to go. Starbridge then yanked her coverage and called Cancer a pre-existing condition. I talked to several levels of management before i was able to get them to cover her again. That kind of crap is something i'd love to see ended.
  18. I believe they called that medicare, another system the government put into place back in the late 60s early 70s that was railed at by republicans and all the nutjobs out there said would end up putting the govt more in control of your life. Personally, i think Obama needs to grow a pair and instead of just bringing it in to debate about it, pass it through w/o any support from the right. The morons in the town hall meetings that are shouting their heads off in a few years if someone tried taking away this coverage would rail against them too. You keep saying read the bill. But I dont see anything malevolent in there. So imo let it pass. and let it do the good that it's going to.
  19. Been using Windows 7 for a few months now. Have to say that it (even in it's beta form) is more stable than windows XP was for me. I honestly cant say I can find anything bad about this OS so far. plan on picking it up this fall when its released.
  20. He and Ulquiarra seem to have been the only Vasto Lorde Arrancar he needs to show his power in his released form, Ulq was a Vasto Lorde (second release) im sure the Primera is as well, kinda confused about Yammy and what his level of power is. of course, I could be wrong and none of the Espada are Vasto Lorde, and they're all just puppets to wear down the captains so that the true Vasto Lordes can mop up. the way Toshiro put em, they were above captains level of power. so far, none of the Espada have been like that (Ulquiarra's second release seems to have been) I wanna see what the Primera can do.
  21. it's summer, too damn hot for snow. o.@ And now im sick, flu sucks -.-
  22. I quit celebrating that 5 years ago or so o.0... as for my day, I worked. Our mail server went down at work and so i answered calls like a robot for most of the days. "Ty for calling SRT Helpdesk, Our Mail Server is down. If that was your problem, we have no ETA on when it will be back up, try calling back later." Most people would hang up at that point >.>
  23. <-- Uses Google Chrome Beta ( or something of the sort) MUCH faster than firefox, uses nowhere near the resources, and more secure than both IE and Firefox.
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