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  1. WTF? Char was the pilot, but I guess since he was incognito, a Char Hyaku Shiki could've existed...maybe....
  2. Char even kicked arse when he was working for the AEUG as Quattro! Funny story: On a gundam modelling forum I was on, this guy was making a Char Custom Hyaku Shiki X'D (some people might not get it)
  3. Shiro Amada was pretty cool, Kamille and Amuro were also great, but Char/Quattro is the best character EVAR.
  4. Me and my brother use Ubuntu for each of our linux boxes, and I have no complaints.
  5. Postal Service=Win! Tears In Heaven - Eric Clapton (just ended) Next up is The W.A.N.D. - Flaming Lips
  6. Welcome Back! I started to wonder where you were....
  7. Yeah,Turn A I really need to watch, its just that the design of Turn A "turns" (HA!) me off, and I don't have the time, since I've been watching Zegapain. Negano's resign looks a little bit better, and I've heard the series is great, but I watched the first ep and didn't like it that much. Also, I lost my fansub of Victory Gundam, can you PM me or post a link in the fansubs forum with the link? I really want to watch it again before the master grade V, V2, V2 Buster, V2 Assault, or V2 Assault-Buster come out, as I love the mecha designs. I also need to find translations of Gundam Sentinel and Hathaway's Flash (both excellent novels from what I've heard)
  8. Welcome to the insanity that is AC! (Sorry to whoever I stole that from... I just had to say it first. )
  9. Amen, Strider! I hate all the Seed Fanboys/Girls who think its the best gundam series ever. Sure, some of the mech desings are sleek, but trying to retell the One Year War whihc HALF THE GUNDAM SERIES ARE BASED ON is just stupid. Have you seen Victory Gundam Strider? Its alot like Zeta, only without Quattro Bejeena *coughCharcough* and all the other OYW Characters. I like some of the mech designs alot better than some of Zetas wild designs (believe it or not, I never liked the Zeta Gundams Design) and it was written during Tomino's depression time, alot of the main characters die like in Zeta. (only a few more monthes till my perfect grade gp01!)
  10. This guy might actually put eppy to shame. I wish I had a room like that. On second thought-Nope, wouldn't want to be THAT obsessed.
  11. Along with The 08th MS Team, it is the most realistic gundams, and portrays the characters just as soldiers on a battlefield. And beside, 0080 had some of the best mecha: KAMPFER, Alex, Gelgoog J, GM Sniper II, and GUNCANNON MASS PRODUCED VERSION. Favorite Series (s) 1.War in the Pocket 1. 08th MS Team (tied) 2. Zeta 3. Victory (place Stardust Memory somewhere in there) Best AU Gundam is Gundam X But yeah, War in The Pocket was one of the Better Gundam Series IMO, although its animation is dated, like Zeta, that doesn't decrease your enjoyment of the excellent series. Have you seen any other UC Gundams GG? (Yes strider, I ranked 08th ms team and war in the pocket higher than Zeta Gundam )
  12. dual boot it. look it up...
  13. read the WHOLE above post. I said linux isnt that good fro gaming though, so I use windows for that.
  14. Lol.. All windows incarnations suck Mimiru. Linux is FAR superior, although since I don't want to try all these emulators and stuff I dual booted or whatever, my harddrive, so I can use windows for gaming, but mostly I use linux for everyday stuffs. and yeah...eppy nailed it right on the head. (I've always wanted to say that) lol.
  15. "Heatbreaker" by Led Zeppelin and "Moby Dick" by Led Zeppelin also.
  16. Only one thing was okay about the series: The ZAKU ZAKU HOUR!
  17. 3 Words that will make you cry: SD.Gundam.Force.
  18. Yup. Pretty soon GRX will come and eat you, so you might want to hide, or something.
  19. Ehh, I'm not THAT big a fan-YET. I have a pretty crappy amount of manga- only around 26 or so. I have one Box Set (getting another-Zeta Gundam (which I haven't seen in ages) soon.) I have about 60+ gigs of fansubs and stuff, and currently only have one gundam model, but am getting four more master grades (Zeta 2.0, Ex-S Gundam, (this thing will be a monster!) Master Grade Crossbone Katoki Redesign, and Wing Version Katoki (early type) and four fix figurations-DEEP STRIKER, Gundam Xi/Penerope, RX-78Gp-04 Gerbera, Crossbone X-3. I also, should add that I am getting all of the crossbone gundam manga, untranslated and still in originial packaging. I pale in comparison to Eppy and others. Oh yeah, I've been to Otakon 2 years running.
  20. Is there a way to do it? A cable or something? I am asking because it is much more easier for me to play my games where my computer is, then to go into another room and play my ps2. And generally, PC monitors have better resolutions. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  21. And this is what I came up with... Originally meant to be green, but I wanted to add a tone from link's hair. I fooled around with the effects and came up with these colors.
  22. Thanks! I used some grungy brushes in the background to give it some texture, then I used a few brushes from a new abstract brush set I just got.
  23. Yeah, AC went down on me for a while, and I didn't know it went through...>.<. Thanks though!
  24. I thought it was a disgrace to gundam. I did like the piloting system, although it needed some RainxAllenby to make me like it. *Aqu knows what I'm talking aboot*