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  1. Merry Yuletide! (Its all about the rebirth of the Sun anyway.)
  2. Wow, wonder how much longer it'll take for them to create something like that for bad cuts/gunshot wounds and larger injuries.
  3. Thats just retarded, Seriously need to have someone with an IQ higher than 20 rewrite their rules and procedures. It's getting out of hand.
  4. I had Mormons come to my door a few days ago, one wearing a Fox News jersey. Before he had even opened his mouth I told him I had no interest in anything he has to say, when asked why I pointed out his jersey and said that if he stood as part of a religion and then got his news from that pile of bigotry and hatred, then he was a hypocritical and needed to leave. First time I turned them away for something other than my atheistic tendencies.
  5. If ye look at teh image, its something coming up from his chest.
  6. Seems as though his Hollow side is acting up now that his Shinigami powers are gone.
  7. I was standing in the shower this morning just thinking about how they should make another one of these >.>
  8. Those are great, I've seen some done for WWII as well.
  9. There was an interview with Kubo Tite earlier this year in which he said there was no plans currently for the end of Bleach, no is the end currently written. Aizen isn't supposed to be dying in this arc either. So I dunno...
  10. Kinda curious how the Series is going to go on considering the Final Getsuga Tenshou that Ichigo is using now sunders his link to his shinigami powers.
  11. http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=view_all&address=102x4540495
  12. It's pretty good, been watching it since it started.
  13. sounds like you have much joy and excitement planned for your future. You should create a ribs recipe that utilizes bacon and a BBQ grill.
  14. I like my Kenshin theme. All the bright colors, I'm in a dark corner here at work, I dont really have any light over here. A bright computer monitor kills teh eyeballs. o.@;;
  15. looking forward to ichigo pulling out his mask once more. Think that'll be intresting.
  16. I rather like that Idea.
  17. They just updated it, there's a mile long sheen about 200-300 feet wide leading from the site now.
  18. Updated it with a better version
  19. this weeks was pretty good for a change. Much better than the whole "All hail Aizen, he ish our god butterfly!"
  20. http://www.earlyamerica.com/review/summer97/secular.html Also found this essay. Was a good read.
  21. The Treaty of Tripoli I'll Quote Article 11 from it. The above link is to the entire thing. So no. This nation was NOT founded on Christian values, or upon the Christian religion at all.
  22. That's how it is here. The others bring in their laptops and watch movies/game etc. As long as work gets done, everything's kosher.
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