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  1. I just wanted to start this thread now. Too early in the morning to start a rant. As this thread grows it's rant reason will become evident. I'll start with my cat Fuzzy. Or as I call her Miss Precious Perfect/CrazyCat. Even now as I'm getting up, before I can even make coffee. She has made me check her food, begged for pounce and wanted me to let her out. She didn't go out, she was just testing me to see if I'd open door. Sure might seem innocent, that I have too much time with cat. I'll be posting all the other crazy stuff she does to show her supiority over me. It gets worse, a lot worse.
  2. Doing my own research. Thanks Lady again for putting it all in one place. Women's rights is one of my biggest issues. I am in constant disbelif, though I shouldnt be (Idiot Nation) At how women and girls are still treated in this day and age. Like extremists throwing acid in the face of young girls just going to school. I have to be selective as I start my activism. This is a priority, Id could care less how america fucks itself up, outside of ppl who think, the rest deserve it.
  3. Lady, you bastard,lol. Its a cool network ,I love it! Mainly, all Lady all the time. I love Ac and its inner circle, the new is more of why I came to AC
  4. Just don't get the cat addicted to home grown nip. Fuzz won't even acknowledge store bought.
  5. So cute that Damn Cat of Mine.
  6. after a full day outside. Fuzzy on the Mountain of Blankets. (Don Knotts Voice) "That's way too many Blankets"
  7. To our Feline and Canine friends. Even though we gotta pick up the mess sometimes. I hope all future crazy Pet stuff will be posted here. I see a lot of Ditto posts all over, figured when I started thread it would all be in one place.
  8. Chesus Crackers, that thread title jumped out at me. LOL. I used to try other drinks but due to too many exorcist moments, my 12pk tried and true. LOL. Neat thread though.
  9. Fringe is the best show youre missing. Completely amazing. Top quality. If you're not watching, give it a try, watch one episode and you'll be hooked. After 5 minutes of trying to find the Family Guy thread on AC, I gave up and will post comment here. "Lois, I don't want to alarm you but I think I may be Jesus" I miss that Peter Griffen logic that makes even dumb things smart. New episode tonight on Fox. 2/15/09. Don't know if it will be a good one, they hit and miss. But there's a chance.
  10. on Fox for those Family Guy Fans sick of repeats.New American Dad too.
  11. for google. Checked my yahoo mail tonight. Full page ads when you check mail, and everytime you hit another folder. And I do mean full page ad, you gotta scroll down to view email box. I can understand banner ads but that's ridiculous.
  12. Yeah, Im happy with gmail, got two accounts. But with many band pages, its easier to use different email clients when signing in. But that makes me think. I use google chrome its so easy to sign into my gmail. No signing out or anything. I just wanted to share my outrage at good companies going out of their way to screw us, dont get me started on myspace. I wish you saw the full yahoo ads, its terrible. Thanks for the replies.
  13. good to know. I need mulitple emails for my band pages. Want to lose yahoo. Thanks for the info.
  14. Let's keep the quote war occasional. lol. My second fav Peter Griffen quote After a Peter Rant Brian "Do you listen to yourself" Peter "I drift in and out" I go on many rants, changing topics like that, so I love that quote.
  15. On the help with cleaning thing. Nice. Fuzzy on the other hand, hates a clean house, it flips her out. She's been so needy and not leaving me alone. So, today, I brought Home the fuzzy mice she likes, catnip and two flavors of pounce. She's loving it and hasnt harrassed me, she thanked me a lot. I tried to call her up for a pet she jumped up, let me pet her and was gone. Mission accomplished. Give me some pet free space in this small house. Two notes, I saw that fishing thing with a fish or mouse that Sledge uses, did not consider, Fuzzy needs to be independant. And second note. I minds well through the nip out, she doesnt like it. Shes been getting her buzz in the past from ladys cat nip plants brought here, Spoiled her. They do have different texture qualities. That all I can say for now. She crammed so much Crazy Fuzzy stuff since Ive been home with presents. It would be impossible to post all.
  16. On Hell Kitchen. He gets angry. I don't even think Jesus would do good on that show. On, Fringe, yes I hate having to wait to find out the secrets, But I forgive the show everytime the DR inadvertently makes a joke due to being crazy. Also for ppl who still think it has a csi quality. Its in a lab but think more Mad scientist. Frankenstein stuff.
  17. Fuzzy does that too kinda, and will stop or wont eat unless I stand there for a minute with her. I see I'm not the only one with Pet issues. Whoever said owning a pet would add years to your life obviously didn't factor in the stress they cause. And worry, like when they decide they're staying out all night.
  18. Okie sounds like Fuzzy. A codependant cat, stalks had to take naps next to me. Lately she stays up all night. And when I come out of the back bedroom, shes eying me and ready to start all the shit she was saving up all night.
  19. Avoiding politics, saw this on the news. Its such an invasion of privacy it makes Bush look lame.
  20. if you do watch. Try to watch from beginning. Lot of plot sub plot stuff. Back stories.
  21. Thank you, Ive seen from beginning, it never gets old. And if you follow sub plots, its gets you angry to keep guessing but in a good way, not like lost. I mainly posted the Fringe stuff to get Sledge and Lady watching. Maybe if enough AC fans give good comments, itll push em. If you saw one ep, They might have more online or bittorrent, they just wrapped up the new shows, so its repeats from here but hey, its new to you. And for Mike J-Family Guy "Manson in prison" "If I havent seen it, its new to me" I hope this isnt the start of a Family Guy quote war. LOL. Im still new to posting, but this is my fav thread of mine so far.
  22. I love the Mort Quotes, when I use Family Guy quotes in my day to day life, not everyone gets em, but they're still funny.
  23. Ever since thanksgiving its another holiday every two weeks. I don't celebrate many but others do and it interferes with my life. Don't want to accomplish anything on this rant, but wtf, enough is enough.
  24. sure an older woman thing is a fetish but it's better than a foot fetish. With pelosi its just the look, Palin didnt even register as hard as she tried to be hot. Hillary is hot, but in a power way. Its a rant, that being said, As I posted in another rant, Im so sick of Nancy Grace's compassion. It's false, sure she feels bad when kids are murdered but milks it and makes money off it every night, and though I dont watch her anymore, she switched from Caliegh to haliegh. More ratings and raping a families loss. All the prime time on that channel does it. although. Mike on Prime news is better. It makes geraldo look like Oberman. Rant over. Funk Out.