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  1. bUGjUCHSKLM I think the title speaks for itself on that one. Pretty Impressive imo.
  2. Khellendross

    Samurai Wars

    thats awesome
  3. Khellendross

    Judge rules Day of Prayer unconstitutional

    So tired of Religion butting in where it doesn't belong. Now we need Congressmen to leave their religious views at the door when they walk into the capital building and this country will be on a road far more prosperous and free.
  4. Khellendross

    53 Glenn Beck Fans Get Towed

    The fans left the event held at the University of Central Florida only to find all their cars missing. Free parking signs were posted directing them to a Kappa Sigma fraternity parking lot where all 53 people later had their cars towed. dKSTJQjqZP4 Best laugh I've had in awhile.
  5. Khellendross

    Coolest. Soap. Ever: Han Solo in carbonite

    I'm with Eli on that one. o.0;; (Now a Leia soap...)
  6. Khellendross

    40 lbs of bacon + a very bored star wars fan

    Far too much patience (And the ability to withstand the lure of the bacon) for meh >.>
  7. Khellendross

    Obama Aid

    Aye because Faux Entertainment is a really great place for real balanced and fair reporting that in no way whatsoever leans towards the Repukes and their cronies at all. Would have nothing to do with anything of that sort.
  8. Khellendross

    Obama Aid

    Technically instead of multiple banks charging multiple interest rates, the govt where the student loans come from anyway decided to remove the banking middle man and give a single low interest rate across the board. And Myk, Thats what Republicans do.
  9. Khellendross

    Hey everyone! So who's still around after two year?

    how've ye been?
  10. Next time I drive to Bismark i'll take a camera along, we have alot of windmills going up all over down here.
  11. Khellendross

    Repukes gone wild....

    Seriously, the repukes spent several years saying anyone who was anti-war was Un-American. this retarded crap where they're threatening violence is about as Un-American as you can become. Really looking forward to November, I forsee them losing even more seats. They don't seem to learn.
  12. Khellendross

    New to WOW

    I canceled meh WoW acct a few weeks ago, got tired of the "need to schedule life around raid times" BS. wife still plays, but its kinda meh after 5 years o.@
  13. Khellendross

    Repukes gone wild....

    Keith Olbermann is awesome. Quite frankly the Republican party needs to go away. there is no need for conservatism any more, not the type they want (Rich get richer, poor get fucked)
  14. Khellendross

    Why RPG Heroes Are Jerks

    that was grand
  15. Khellendross

    Lost my Job

    What were you doing IRL?
  16. Khellendross

    I'm back. =)

    Nice seein ye around. what ye been doing? Edit: Nice sig
  17. Khellendross

    shitty winter

    Yeh, this morning i went outside it was -22F with 15-20 mhp winds. Windchills suck o.@. Mountains of snow all around.
  18. Khellendross

    Bleach - Current Manga in Japan

    A vizard ressurection isn't like the espadas. The only Vastro Lorde within the espada was Ulquiorra, who had a secondary ressurection, kind of like a hollow bankai. Ichigo's hollow has been devouring the souls of all those hollows that he's defeated so far, possibly making him a vastro lorde class as well. Meaning it may not be long before ichigo can use his ressurection at will. Tosen's Ressurection though was very sloppy. It had great power, far greater than his Vizard form, but as soon as he gained the ability to see, he lost his other honed senses. His sight was his downfall.
  19. I have a PUR faucet filter, (Brita jugs are annoying) also if you have access to the main line coming into your house, you could install a filter on that, then all the water in the house is filtered, believe you only have to replace the filter on that every 6 months or so.
  20. Khellendross


    shes very good
  21. Khellendross

    Happy Birthday Sledge!!!

    Happy bday Sledge!
  22. Khellendross

    Merry Christmas!!!

    Just finished putting together a dollhouse for my little ones... so...much..assembly o.@;;
  23. Khellendross

    Happy Anniversary!

    Happy Anniversiary. Belatedly >.>
  24. Khellendross

    My effing Mother-In-Law....

    Yeh. One of the benefits of living 1800 miles to the north of the rest of yer family is they dont bother ye. Which is nice >.> Just invest in a tazer, And tazer them everytime they move. Eventually they'll stop moving. And no worries anymore... right? Ok, so bad idea. But still. Let em know its yer kid. And that even though yer greatful they're letting you live there, that they need to respect your wishes on how you want yer kid to be raised. They had the chance to make an impact on this world with their son, and for better or worse thats the end of it, Yes, they can be grandparents, but as far as how to raise them, that relies solely upon yourself.