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  1. Thousands of people who really cared about this issue who had no money cut off their long hair for their clean up effort but BP said they didn't really plan on it so it's in a storage CNN reports last week. Hope they don't go to waste. They had some list of celebs who were raising awareness or donating money to oil disaster area. Can't find the article now but I think Ashton Kutcher donated a couple millions, James Cameron was on it too, and Kevin Costner has spent $20 million+ of his own money to build and research on an oil spill cleanup device. Kudos to all of them that try
  2. They (US) choose not to rebuild WTC twin towers. They choose to invade the wrong country. They choose to use ground zero as a grave and a tourism site. They (B00sh) choose not to catch Osama who was responsible. WTH? Get over it. It's been almost a decade. 9/11 was exploited for foreign oil in Iraq. It's been forgotten. You don't need this new event to bring your sour memories back. It's not wrong for others like Muslim-AMERICANS who had nothing to do with 9/11 to decide what to build with their money. They have every rights to do so.
  3. What's funny is 9/11 victims of family members that choose to receive their millions added up to billions in total yet did nothing. Yea, why didn't you guys build a shrine? At least protesting with their fat pockets is cheaper I guess. It's convenient for them to bring 9/11 victims families to attack Islam though when cons talkheads been known to insult 9/11 widows for taking free money and wanting some more. Those that choose to deny shutup money and question govt to fight in court died coughaccidentlycough like Beverly Eckert. abc prime - how Muslims are treated in USA[nomedia=]YouTube- abc Primetime - How Muslims Are Treated In USA[/nomedia] Thankfully there are still tolerant people out there instead of fear and paranoia rules their lives. If it wasn't a Mosque, no one would care.
  4. Sadly the world will probably see 3rd Jewish temple rebuilt in Jerusalem before they'll see WTC/Freedom tower rebuilt in New York and that's saying a lot. They are pissed because no one's willing to spend their money and time to do anything about it and that Muslim-Americans are willing to do something for their community at least with other healthy modifications like gym, theater, and gift shops attached to that 13 fl mosque building (Sounds like a massive mall center to me). Anything will look better than a mental graveyard they have over a decade to be honest. Time to move on and heal.
  5. Rotfl
  6. typical double standard of US foreign policy quick to condemn NK for torpedo attack without proof a week later they are sheltering Israel like they can do no wrong
  7. People are not against legal immigration. Sure this law will not fix the problem entirely but hoping it'll facilitate, but somethings gotta be done. I think this is one of those trials and errors law since the US govt will never secure its border. "Seventeen states now seek Arizona-style crackdown on immigrants"
  8. Arg..hits close to home. It was while back but when I was interviewing for a job the manager told me I already had 2 jobs so why do I need it more and I'm like wtf? I got out there and reported my SS but they said they can't really do anything because there were little info about it and told me it could just go away or check back 6 months later for any signs of activity. I got lucky though since that was the only one incident and he probably abandoned it after I reported it and moved to somebody elses'. Good thing my last name wasn't some fucking Martinez to ruin my credit.
  9. Really, they don't have to because illegal immigrants don't have a legit drivers license. It is cops' procedure when they stop someone and then to check on them. If they get caught, then they are arrested and send them to immigration detention center, not Judge Dredd ruling literally ship them off themselves lmao. No extra donuts payment necessary.
  10. I wish the law passed here. I also live in one of southern states with "them" everywhere so it's a huge prob here too. It's not that I don't have issue with racial profiling but because of too many crimes committed by them. My brother's new car was vandalized, and my neighbors' houses been robbed couple times all within past 6 months alone after the new apartment complex was built near and many hispanics and blacks moved in there. I see new gang members hanging around at gas station, grocery stores, and urg my list can go on. They don't have to show papers to cops. Cops can check it and ship them back or to jail if they aren't trigger happy to shoot little girls or taser grannys. Whatever they deserve.
  11. Please tell me you guys didn't have that basketball pole thing all that time because I've been hallucinating lately
  12. *pokes GG's mutated tongue* Get well X_x
  13. couldn't even finish watching the 1st one and passed on 2nd i'm in awe that they are attempting to make another one..
  14. action scenes were superb but i don't know i really dislike the characters, except Ivan lmao. but yes it was better than the original definitely
  15. make it a big one hehe
  16. didn't know they were beneficial like that. and i wanted them dead..
  17. You guys should make a cute little pond to raise ducks and turtles to swim in haha..
  18. Do cats eat toads? Hope so. What if it attracts snakes to your garden you never know
  19. Taxi chase scene is my fav part. I love that Arabic music that plays during. ------------- 3:25 :40 I was little skeptic and try to compare at the sametime but I can't get the timing right. Good for her if she really sang it. That's awesome.
  20. I read a little bit of short review before watching so it gave me a little bit of hint on who to look out for as bad guys (mainly the flight crews) but yea the ending twist was good. I kept thinking this was how Event Horizon should've been. The monster part I had no clue about so I liked it. Thankfully they explained why they were there and who they were. And more monster meant more of Antje Traue so no complaints here haha
  21. Finished watching it not too long ago. this was really good. pretty intense and kept you guessing who the real villain was throughout
  22. check out that hot russian mail order bride he's carrying around next to him
  23. *presses back button*
  24. 6.9 mag-boobquake in Taiwan this Monday.