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  1. Awesome siggy-BUT...The Saints will still suck. I bet you rep points that the saints will lose their first game >> *is probably going to be handing out some rep* *awaits the anger*
  2. HELLZ YEAH! I'm more partial to the x-3, but all of the crossbone gundams rock.IF I could pilot any suit, it would be... BALLL! Nah, I'm just kidding, check the spoilers. or.... Gouf Custom (I love this suit and the Gouf Flight Type) Now if we are talking Mobile Armors, I would love to wreck havok with either the Neue Ziel (pronounced Noy-a Ziel) or the Dendrobium.
  3. I have all three seasons of Samurai Jack! I have yet to see all of it yet. I heard that it didn't really have a finalized ending. That seems like a shame, since it was such a good show. I fondly remember sitting on the rug in front of the TV at my Grandpas house, putting together a 1/144 scale Epyon model and watching the premier movie thing. I know we have some Samurai Jack Fans here! Also, Dubie (wow, I just realized that we are calling her a slang word for a durg...) do you still have the Samurai Jack siggy you made me?
  4. Umm...almost every UC gundam has featured the Ball gundam. I think you might be thinking of 08th MS Team (along with 0080 these are my favorite gundam OVA series.)
  5. I totally agree with Strider-most of the popularity cam from the bishie like guys and the mechs. Although I did find the mechs designs sleek and original, having them take out like 5000 suits equivelent to GMs or Zaku 1s is crazy, even a Neue Ziel or Dendobrium (did I spell that right?) can't do that. On the political subject, I found that it was a little interesting, and in my mind Gundam Wing is the worst Gundam series, but certainly not one of the worse animes. It give it a 5/6 out of 10
  6. I am thinking about either buying or building a new computer. Getting the Fragbox with the guts in it or just getting a fragbox chasis are both expensive-$300 dollars for the chasis! I would love to get it, but 2,000 dollars is a little much for a 12 year old (13 next weekend) who will be in so much debt around November. Can anyone reccomend a computer brand that sells either cases like the fragbox, or a company that lets you build your own computer (aka Voodoo) but without the computers costing a fortune?
  7. This thread is for general discussion of gundam models, you can talk about the latest models, discuss techniques, post pictures, etc. NEWS: For a while now rumors of a Master Grade F91 have been floating around, but now they are confirmed, the F91 will be coming out in July and will also have parts to be made into the f90. The f91 will be roughly an inch shorter than the other MGs. Bandai also announced that the F91 will have a polycap-less body, so will it turn out like the G-Gundam Master Grades and their "Action Frame?" Only time will tell. My Opinion:The beam shield and overall looks of this mech are definitely making a good impression, and I will eventually purchase this item, although if the reviews are good, this item will end up on my self sooner, rather than later. My only gripe with this model is the size, I don't want my Master grade looking like a High Grade 1/44.
  8. Yeah, Blue Destiny 1 was a nice suit, as it looked like a cross between a Mk II gundam with the Titan color scheme and a RX-79 (mostly the G model, but not especially), although I forget what the second one looks like. Do they have the Blue Destiny suits on MAHQ? I still would kill for a Crossbone X-2 or especially the X-3 perfect grade, but I'm sure we both know thats not going to happen. On a side note, do you paint your models? If you do what do you use to paint and prime with? I usually use Gunze Sangyo paints and Mr. Surfacer to prime, and when I'm done I use Top Coat. At Otakon I'm probably going to pick up either A MG Ramba Ral Zaku I, a MG Gouf Custom, or Wing Zero Custom (probably this as Wing Zero would look great in MG with metallic gold paint.) Yes, I know I know WAY to much stuff for a 13 year old. Especially since i am currently on page 13 or a paper thing I am doing on my own accord about all of the gundam conflicts, like going into detail on some of the major battles, makign comparisons between some AU and UC suits, noting similarities between some series, especially bridging storylines from UC to AU, etc. Also noting some of the ace pilots and some of the suits used. I know I am obsessed, but hey, thats what happens when you have been watching (and loving!) Gundam since you were 6 or 7 (what year did GW first air on Toonami again?) On a side note, this is probably the longest post I've ever made, and especially the one with the least spelling and grammatical errors. I shudder when I see some of my earlier posts. Also, I have just realised how far off topic I'm getting, also its still on the topic of gundam (models).
  9. Ehh, not really, allthough if there are local hobby shops near you I would check them out to see. One time I went in my local HobbyUSA and to my suprise in the back of the store I found some gundam models On a side note: Bandai needs to make some MG Crossbone gundams-they are very nicely designed and I love the series. EDIT: Hopefully, since Crossbone is next in the timeline we might see some models soon, as there is no way in hell I'm paying over $100 for a resin kit.
  10. Yeah the one thing about hobby link jpaan, sometimes the shipping can cost just as much or more then the item.
  11. Ehh, without shipping, although if you wait longer , retailers located in The US will get it, and gyan, and it will be about 10-15 dollars tops.WooHoo-MG Gyan supposedly is a great model for a suit that good its arse kicked by the gundam.
  12. According to Hobby Link Japan and a few other sites, it will cost slightly under $30. It has this really cool red base thing to. Aqu- Kaempfer for $15? *faints* I can only now find it for $45-I loved 0080 and the Kaempfer especially.
  13. Anyone a fan of the 'Pumpkins' works? M yfavorites songs in the following order are: 1.Disarm 2.Bullet with Butterfly Wings 3.1979 4.Zero
  14. Excellent Gaara sig! The colors really stick out!
  15. Ps3.
  16. And I really like the outcome... Albeit kinda sissy, I really like the how the colors blend in this one. C&C!
  17. Hmm, I'm a Robert Frost fan myself so two of my favorites are "Fire and Ice" and "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" and
  18. Eeek! Sorry Dubird! Nice backgrounds everyone!
  19. They really are milking the Seed franchise in my opinion, just let it be!
  20. I hate living in Northern Virginia! Anywaays, even if I could go I'd somehow have to age 4 years.
  21. By any chance woulda a Neji one be in the works, if you catch my drift?
  22. I know about Ultraman and I'm 12....0_o. Excellent Drawing, by the way!
  23. Eppy is right. I believe this same arguement was brought up about Yu Yu Hakasho (Did I spell it right? I don't really watch it.) and the Gundam Wing boys.
  24. Haku=Guy Haku =/= Girl Anyway, Neji rules!
  25. W00t! I have been reading the Dark Tower series and am all the way up to the Wizard and the Glass. For Christmas my parents got me boks 4-7 in hardback!