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  1. [ame] [/ame][ame] [/ame]
  2. Hah, I was shocked the way Sophia ended up. New episodes next week
  3. I've finished 1st season a couple days ago but i just wish i haven't looked up characters info on wiki b/c now i know who dies. It's a really great series. I'm glad they'll going to have 13 new episodes instead of 6 from one season.
  4. listening to sinead o'connor and wondered what she looked like today so i googled. i was kinda shocked because she's only like 40 years old before - around mid 90s so pretty with or without hair [nomedia=]YouTube- Sinéad O'Connor-Famine[/nomedia] and now.. [nomedia=]YouTube- Sinead O'Connor Late Late Show April 2010[/nomedia] ------------------------------------------ angela cartwright another hottie from lost in space as penny robinson and sound of music as brigitta such a beauty when she was young - during mid 60s [nomedia=]YouTube- Space Girl[/nomedia] and now just your average jane [nomedia=]YouTube- Angie Cartwright interview at Barnes & Noble[/nomedia] ------------------------------------------ i have had bad diet/habits for over a decade now and it definitely affected my skin/health and probably irreversible to some level. both of my parents' side don't get white hair until they are well into their 70s which is kinda cool. but peoples been assuming i'm older than my brother even though my brother is older and taller..hurts my feelings lmao i'm still working out but now only once a week and really forcing myself to. don't know if i can keep this up but i'm planning to change my diet at least try to be healthy again are you taking care of yourself or are you just planning to go with the flow since life is short lol?
  5. lol actually fo x was down playing it while ppl in vermont and 40 ppl had a shitty week with Irene. east cost, with danielle last year, has been lucky so far but looks like katia(?) is going to hit the gulf again. URG. i hope not
  6. How do you even remember what happened when you were a baby? I had an open heart surgery when I was like 2 years old. They said they stopped my heart to operate so I guess I was dead for a short time. Well anyway glad you are alive. I'd rather die than experience another stomach flu though.
  7. I hope not. They just lost two already lol
  8. Will check it out. love them zombies. Btw, you guys should watch La Horde (The horde)..Best ****ing zombie movie I've seen so far lol
  9. what about bob? independence day the ghost and the darkness you should know they ship your dvds slowly after your first month is up. sometimes they wait two..three days until they respond to your next dvd and you have to wait for awhile for newly reased movies so that's another downside so if you already download new/old movies from online for free i think it's pointless. but it also has its good side like for instance if you are craving for winona ryder movies, you can search movies through actors/actresses easily and find related videos underneath and suggestion tag/reviews etc.
  10. drop a bomb to save a life everything has to be th eUS business. no wonder the whole world hates you and create more terrorism all over the globe :tdown::tdown: btw anti war protesters were arrested yesterday outside white house for "commemorating" iraq war anniversary. fucking hypocrite.
  11. i hope media is hyping about radiation could reach the US.. anyway no looting, raping, murdering etc. kinda refreshing to watch after katrina and haiti [ame] [/ame]
  12. i thought guantanamo had no trials to begin with and locked up for years sucks what people have to go through.. watch in the name of the father..i bet the trials won't be fair either.
  13. [ame] [/ame]
  14. damn i thought the death toll was only few hundreds (like recent New Zealand earthquake) but now i hear it could reach more than a thousand?? RIP to those who perished
  15. eh for me i'm kinda tired of hearing about kate middleton. media wants to create 2nd diana and it's so obvious. and all the ridiculous items they try to sell too from cheap plastic wedding plates to kate middleton's doll for $200 lol
  16. 2,300 americans go missing every day 300,000 ppl die every day world wide i'd say leave charlie alone if drugs make him happy. american media is too nosey
  17. that sounds better to me i've avoided her movies since tomb raider but i think it'll suit her as a catwoman more than hathaway.
  18. happy belated birthday!
  19. Scientists poke holes in NASA’s arsenic-eating microbe discovery
  20. [ame] [/ame]
  21. i saw this on news. the catholic league put up a counter billboard ($18,000) to retaliate the atheists america billboard ($20,000) but honestly both are childish spending that kind of money to insult each other. but it's their money, their business. no one's forcing each other to look at it so.
  22. --The young ladies were going through the scanner one by one, and every time one went through, this guys face was getting redder and redder.-- lmao.. --"What do you want to do, get blown up by a goddamn Arab at 30,000 feet or we get to see your private parts? It's up to you, the ball's in your park," head of the TSA's scanning department, Rodney Schroeder, told CNN.-- that's not even logical. if he believes it's the arabs, then why molest everyone else who don't want to get scanned. how's patting down a 3 year old blonde girl helps anything? ridiculous. [ame][/ame]
  23. SK has too much to lose from this but it seems like SK and the US are the ones provoking NK since early this year..they have yet to prove early attacks that killed 46 SK sailors in march was done by NK. SK's capital has 10 million ppl..and near cities/province of total 25 million, half of SK's population all crammed up just southwest to NK border. SK doesn't even have nukes to retaliate (US won't allow it) so one button from NK and it'll be all over, even if China and US intervene, it'll be too late for SK. i just wish US would let SK and Japan build nukes and leave E.Asia and stop playing world police. it just makes NK and China nervous, nothing more.
  24. most religions don't teach permanent hell. rather annihilationism or universalism are more popular among modern christians today imo. i don't even think orthodox jews believe in afterlife. close/similar/other religions see purgatory or reincarnation as alternative took me more than a decade to convert to a religion that has a concept of eternal hell. that wasn't the only reason i converted either. but then again, if ppl don't believe in hell, it shouldn't bother them at all nor generalize in thinking ppl only convert because they are scared of only that. i took a world religion class some time back (it's more like a history class i had little choice). i think it was good for me. it just gives you a wide understanding of tolerance and awareness of different culture/religion, and gives insight to those who never had a chance to step outside of the US in years. i had no tolerance for other religions before, but it gave me a sense that not everyone has to believe in samething to get along, whether you are religious, nonreligious or not. sure, i still think they are wrong but at least i can be respectful towards their variety of beliefs and expecting them to return me the same. so i recommend it to anyone interested. ---------------- btw speaking of politics/voting and religion, i will never understand gun totting nascar christians or gun totting atheists or whathaveyou. it's just a crazy violent american thing i'll never accumulate to my lifestyle.