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  1. Actually since Tosen showed his Ressurection. Im thinking the Hollowfied Ichigo that busted up Ulquiorra is actually his Ressurection. Bankai + Ressurection <.<;
  2. i had a similar problem when i moved in with my mom back when we tried going back to louisiana. yeh. I'd move out Asap. Sounds like a control freak (like my mom) in which case ye need to get yer son out of that enviroment. She starts tellin you how to raise yer kid. tell her to fuck off. Sorry, im the parent. I do things my way. I dont give a rats ass how anyone else does it. And it works for me. My kids are all great, doing great in school. And nice most of the time (when they're not filling my shoes full of snow while giggling maniacally -.-, or swapping my can of soda for a can of water so they could drink the soda -.-; ) In any case. They're yours. Noone else can tell you whats best for them, as noone knows them better than you.
  3. ... ... ... Hell if the neighbor dun like it, couple could buy em some earmuffs or something, thats just retarded.
  4. the ATI 58xx class are actually phenomenal cards (if you care to shell out 500+ for a card) Nvidia currently has nothing on em, and wont until the GTX 3xx's come out.
  5. Original Article Here Yes, I keep my citric acid and explosive chemicals in identical jars, just in case someone comes after mah acid.
  6. Personally it disturbs me to no end to see Congress, both at a state and especially at a federal level, doing these things. The US has always been a haven for those who are persecuted in one manner or another. Many of our ancestors were victims of religious persecutions in Europe and elsewhere, its why they decided to make the trip. Our constitution demands that Church (religion of any kind) and State (any level of government) be separate entities and that they should have NO involvement with one another. Any entanglement of Church and State should be expelled from the position that they are in. The government is elected for and by the people. As such it is our best interests that they serve, not their own. Not those with the money or power to grant them what they wish. But the people of this country. So frickin tired of politics and church getting in the way of progression and our freedoms.
  7. Rather sad that i hadn't started reading ths manga earlier. Really good series. Read through it today while at work ^^;
  8. Was thinking last night about the reason Aizen wanted the Vasto Lordes. Seems Aizen, Gin, and Tosen have masks. The stronger hollows that they kill, the stronger their masks become (guessing on that part, but Ichigo's mask seems to be following the same direction). The Vasto Lordes were never to become espada, they were fuel.
  9. The FDA ruled against it because the Sugar companies lobbied against it. YAY FOR CORPORATE AMERICA! You can still get it online (in pill form as well) just let the pill dissolve on the tounge.
  10. I watched it (i feel dirty) Decent effects, but most of the movie is utter BS. meh.
  11. i'd have declared martial law. I'd have looked through ALL of the ship instead of the pitiful little they have. o.@
  12. was a pretty good episode last night, left you wanting to strangle someone.
  13. TBH Any alien race that decides they dont like humanity, there won't be any fighting back, Any civilization that's advanced enough to travel between the stars and to do so in a realistic timeframe. will have technology advanced enough to say "bai gaiz" and we're gone. There is no resisting. It literally is "hey govt idiots. You screwed up and attacked them, now they're wiping out our entire world by causing our sun to go supernova" We as humanity need to wake up and realize that war is not always the best way of doing things. And that if we continue the trend, a bigger fish will eventually find us and end our little struggle. As far as this movie goes. I think i'll let it pass.
  14. The idiots in the health center tossed the lot of the vaccine in a freezer up here. then tossed it all out when it froze -.- yay for ND.
  15. actually sledge you could be entirely correct, Scooping from a star would ensure a much higher density of hydrogen scooped, vs the few particles you'd find during interstellar travel.
  16. sadder part is at the bottom right, 278 Sold.
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