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  1. or your fav youtube channel whatever? i'm looking at vlog on this UK? girl for about a week now who's been training to compete in Muay Thai in Thailand. she looks so small and cute but she's really tough and very respectful to Thai locals/competitors, and it's pretty entertaining to watch her since she won 2 of her first matches with ko. her training looks intense too [ame=]YouTube- Journal Update Before Fight - Video Journal, Lanna Camp[/ame] training [ame=]YouTube- pad work with Den, round 2, 7 days before next fight - Female Muay Thai, Lanna camp[/ame] 3rd round match ko [ame=]YouTube- My First Thai Fight, Loi Kroh, Round 3 - Female Muay Thai, Lanna Camp[/ame]
  2. ^ Haha I read about it on news. I almost dropped my jaw when I read that actress comparing Trig as a loaf of french bread under Palin's arm LOL. That's way more severe than what Family Guy tried to do.
  3. that's what happens when you make piranhas and brass knuckles illegal..
  4. This story died fast surprisingly. I don't know if it's because he wasn't a minority or there were too little casualties (thankfully) to care.
  5. that's messed up agreeing with kite's last sentence
  6. lmao.. pro wrestling in 5 sec -X
  7. lady: i watch youngturks's hilarious when they make fun of palin and teabaggers lol gg: yea and she can kick my ass anytime haha
  8. damn that sucks. sorry to hear. what a jerk.
  9. tap dancing? fake whales? geez. lol. I doubt they had anything to do with Canada. Good thing I turned it off after all the teams have entered. I heard they even had malfunction on one of those torch about unprepared as whole world was watching Ouch
  10. BBC does? Anyway watched Australian coverage on Women's Gymnastics in 2004 on youtube. They covered everyone competing which was fun. It's just boring watching one team over and over without any variations. This is Olympics after all. I'm also rooting for Romania. Damn, opening ceremony sucked Give our lands back dance by Natives were creepy.
  11. I'm pretty sure it's tonight. I'll give another 30mins. I just wanna watch Korea to enter. Korea did good on speed skating last Winter Olympics so I'm excited about that. Don't know why they still have curling crap as one of Olympic games. Can't believe they showed that guy from Georgia die. I think they constructed that coarse wrong? It said 12 other athletes had similar accidents although they weren't seriously hurt. I hate NBC though..they always and mostly show Americans and ignore other competitions/competitors. Oh well.
  12. Still no snow here. It's not even that cold either compare to other days.
  13. lol @ opening with random pics girl it's going to be tight liu kang better suck it in lmao
  14. rotfl!! useless!
  15. LOL! X'D love the dancing part haha i heard briefly about ipad on news yesterday and only positive feature was taht it allows a touch screen keyboard and since you can't even play games with it so just get a laptop they say lol
  16. I think it's mostly used on pimple popping, a multi billion dollar business lol
  17. damn that's scary
  18. It's a common cycle now. Anything under or past 5 years is good for another reboot or remake lmao.
  19. That makes sense lol. I don't know why I believed that. That reminds me whenever I got new goldfish, goldfish didn't look up until fish food slowly sank. When they realized food came from above, they also noticed my hand dropping them. Even some weeks later when I was just pretending to drop fish food, they automatically went up to surface and opened their mouths expecting fish food. Pretty cool article
  20. the one with long hair looks the best. awesome overall
  21. WTF are they seriously discussing that? ;; "My kid knows how to find a first aid box after bitten by a zombie," "What if those kids become mutants themselves?"
  22. I think everyone has a good point. I also think he should really come to the show and meet with him, unless he has history with a lead singer himself like holding hands lol. But I think it's cute that your bf cares about you so much, although little extreme.
  23. ^ lol that sucks i think th eUS is also planning that. it's so ridiculous now.
  24. I lol'ed when i heard that news last week. Now we might have to strip to pass the airport security checkpoint thanks to that undi's getting ridiculous. i bet if those terrorists are smart enough, they'll probably target bus and train station next time instead since it's too much hassle. D'oh.