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  1. Clean coal refers to coal that underwent any clean coal technology (CCT) process. The Australian Coal Association describes clean coal technologies as technologies that are designed to enhance both the efficiency and the environmental acceptability of coal extraction, preparation, and use. It is meant to reduce emissions and wastes as well as increase the amount of energy gained from each ton of coal. Currently, there are a lot of CCTs in use and in development but their economic viability still remains to be seen. Here is a link that might be useful:
  2. The concept of clean coal is said to be a solution to climate change and global warming by coal industry groups, while environmental groups maintain that it is greenwash, a public relations tactic that presents coal as having the potential to be an environmentally acceptable option. Greenpeace is a major opponent of the concept because emissions and wastes are not avoided, but are transferred from one waste stream to another Here is a link that might be useful: