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  1. there were mini earthquakes in Jerry springer show in an episode pie and fat naked people..either that or camera was shaking like crazy lol
  2. i thought that was what the mushrooms were for..i can't imagine them being that serious with wearing a frog suit on though
  3. SPs uncensored depiction of Prophet Mohammed has been already floating around in youtube for ages. Not one death threats to them or anyone for this. This is just another same public stunt over and over again to boost ratings. There are billions of Muslims out there but one wacko kills a guy..yea. They would be dead by now if those threats were that serious.
  4. almost never want to flush your toilet ever again haha
  5. there was a national prayer day? what annoys me is pledging allegiance every morning to an american imperial flag was something I didn't believe in so i did not participate (that was before i got my citizenship) when i was in middle through HS, although all my teachers were forced us to do so, threatening to punish us etc. I'm sure this is some of a different issue to "under God" deal for others that which you may have problem with. now i stand up at least when national anthems play or hearing pledging allegiance when called on jury duty, although not putting my hand on my heart, not reciting anything, as an American citizen out of whatever respect I have left for this country when i go to basket ball games and whatnot. but i agree that it's stupid that they ask public or force school children to do this either for religious or nationalistic reason.
  6. har har and you'll be like try to balance and recite now biatch
  7. lol that's hilarious. take that kidnappers. you should add a picture of stick policemen surrounding the car afterwards
  8. damn strider is a gundam wikipedia lol that looks awesome even its crotch is flashing i have two small models thinking of getting the bigger heavyarms later. building was fun while it lasted but i didn't know what to do with em afterwards. they collected dust eventually so i tossed them away somewhere
  9. what's that thing says on the tree behind? oh my new car. where that come from. congrats
  10. fondlable
  11. from youtube comments "U.S.A is a prime example of why two airplanes just wasnt enough" lol damn
  12. not that there's any guarantee to lower criminal activities or any easier to spot those bloodthirsty militia but it will be safer just to get rid of them altogether other than sporting activities school shootings (which is just way too many), pissed off worker shootings, or accidental shootings etc, which all can be avoided because of an easy access to their parents' handguns or walmart near you.
  13. no one is loyal to their states anymore so how can a civil war be even possible now? do they really think they are gonna drive around their neighborhood and shoot random people? i never heard anyone talk about secession in texas, not from local news or anywhere/anyone, and fox news and cons radio talk show made a huge deal out of it a couple times that texas was ready to leave if they didn't get their way, and they just ate it all up.
  14. lol @ 16 year old demanding blacks to leave walmart. wtf? black population still make up more or less than only 16% in the can't blame majority of them for voting a half white man to the office..geez.
  15. she gets a million $ per episode. damnnn "don't retreat, just reload" thing you know we are gonna have IRA car bombings like in northern betcha
  16. it's too long and don't really care about takamura and others. probably end up like inuyasha forcing us to look at manga for ending. i think first season and championship road patched up everything nice. happy ending. since miyata was not even a same league with ippo anymore soa rematch with him will be boring. hated that rematch with sendo too. ippo's fights were getting repetitive anyway = gets beaten half to death, regains confidence, then wins.
  17. just finished 1st season and champion road. i don't know how i got started to watch but if i knew it was this long i would not have lol. but it was very good, loved the goofy ending. i don't think i'll watch 2nd season though.
  18. woah nice. at least if youfell snow would've break your fall X_x;;
  19. lol @ kite's comment. yea it looks that way haha 2nded lady in boots <3
  20. nice observ gg looks cool
  21. lol did someone take a leak on that spot?
  22. jacket on jacket off haha