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  1. Awesome Makes it sound cool, it's basically fencing, but with some unnecessary dance moves for show.
  2. Is he actually comparing the Apple TV to gaming consoles? Ok the Apple TV device is $100, but if you want to play anything on it, you have to get an apple device which will set the total cost above any of the consoles. Gotta love those Apple fan boys, it's not cool until Apple does it, spend $35 on Chrome cast. Apple has tried the whole gaming console before and it failed miserably.
  3. Looks good, have to agree, it looks more like an Avengers movie centered around Captain America than a sequel. Shoots down the helicarrier* well there goes several trillion dollars
  4. Yea I think they should just put it to rest for now before they ruin the series.
  5. There's an arcade shoot em up as well. It's just your standard shoot anything that moves arcade game. [.video=youtube; ][/video.]
  6. Anyone ever hear of Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen? My girlfriend got it for me for Christmas, she knows i love RPG's Anyway, it's a pretty good one, very in depth and long, I've got probably about a dozen hours in so far with no end in site. Anyway if you have a chance to grab it for cheap, it might be worth checking it out.'s_Dogma:_Dark_Arisen
  7. Wow... I didn't know they were still making this show GOOGLE, wow 200 episodes...
  8. I seen this a while ago now, not bad, I like it. My only complaint about is that it didn't have much of a back story at all like the first one did. Pretty much just a straight "shoot em up". Which is fine, just expected more, I'm guessing they left out story for a sequel or trilogy, but I don't think that will happen.
  9. Just Started playing Saints Row 4 last week. As always I love it, they really took it overboard this time though. I'm taking my time beating it, doing side missions and getting/upgrading powers etc. Love the whole matrix spin too. Has anyone else played it yet? Also which do you think is better Saints Row series or Grand Theft Auto series? I'm gonna try and put in a poll, but everything has changed since the last time I was on here.
  10. I agree with Sledge on this one, RPG's all the way. Normal gameplay/missions, I'm always a fan of shoties
  11. Hey Akira, I'm kinda the same, Every so often I'll check in with the intention of sticking around, but then work picks up, I get busy with other projects/gaming/anime etc. Don't feel bad about all the features, I don't even know half of them and I don't feel like learning the them Guess I'm kind of old school but it's kind of sad since I work in IT. Seriously it's good to see you, you defiantly need an avatar and sig. I was surprised to see mine still on photobucket, haven't used it in years. Haha, yea that must be it, now if we can just figure out how to get us to stay
  12. wow... just wow The construction worker one was pretty good
  13. Yea it is a problem, the only way I can think of would be a magnet, but I don't have any clue if that would even be possible. The debris would probably go right through the magnet. The magnet would probably mess with their instruments and other satellites too, so I guess the plan for now is to just wait and hope they fall back to earth to burn up in the atmosphere. Even the space station needs thruster to control and maintain it's orbit. On a side note, I don't know if this is true, (I would imagine it is) but I heard some satellites are equipped with thrusters for dodging and avoiding debris. Pretty interesting stuff, I've always been a big SCI-FI fan and reading up on this stuff kinda fuels that lol Anyway I think this post has turned into a private conversation so this will be my last post.
  14. I didn't realize they were sending such large satalites up. The 3D printer could probably also be scailed back since it wouldn't need to print in a huge variety of materials, probably mainly metals. That's true, they could just be un-maned, that would work. I'd say the only other potential problem would be keeping it in orbit while it's being made, it would have to be moved around as it was being made to maintain it's orbit. Which mean maneuvering thrusters etc, would be needed to keep it "afloat". A project like this could cost billions, but once everything was set up, they'd just have to launch rockets for materials, assuming it's fully un-maned. Just thought of one more thing, I seen a show years ago about space debry. They said that it is very dangerous to everything in orbit. Which is why astronauts don't spend much time outside the space station. That could also be a concern and could potentially ruin the project. It may not be such a problem anymore, they said on the show that they were going to try and clean it up and this shows was on TV years ago. Just something else to think about lol EDIT: Found this It's interesting stuff. 500,000 pieces of debris and traveling up to 17,500mph, that's impressive. With all the debris, the larger the structure, the larger the threat. You'd think the pieces would eventually burn up in the atmosphere, but I guess the earths orbit keeps them up there. The China thing was a stupid idea, that stuff needs to be brought down with shuttles or broken up and burned up in the atmosphere.
  15. That's the only way to get anywhere with space travel. The ships that would be required for space travel would be way too large to take off from the surface. I don't think this tech is quite there yet. Don't get me wrong, the printers are there, there's a place near me that has one that the military uses. I went to see it for work, couldn't see it, classified BS, but he said most 3D printers, once it prints something, you have to file off the imperfections. However with the one they have, he said it's ready for use as soon as it comes out, nothing it wasted and it can print in almost any material, metals included. Pretty cool stuff, too bad I couldn't see it. Anyway he said it was a massive machine, had to be to be able to print in so many materials. So I think it would be difficult to get one to space, but not impossible, but I don't think the robots are quite there yet. I mean does NASA even have any robots that can make repairs unattended? Give it a 3D printer, if it messes up, it could be life or death, just like those cars that can brake on it's own, very dangerous if the computer malfunctions.
  16. They probably will have them fixed in about 6 months, but if you buy on launch and have a hardware problem, your either screwed or have to wait a month or two to get it back from Microsoft Awesome My brother got a Wii U and plays "classic Mario" on it, told him to give me the Wii U and he can use the NES that's in the basement lol Yea I agree, it was either a bunch of 5 year old's or a bunch of adults arguing about something stupid like which superhero could beat who in a fight
  17. I thought it was a pretty good movie.
  18. I like the end of it, the guy is the only one still sitting and the Roman dude is just kinda like get up and run lol
  19. Yea, I've always said they needed to take 10 to 20 years off and develop technology, I mean look how old the shuttles were. The shuttle Endeavour was built in 1991, most people don't even have cars that old. Granted the shuttles are way more expensive and should last longer, but look at the punishment they take every time they launch. Doesn't look like they took much time off lol
  20. Wow I know so many people that would be flipping for joy over a Beetlejuice 2. I'd watch it, but I wasn't a huge fan of the original one.
  21. Yea I agree, every time they went into space they used 500,000 gallons. I think it would be cool and more efficient if they used a type of rail gun system like in Blue Gender.
  22. It doesn't mater if there were rivers on Mars. Don't get me wrong, I think it would be awsome to start a colony lol but the problem is we can't safely get there. But I suppose finding water would be a start, but also while they spend Millions on Mars and other space programs, the economy takes longer to recover and the government shutdown didn't exactly help that either.
  23. Agreed meatbag lol Sledge, I can't believe you've never played KOTOR before!! It's the best Star Wars game ever and has the best twist in it. This is one of my favorate games of all time, The second one was good too, but Bioware hit this one out of the park. I forget who made the second one, but it wasn't as good. Now I want to play KOTOR lol
  24. Greetings programs! I had to, I loved the original, it was far beyond it'd years. All the actors said they didn't even know what terms like, byte meant at the time. I also originally thought the suits had lights on them, but they didn't have a single light on them. They sent out the frames and had them colored but it looked great for it's time. Anyway, I've watched Tron 2 and the anime uprising and thought they were both pretty good. I can't wait for the new one. This post has been promoted to an article