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  1. I'm starting the 10 day free trial tomorrow!
  2. That actually would be a great idea. And thanks Dubie, for posting this before this get really out of hand and this forum gets flooded.
  3. The only thing I don't like about your signatures is how the people are streched out or compacted, although I like the idea of your sig's.
  4. Should I just save up for a set or start out just buying a few markers and expanding my collection?
  5. Yeah I was thinking about that although the sets are really expensive...
  6. I loved this series when I was younger. I used to try to act like them even trying to create my own armor out of cardboard.X'D
  7. Usually I perfer subbed but Naruto's japanese voice makes my ears bleed. >.<
  8. The saddest movie I have ever seen, I like it but always hate the end. I agree with you Akira, the animation was beautiful, just like all of Miyazaki's other movies.
  9. I've only seem the first 5 or 6 eps of the first FMP series. I'm trying to purhase more of the manga and get the boxed set. I love how the first sries blends action and comedy.
  10. X'D. Next time I play Guild Wars I should do some of this stuff! I should speak some of my known russian (I'm learning it).
  11. Heh, I have to agree with so many of those...( Are You Afraid of the Dark?-Loved that show. You know the profound meaning of "WAX ON, WAX OFF-X'D I've watched that so many times!)
  12. Don't diss RYL, that was a good game.. First beta I ever played.
  13. I can give you tips if you tell what kind of brushes you want to make (grunge, abstract,etc.)
  14. I love s.CRY.ed! I love how Kazuma has got the metallic arm thing-especially in his 2nd and final forms.
  15. *Has a Kirara/Kilala Plush* She is an awesome IY character, even though I barely watch Inuyasha because it comes on so late.
  16. Temari is so cute. But Itachi just looks so cool!
  17. X'd
  18. Ummm. I hope you know that the MPAA and stuff will be up your ass.
  19. I second that.
  20. flash flash revolution is cool but i prefer Stepmania
  21. Same, although not too fast or my feet get tyed up
  22. It's a very fun game, you should actually try playing it and actually make up a routine and it gets really fun.
  23. Heaven? By DJ Sammy? Does DDR MAX2 have Sandstorm? I know Max does
  24. Yeah, I'm good at paranoia. I'm going to do DtB, Paranoia, and Tsugaru later today.
  25. i just AA'd Drop the Bomb on Standard