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  1. Luffy, hands down. Off Topic: Link, some things I just noticed about your sig: Two is spelled wrong. You're missing the w. Also, theres some fairly noticable white space under the face on the right.
  2. I prefer the subs in most situations. However, there are a some animes out there with truly good dub voice acting, and I'm perfectly willing to watch those.
  3. Eva, you should die for posting that pic.
  4. If they even consider pushing the date back, I'm going to walk all the way to the animation studio (it being overseas won't stop me) and hit Tetsuya Nomura until he gives me a copy.
  5. Asrienne, the first step is admitting you have a problem. We're all behind you. Help is available.
  6. 0_o
  7. I'm good at photoshop, but not for the purpose of making banners. I'm more of a special effects guy. Rotoscoping Lightsabers and stuff.
  8. I'm pretty damn sure its "gaio." I can't hear any t's in there. Anyways though, its not nearly the worst dub opening ever. *recalls Step Into The Grand Tour*..... and we canadians are lucky. We usually don't even get your american openings. Such as for DBGT, instead of Step Into The Grand Tour, we got the tune of Dan Dan Kokiro (the original japanese opening) with this english singing over it. It wasn't actually that bad, cause at least there was no wannabe rappers.
  9. Gaio Gaioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  10. I'm a lot like Shogo Kawada from Battle Royale. (Which was a book first, then a movie, and then a manga, so this fits the topic. Although the manga sucked due to a shitty american adaption.) Edit: I can't believe I forgot Yusuke from Yu Yu Hakusho. I resemble him quite a bit too.
  11. The anime/manga selection in stores here in Canada is excellent. I've never had a problem finding anything I wanted.
  12. X'D X'D X'D
  13. Man all this DDR talk is making me wanna play again....... but I can't, seeing as I don't have an arcade in my house.
  14. Knowing you personally, I say: Utter bullshit.
  15. Not to be "politically incorrect" but has anyone else ever noticed that asian people kick complete and utter ass at DDR? Seriously, I can't count how many times I've seen asian guys pwning at DDr with a big crowd watching them.
  16. I get it, but its disgusting and unfunny.
  17. DDR is The Sum Of All Games. That's all there is to say.
  18. I've made a rule recently never to play MMORPGs again, because I don't see the point of paying monthly fees to run around slaughtering rats or whatever it might be for the first week or two until I can afford to buy clothes, and then going to a slightly different looking area to kill the next monsters, and so on. They also just take up to much time, without enough payoff.
  20. Yeah, Bebop is excellent. And Naruto is this cool manga about Ninjas-In-Training.
  21. I have: Dragonball 1-2, Dragonball Z 1-2, Yu Yu Hakusho volume 1-3, Gundam: The Last Outpost 1, Gundam Wing 3, and Shaman King 1. I also have all the Shonen Jumps for the last six months or so.
  22. I enjoyed DBZ. I don't watch it anymore, due to lack of point, but I still buy and read the mangas. I'm also following DB on YTV right now, since I haven't seen the full series before. Alot of people don't like G-Gundam, but I really thought it was a refreshing break from the normal gundam forumula. As for my personal dislikes......... I don't really have anything. All Anime has its target audience, and even If I don't fall into it for a specific anime, I'll still watch it. I'll even watch stuff like Pokemon, Digimon....... who cares what people say? Its entertaining enough.
  23. Well, I maxed out FF7's time counter. I've also played through Metal Gear Solid at least 5-6 times.