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  1. Khellendross

    A Beautiful Rant

    So my wife sent me this while I was at work, after reading it I realized that it described most of my family perfectly. So i'm going to post it here for your reading enjoyment. It's by a Massachusetts voter who wrote it in 2004. I'm putting it in spoiler tags A: it's a little long, B: good bit of cursing.
  2. Khellendross

    Stargate Universe - Current episodes

    Meh, I always hated SyFy's commercials. Usually its about some lame B movie coming up. They dont really have very many actual commercials. Canceled my satellite awhile back. can get what I want online.
  3. Khellendross

    Hurricane Disasters To Be Avoided With Bill Gates' Ocean Pumps

    my only worry is if they're cooling off the surface temps, that heat has to go somewhere, they'll be warming up the bottom layers of the ocean, melting the frozen methane located at the bottom of the ocean would be rather bad (methane is ALOT better than Carbon Dioxide at trapping heat) Global warming in high gear should that happen
  4. Khellendross

    Inmate Packs for his Prison Stay

    Some people make you realize that they contain much more fail than others. Literally.
  5. Khellendross

    A Beautiful Rant

    Wonder how long it'll take for the entire human race to cease being various races, and instead, all as one. Bet that scares the hell out of some people. I just wish I'd be alive to see that happen. So tired of racial bullshit people use to subjugate someone else. We're all on this rock together.
  6. Khellendross

    A Beautiful Rant

    New favorite saying.
  7. Khellendross

    Your first anime

    I have the same affliction! I have a VHS tape from back then when Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz played on Toonami. Dragonball Z was the first anime I got into, Was in 10th grade and a classmate introduced me to it.
  8. Khellendross

    A Beautiful Rant

    http://www.annotatedrant.com/ He actually has a few on here, reading through all of em now.
  9. Khellendross

    Manga Publishers Form Anti-Piracy Coalition

    BSG is the next series im starting this weekend, just finished Dollhouse
  10. Khellendross

    Happy birthday Khellendross!

    Thanks! I just realized I've been a member of this forum for almost 10 years.
  11. Khellendross

    Manga Publishers Form Anti-Piracy Coalition

    Haven't used Onemanga in awhile. Mangatoshokan loads better and usually has better versions.
  12. Khellendross

    Happy birthday Khellendross!

    Thanks Still kinda put off that everyone at work thought I was the oldest one there, turns out I'm the youngest.
  13. Khellendross

    Bleach in english...

    Current episodes of bleach are just past the Lust set, where Ichigo curbstomps Ulquiorra.
  14. Khellendross

    Oil spill in the Gulf

    They should arrest the top people at BP for spilling. If its good enough for a citizen, and now Corporations have free speech rights, then Corporations should now be able to be arrested.
  15. Khellendross

    Bleach in english...

    I rather Subs, occasionally I'll watch well done dubs, but those are usually rare >.>
  16. They seem to conveniently forget that there were Muslim-Americans that died as well. 59 of them actually
  17. Khellendross

    People need to mind their own business

    Thank you much for that vivid mental image. I'd personally be glad someone cared. Up here in ND people usually don't.
  18. I REALLY wish Obama would fucking grow a pair and man up. Israel has been acting like a bully over in the middle east for some time. People need to wake up and get their head out of their ass, Israel needs someone to give them a pretty severe dressing down, and leave the threat over their heads of the US not backing them up on things anymore as a consequence to their actions.
  19. Khellendross

    New Thundercats Series to Air in 2011

    I agree. This used to be my favorite, would hate someone to come along and fuck it up.
  20. Khellendross

    How to break into a car

    aiSTAcYl0_w Yer doin it wrong.
  21. Khellendross

    Super Mario Bros. Crossover

    It's on my favorite list for onemorelevel.com
  22. Khellendross

    Two Hours of Gaming is Equivalent to a Line of Cocaine

    I cried when Aeris died on FF7. That count? Never gotten any kind of high from gaming o.0.
  23. Except they cant get into Welfare/Food Stamps/Medicaid w/o valid info. They do pretty thorough checks into those kinds of things. As for taxes, they pay payroll taxes just like you and I, however they cant file returns, so where you or I may get something back from the IRS, they get nothing.
  24. Khellendross

    No Ordinary Family Trailer

    That looks really good.