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  1. did you know that the law fight about this song nearly stoped the whole movie.
  2. Does anyone know if the creators of the current BSG have referred to the undisguised Mormon theology of the original BSG, and to what extent theyve built on, or deviated from, that story arc?
  3. Are you serious....I made the article up....just go to Yahoo and search Melanie Mcquire appeal and you will find it.
  4. Nice but do I have to use my US Playstation Store account or will the game also be available in pal territories?
  5. I was wondering who everyone thinks should be the new characters for Stargate Universe??? The actors I mean.... What do you think????
  6. Just curious what theories yall have about this & when were gonna see little Bucklings popping up in the BSG verse.Commence discussion. Id love to hear the thoughts & theories out there. Please spoiler line anything thats true spoiler as in not yet shown in current episodes. Im just wondering what thoughts any & all have put into this arc with all the recent revelations going on.I personally have NO IDEA what to think... Especially since we have NO FRAKKING IDEA what exactly Starbuck IS in the first place. Do we even know it was her ovary they took????
  7. prospectors good peoplthanks jim for the paper hope it shows to all that gold are e an a great hobby an also to help clean yp the streams thanks again